Sulley Muntari should rather call Kwesi Appiah and not Dr. Kofi Amoah- Kojo Yankah

Published on: 10 May 2019

Former Western Regional Football Association chairman Kojo Yankah says Sulley Muntari should have called Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah if he wanted to make a return to the team and not Dr. Kofi Amoah.

Dr. Kofi Amoah had revealed in an interview on Metro TV indicating that Muntari had called him to make his intentions clear that he wanted to play for the Black Stars at the AFCON.

According to Kojo Yankah if Muntari wants to return to the team then he should have called Kwesi Appiah because Dr Kofi Amoah is not in charge of selecting players for the tournament.

"Dr Kofi Amoah does not select players to the National team so SULLEY MUNTARI should rather call Coach Akwasi Appiah", he told Ashhfm.

The former AC Milan and Inter Milan star was banned from the National team after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Kojo Yankah insists Muntari should render an apology to Kwesi Appiah before he is called.

"Sulley Muntari  disrespected Coach kwesi Appiah in Brazil 2014 so he is afraid to call him, but what Sulley  Muntari  should know is that,when you throw a ball to the wall, it comes back to you.

"If Sulley Muntari can even dribble all players on the field and score for Ghana,he still has to apologize to Kwesi Appiah. If he fails to apologize to the coach and Dr. Kofi Amoah forces coach kwesi Appiah to select him for AFCON, then I will have a lot to tell Kwesi Appiah, but if Muntari  calls Kwesi Appiah and apologise, then I would have no problem with him calling him back into the National team".

"Winning the AFCON 2019 would be very difficult but let's support the team with our prayers because we have good players but the Black Stars Management Committee is the problem", he concluded.