Sports World of IAPM

Published on: 21 August 2019


The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM) celebrates thirty years of successful provision and enhancement of higher education in Ukraine, with tens of thousands of successful graduates using the knowledge obtained in fields of law, IT, Management and Administration, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Social work, and others. The Academy spread its branches across Ukraine, with more and more foreign applicants looking to enlist in this institution and get their bachelor or master’s degree in one of the Academy’s many fields of education.

Moreover, IAPM nurtures vivid sports culture which is the topic of our current article, in which we shall meet the amazing and fruitful sports world of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Home of the champions

Besides regular publishing of Personnel magazine and the Personnel Plus, IAPM also produced more than 300 study plans and 200 books concerning various fields of research. In case students should ever require IT, Social work, or Law assignment help, they should look no further than the materials published in their school, which just might have been the advantage that allowed spawning of so many Olympic and World champions in multiple sports disciplines.

If we would take a moment to examine the list of some notable alumni, we could point out names such as multiple World champion and silver medalist of Olympic Games in Athens 2004 Igor Razorenov, or three-time World champion and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Elbrus Tadeyev, Olympic weightlifting champion Natalia Skakun, and many other famous athletes. Such an impressive number of successful athletes is just one of many proofs that IAPM holds sports culture in high regard and provides the necessary conditions for students to put together their training and education.

Systematic implementation of sport in higher education

An integral part of the IAPM is the Department of Physical education and Sports, which plans, organizes, and conducts multiple athletic and educational activities, some of which include:

  • Students' engagement in sports as means towards the integration of academic and sport values.
  • Study of topics that include philosophical, social, environmental, and scientific approaches in sports activities.
  • Development and implementation of tools that provide enhancements in physical activities and sports.
  • Preparation of textbooks, teaching materials, and guideline resources on physical education and versatile sporting activities.

The main activities of the Department, however, include conduction of training and educational activities in sports like soccer, gymnastics, table tennis, aikido, athletics, wrestling, hiking, fighting, the overall list includes 16 sports available to both male and female students. All participants enjoy the full dedication of the Academy which provides training facilities, equipment, and proper education for the improvement of their athletic abilities.

The academy also has a specialized medical team that manages preparations for competitions in which students take part in local, national, or international level. Several acclaimed sports coaches conduct training sessions, develop preparation plans for the young athletes, and guide them on their road to winner’s throne through various sport events. In total, there are currently 645 students and 70 staff members actively engaged with the Academy’s Sports section.

All this hard work is showing positive results with students bringing back to school medals from European games, national competitions, and the Universiade which was recently held in Ukraine.


As much as some athletes consider fame and fortune as the only link to sports, students at IAPM know, understand, and honor the value of proper education for a professional athlete. Not only serving as a backup plan, but higher education also provides insights that can help to build and enhance our capacity, as well as our perception of the sport as an activity. These are the reasons why the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management promotes physical and sports education with such attention.

Bio: Connie Elser is a freelance content writer engaged with several popular online publishers. Connie uses writing to promote sports and education to the audience interested in learning the latest achievements in these fields. As a writer, Connie understands the importance of proper informing, dedicated research, and creative narrative which she aims to deliver to readers across the globe.

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