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Teen Drivers are Causing Insurance Rates to Spike for Everyone

Published on: 31 May 2019

Almost everyone knows that teenagers pay more for auto insurance coverage than any other age group. While that's no surprise, it might be alarming that these young motorists are causing rates to go up for all drivers. This might not seem fair, but the insurance industry has to react to increase claim costs, from you guessed it, young distracted drivers.

These days it's a miracle to actually see a teen and make eye contact with them. Most youngsters under 20 are glued to their phones in sheer manic obsession. Somehow, they manage to navigate to their automobiles without injuring themselves, but the addiction to their devices doesn't stop just because they get behind the wheel of a 3,000-pound vehicle. No, teenagers are violating the law by the millions and driving while texting and even while posting on social media.


Accidents Related to Text Messaging are on the Rise

Despite how many laws are passed trying to eliminate distracted, cellphone driving, teens keep ignoring them. One such activity behind the wheel, texting, is on the rise. As you might suspect, so are serious, often deadly accidents. Even at freeway speeds of 80 MPH or more, teenagers feel the impulsive need to respond to text messages from peers, rather than wait tell they are safely parked.

This has lead to a big increase in vehicular teen deaths. In fact, according to, a leading auto insurance comparison site, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths. Despite these grave stats, teens just think it will never happen to them, until it's too late. Car insurance companies have had no choice but to raise rates for all motorists. Nationally, the average auto insurance policy went up almost 7% in 2018 alone. The majority of these annual rate hikes can be contributed to more distracted related driving offenses committed by teenagers.


Distracted Driving Stats are Alarming 

Teens are not the only drivers who are becoming more addicted to cellphones. Adults are also engaging in risky driving behaviors, like texting and even posting on Twitter and Facebook while driving. Distracted driving is blamed on more than 1.6 million automobile accidents per year and 400,000 injuries and deaths. These staggering numbers have hit the insurance industry hard, with more costly claims. As a result, auto insurance carriers have had to pass those additional expenses onto consumers, by way of premium hikes.

The National Safety Council released a study that estimated 25% of automobile accidents are related to distracted driving. The amount of vehicle crashes has increased almost 15% per year, largely due to cellphone addiction while driving. While death rates have fallen in recent years, due to better safety devices like surround air-bags, these crashed often leave serious injuries and staggering medical costs that hit insurers hard.

Tests demonstrate that drivers take their eyed off of traffic now more than ever. This makes driving unsafe for all motorists and contributes to more crashes. While teens are the biggest violators of distracted driving, insurers have raised rates across the board. With accidents increasing each year, some insurers are losing money and place the main reason why on distracted drivers.


It's Becoming More and More Expensive to Drive 

The average cost of a new car in the U.S. is an astounding $34,000. Gas prices are also on the rise, not to mention auto insurance premiums. Just the increases in premiums has made auto insurance an affordable to many American families. Each year rates keep going up, which has caused many to illegally drive without any coverage. These uninsured motorists also increase rates for all drivers and are a growing concern for lawmakers around the country.

With car insurance rates going up by as much as 10% each year for some motorists, it's becoming harder for people to find very cheap car insurance no deposit. In many parts of the country, annual premiums exceed $1,000. For those with comprehensive coverage on newer vehicles, those rates can go over $2,000 per year. For young drivers, under 25, the cost of auto insurance is increasing faster than older drivers. A large part of the price surges can be attributed to teen accidents related to distracted driving.

Many insurers are becoming wary of insuring young drivers, because of the surge in accidents in this age group. Those younger motorists that have had previous citations for driving while using a cellphone or texting, can see their rates go up by $60 to $80 a month or more. Those that have been involved in serious accidents related to texting while driving might not be able to get insured at all.


Everyone Needs to Stop Using Their Cellphones While Driving

The best way to get rates lowered is for everyone to stop the madness and put down their cellphones behind the wheel.  This will reduce accidents and then insurance rates will start to go down for everyone. Teenagers must understand that their addictive behavior is hurting everyone. They need to put down those cellphones every time they drive. This simple act will save lives and lower the cost of insurance for all drivers.

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