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'She had trouble breathing' - Robben on his wife's experiences with coronavirus

Published on: 10 April 2020

Arjen Robben has revealed the agony his wife Bernardien went through while suffering from coronavirus.

The former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich winger spoke to the German club about his wife's experiences with COVID-19.

"The worst thing for my wife was that she felt this pressure in her chest and had trouble breathing," Robben said.

"That was absolutely not a nice feeling.

"You also notice how long it lasts. It's not as if you feel better after a day or two.

"I'm very glad that it didn't get too bad.

"She felt really bad, but fortunately she has been tested negative now and is feeling better."

Robben also wanted to show his gratitude to his friends that helped his family out during his wife's illness.

"We're lucky to have such friendships," he added.

"As we couldn't leave the house, they did our shopping for us and they left it on the doorstep so we could come out and get it."


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