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Special Stadium Projects for Africa by Integral Spor

Published on: 26 February 2022
Special Stadium Projects for Africa by Integral Spor
Special Stadium

Integral Spor, which provides services in Fifa standards and constructs stadium projects between 6-12 months depending on the project country, with its experienced installation team, makes cost-effective stadium projects that are eye-catching with its design and makes its name known to the whole world. Integral Spor, with its expert team and experience, focuses on three main projects: 5000 seat stadium, 10000 seat stadium, 30000 seat stadium.

Successful Stadiums, Comfortable Experience

Integral Spor takes firm steps to produce the most successful works and presents these stadium projects to its customers. But how? How can it be so successful? A good stadium means a good gaming experience. Being aware of this, the company works very meticulously in the construction of the stadium:

  • Excavation work is carried out on the existing land, and the land is made ready for infrastructure works.
  • In the stadiums where steel construction tribune will be built, iron reinforced concrete is poured for the tribune infrastructure. The quality and thickness of the concrete vary according to the audience capacity and dimensions of the tribune to be built.
  • A drainage system is made for the infrastructure of the football field. If a drained shock pad is used for the drainage system, it provides advantages in terms of gravel, drainage pipe, and workmanship.
  • The Sandwich system floor is made for the athletics track floor.
  • Hybrid grass is used for the football field floor.
  • For the lighting system, the required stadium lighting works are done by using galvanized coated poles.


Types of Quality Stadiums Offered

5,000 Seat Stadium

A football field is made using synthetic grass carpet and it has a steel tribune with a capacity of 5,000 spectators. Its lighting is installed with 128 units of 2.000-watt projectors. Ground, drainage and filling operations are carried out for the field.

10,000 Seat Stadium

With the Geobera drained shock pad, water drainage and football comfort are provided. Decorative grass material and workmanship of the area between the football field and the grandstand. High-strength galvanized steel tribunes are installed. If desired, the VIP tribune area is created. Perimeter screens and scoreboards are installed. The construction of the stadium is completed within 6 months from the beginning of the project. This period includes all processes, including production, transportation, and assembly.

30,000 Seat Stadium

Roof system with snow, rain load, and wind effect calculated. Football goal, corner post, benches, health club are installed. VIP grandstand area, perimeter screens and score boards are built.

FIFA Approved Stadiums

The dimensions of the football field to be built, the viewing angles of the spectators, the characteristics of the spectator seats, emergency exits, sufficient parking space, sufficient number of entrances and exits, lighting level must be in accordance with FIFA conditions. By considering all of these elements, Integral Spor offers you the best.

Special stadium
Special stadium

Stadium Projects at Affordable Prices

When the stadium project is mentioned, every customer first worries about the price. However, there is a point that should not be forgotten that some companies can offer you the best quality products at affordable prices. You can get both price and detailed information by contacting Integral Spor, one of these companies.   The company will first analyze the area where the stadium will be built and draw a project in the technological environment. If the customer's approval is received, a good process is started.

Special Stadium for Sierra Leone

Thanks to the steps it has taken, its experienced team, and the field analyses made by experts, the company has become a leader, and it provides services to many countries by opening its doors to the whole world. The next stop of Integral Spor, which does everything it does in the best way, has been Sierra Leone! The company, which normally builds stadiums with a capacity of 3000, 10,000, 30,000, this time built 5000 seat stadium and presented it in the best way to its customers. In this field, where distances are insignificant, the company greets new projects day by day and succeeds in every project it is responsible for.

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