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The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations is proceeding as planned

Published on: 15 November 2019

The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations group campaign is proceeding as planned with almost every team performing at their highest capacity.

Most of the games were a marvel to watch as both teams gave it their all, and even at the risk of losing, came out ahead sometimes. Many fans and experts have commented that this year’s matches are an extremely pleasing case considering that there are new faces in almost every country’s team and we get to see them perform in a completely new dynamic.

As of right now, the most notable teams to pay attention to are Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, Malawi, and the CAR. These three countries have been performing extremely well and are looking to be the headliners in the 2021 championship. Some experts are even making predictions that Nigeria is heading to becoming 2021’s champion without too much challenge.

Although there are millions of people watching at home and rooting for their countries, it may be surprising to find out that there are fans watching from overseas as well. Most of the matches being held in the last couple of months in Africa have been heavily watched in Australia.

It may be surprising news, but it turns out that there are not too many matches to occupy the fans with. Some Aussie fans have even said that discovering the African football league may have been the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Some experts believe that the attention to the African league may stem from Evolution Gaming casinos in Australia as they like to feature fantasy sports, where African teams have been notoriously profitable for most punters.

Another reason could be the popularization of African affairs due to quite a significant number of African immigrants in Australia. Many believe that it’s just the immigrants watching from Australia rather than Aussies taking a liking to a foreign league altogether.

Regardless of what may be the cause, it’s obvious that the interest is not misplaced. The matches so far have been extremely entertaining and exciting, and hopefully, they will continue to be so as games become even more important down the line.


What are the results of the matches on Wednesday?

Just talking about how good the matches were is not enough, it’s important that we showcase the results and hopefully shine a bit more light on the subject.

According to the BBC, the results are:

  • Namibia 2-1 Chad (Group A)
  • Malawi 1-0 South Sudan (Group B)
  • Burkina Faso v Uganda (Group B)
  • Sudan v Sao Tome and Principe (Group C)
  • Angola v The Gambia (Group D)
  • CAR 2-0 Burundi (Group E)
  • Cameroon 0-0 Cape Verde (Group F)
  • Guinea Bissau 3-0 Eswatini (Group I)
  • Senegal v Congo (Group I)
  • Nigeria 2-1 Benin (Group L)
  • Sierra Leone 1-1 Lesotho (Group L)


The groups will become even more competitive as time goes on, and hopefully, we will soon see the standoff between the finalists in 2021.

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