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'Several' players seeking help for snus addiction

Published on: 30 March 2023

The Professional Footballers Association is a trade union for English and Welsh players

A growing number of players are using snus, with "several" receiving help for addiction, says the Professional Footballers Association (PFA).

The PFA is now planning to carry out research into the use and effects of the substance on players.

Snus is a tobacco product in a sachet, similar to a small teabag, which is placed under the lip and releases nicotine into the bloodstream.

It is illegal to sell in the United Kingdom but not against the law to use.

A number of high-profile players have been pictured with the product, which is said to give a calming effect.

The PFA said its "close relationship with club doctors and medical personnel" meant it was able to "monitor emerging health concerns for our players, including the growing prevalence of snus use".

It added players had been surveyed at workshops, "which has given us insights into the growing prevalence of its use".

"Following the sessions, we have also had several members seek support regarding addiction to the substance," a PFA spokesperson said.

"We have trialled specific workshops in selected clubs, focusing on addiction to start addressing this issue.

"These workshops cover the effects of snus on the brain, behaviour, and wellbeing, as well as the potential long-term risks associated with its use.

"While snus is not a banned substance, we will work with club medical staff to ensure that members receive clear and accurate information to help them make informed decisions about their health."


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