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Roma coach Mourinho: Retirement not in my plans

Published on: 22 September 2022

Roma coach Jose Mourinho says he still has the hunger for success.

Mourinho was speaking at the Quinas de Ouro event in Portugal.

He stated, “Last season we did what no one expected, this year we'll try to do better. We don't have the same economic potential as our rivals.

“We had a €7m transfer market, but we have quality, passion, many people who like to work together, which is an important thing, and then at the end of the season we will see.

“These 22 years have passed quickly, but I want to continue. I feel good, I feel strong, motivated, I like winning, I hate losing, nothing has changed.

“The colour of my hair, yes, even the wrinkles, but I want to go on. Not for another 22 years, as there is no time, but for a few more years."


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