SABOTAGE: Michael Essien secret wedding on Monday hits a snag

Published on: 24 September 2012

Ghana midfielder Michael Essien’s secret massive celebrity wedding scheduled for England on Monday has hit a snag forcing its postponement, can exclusively reveal.

The Real Madrid star had planned the marriage to his Ghanaian sweetheart at an exclusive venue in Weybridge on Monday but alarm blew on the secret wedding as Sunday’s sabotage of his club’s game hit the wedding plans.

The postponement of Real Madrid's game at Rayo Vallecano due to a presumed act of sabotage that left Vallecas stadium insufficiently well lit, means the match will now be played on Monday night.

Monday night’s game clashes with Essien’s wedding forcing the couple to rearrange a new date as the sabotage of the game has extended to a sabotage of the Ghana star’s wedding.

Several celebrities from Ghana, England, Italy, France, Spain and China who were invited for the event are being told of a new date for the BIG wedding as Real Madrid’s clash at Rayo Vallecano has been postponed until Monday evening.

Coach Jose Mourinho as well as many Real Madrid players and management were scheduled to attend the wedding along with Chelsea stars Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Mikel Obi and many others, understands.

Ghanaian stars Stephen Appiah, Sulley Muntari and many African players in England like Emmanuel Adebayor were all billed to attend the wedding with some coming from as far as China and France, sources have told

Electricians tried and failed to repair the damage caused by what Rayo president Raul Martin Presa called "vandals" who had "cut the wiring" on some of the stadiums light towers.

While there was no light at the stadium, the darkness threw some light on the wedding plans of Essien who has also remained private about his private affairs.

The revelation of the secret wedding has also crashed the hopes of many girls in Ghana, Spain, England and France who were hoping to tie down the hottest bachelor in the world.

The identity of Essien’s to-be wife remains a top secret after some public falling out with two of his ex-girlfriends Nadia Buari and Dela Ackumey.

Keeping on reading for updates on Essien's wedding and  the identity of his wife-to-be.


    says: 7 years ago
    The revelation of the secret wedding has also crashed the hopes of many girls in Ghana, Spain, England and France who were hoping to tie down the hottest bachelor in the world. muahahahahaaaaaaa! OH OBAA YAA! MASSA, SO WHERE IS MY REAL MADRID JERSEY? why am i not getting an invite? I NO DEY LIKE DEM TINGS OOO. I GO CRACK EGG OOO....LOL THE WEDDING SHOULD BE IN GH. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO HAVE A WEDDING WAIT TILL DECEMBER OR AFTER THE SEASON.
  • Randy
    says: 7 years ago
    Please, allow the man to enjoy life small oooo. Life is too short. All the senior Black Star players are married, even Dede is a family man likewise Inkoom.
  • Fanta
    says: 7 years ago
    Infact this Guy had enjoy himself properly before marriage, crashed the many girls in Spain,Ghana,England,france ect..Hmmm..Asem beba debi!
    says: 7 years ago
    it's a lie...GSN should know that some of their readers are not IDIOTS.
  • Benjamin Carboo
    says: 7 years ago
    Life is tasty like..... African electronics (witches) at work.
    says: 7 years ago
    You are right buddy
  • zambians are pigs
    says: 7 years ago
    nonsense.Where is football in this story.
  • Olembe.
    says: 7 years ago
    Oh why Essien?. Anyway we still love u bro we'll keep praying 4 until ur haters hug transformer.
  • Final whistle
    says: 7 years ago
    U are right! How can he plan a wedding 24hrs after his match? He knows very well that all the footballers u mentioned are busy playing matches in their respective clubs. Even if he has a secrete wedding, it can't be now. We are not fools....come again GSN
  • PIG
    says: 7 years ago
    Nice name you have pal!
  • Olalekan
    says: 7 years ago
    There is speculation that this story may not be true.
  • dubai aziza
    says: 7 years ago
    is true i jus heard on al-jezzira sports........
  • Sam
    says: 7 years ago
    I agree, there's no way players will plan for a wedding during a season, training is monday to thursday or friday, who is going to have time to go for an event, not even essien him self. BIG TIME LIE GSN.
  • Sam
    says: 7 years ago
    Boss jezzira sports may be lying.
  • kester
    says: 7 years ago
    My bras, if it true day u are getting marriage may He bless & u & ur new family.
  • young
    says: 6 years ago
    Girls shud be careful