Shatta Wale blasts National Sports Authority over Accra Sports Stadium

Published on: 20 September 2023

Controversial Ghanaian dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, has raised concerns and allegations against a daughter of President Akufo-Addo and the National Sports Authority (NSA) over a scheduling conflict for his upcoming concert.

Shatta Wale claims to have booked the Accra Sports Stadium for his Freedom Wave Concert scheduled to take place from December 20 to 26. However, he claims that the daughter of the President, whose name he did not disclose, intervened on behalf of fellow artist Stonebwoy, leading to a venue dispute.

According to Shatta Wale, the NSA, acting on the directive of the President's daughter, decided to release the venue for Stonebwoy's show slated for December 22. This scheduling clash poses logistical challenges for Shatta Wale and his team, hindering their ability to set up and prepare adequately for their event.

In a live Facebook video on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, Shatta Wale expressed his frustrations, stating, "When we are telling you that what you dey do will cause a problem because if Stonebwoy dey come do his show 22nd, it go enter into 23rd. How many days do you want us to use to our setup and festivities?"

Shatta Wale called into question the decision-making process behind the scheduling conflict and the perceived interference, especially since it impacts their ability to deliver a successful event.

He voiced his concerns about the President's daughter's role in the matter, saying, "Madam, if ibi so your life dey, wey you want take your father’s power to rule the country, the country no be your father’s own. This country eno be your father in own, wey you go fit take any decision wey you no go think deep into am and you no go ask questions into am, how the message was conveyed to you."

Shatta Wale expressed his frustration with what he perceives as misplaced priorities, saying, "The president’s daughter. You see the thing she dey do. Ghana people dey suffer, dem dey tell you say your father dey make them dey suffer you dey there wey you dey want fight for stadium for show."

He urged responsible decision-making and called for greater consideration of the country's challenges, emphasizing that the well-being of the citizens should be a priority.

Shatta Wale's allegations have sparked a conversation about venue bookings for events, particularly when influential figures are involved.

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