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Real-World Applications of AI in Online Casinos

Published on: 11 May 2020

It’s amazing to see how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping our lives. From Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to facial recognition on smartphone cameras and Tesla autopilot cars, artificial intelligence has impacted every area of our lives.

It has crept into our financial structures, businesses, education system, and many industries around the world, including online gambling.

Many online gambling sites and land-based gambling venues are using AI to improve customer service and user experience. A lot of people say the future is artificial intelligence, but how does it affect online gambling in particular?

How Is AI Used in Online Casinos?

1.Using Smart Data to Improve Gaming Experience

Online casinos collect data from their users, and that’s the basis of machine learning algorithms. In fact, that’s why Google, Amazon, and other companies have grown so much – because they know how to use the data they collect.

This is exactly what online casinos are trying to achieve. They can analyze data on user betting patterns, behavior, payments, wins, and losses and turn it into useful information that can help improve user and gaming experience.

Many online casinos have realized the potential of artificial intelligence when it comes to collecting data and improving their service to users. Right now, they try to use the data collected from users to anticipate users’ needs, find out how popular their games are, and maximize their bottom line using safe real money pokies in Australia.

2.Using Smart Data to Improve Customer Service

Today, more and more companies are using non-human customer service representatives. Even though some do it successfully, others offer a less than average customer service, thus compromising their reputation.

However, artificial intelligence can significantly enhance these bots, making them capable of performing their planned purpose just as good as people.

Once online casinos collect enough data about their users, they can use machine learning algorithms to find out the best solutions according to specific customer queries. In fact, these advanced bots are becoming more common, which only proves that this form of customer service is better in many ways.

Even though the upfront price may be high, it has proven to be rewarding in the long run. In fact, what’s better than providing personalized, real-time, and accurate answers to everything the user asks or demands?

3.Using Smart Data to Reduce Problem Gambling

Problem gambling affects many players, harming their financial status and overall life. This problem is so serious that it can ruin every aspect of people’s lives, including their marriage, job, social status, and even their health.

But, problem gambling negatively affects the reputation of casinos as well. Casinos know this, and they try to deal with it in various ways, including a lifetime ban for gambling addicts.

However, online gambling is harder to monitor, which makes it more difficult to prevent and detect problem gambling. Luckily, artificial intelligence can improve this process by means of forest algorithms and neural networks.

It allows casinos to detect suspicious users and notify the operators. In this way, online casinos can prevent consequences before the problem becomes too serious.

However, there’s still a long way to go, as recognizing the exact triggers of problem gambling is difficult. For example, these triggers can appear in different points in time, or be influenced by external factors – something which online casinos can’t monitor.

Still, the idea of casinos to use the power of artificial intelligence to help users control or even prevent problem gambling is worth commending.

4.Using Smart Data to Detect Fraud

Online casinos are constantly dealing with the common problem of fraudulent bank accounts and credit cards. But, artificial intelligence systems can help detect if someone else is using an account by comparing behavioral patterns of players.

For example, if a user is always playing small-dollar slots but they suddenly start placing bets of hundreds of dollars on high-stake games, the AI system will notify them if it considers that a fraudster is using their account.

To Sum Up

Even though artificial intelligence is still evolving, it has definitely affected our day-to-day lives and many businesses and industries around the world, including online gambling. With the help of AI, online casinos can finally improve gaming experience and customer service, and reduce problem gambling and safety threats.

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