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The best tips before placing your bets

Published on: 29 April 2020

Have you been betting for a long time, but your strategy does not give results? Do you lose more money than you earn? Have you ever wondered what could be the reason? Here we are going to leave you some tips to improve your strategy and to always bet responsibly and with a clear objective.


Bet only money you can afford

The first advice we give you has to do with money. It is very important when betting to do it with money that you allocate 100% for the bets. When we tell you to bet responsibly, we mean precisely this. If you bet money that you have for other things, the probability that the pressure can beat you and you end up losing it is greater.


Establish a strategy

This is one of the most important tips that we are going to reveal to you in this post: always try to have a strategy and bet by strictly following that strategy. Never bet more than 5% of the money you have accumulated in your account. If you need a strategy, you can read the methods to win at roulette and use them for sports betting.


Find all possible information

Regardless of the sport you bet on, a law that should be written in capital letters and in bold is that you always do it having studied that game and knowing all the information you need. For example, in football it is important to know the form of the teams, the goals scored and conceded as home / away, the losses of one and the other team, the time they will do at the time of the game, statement of intent of the coach at the wheel press, play style of each team, goal statistics, corner statistics, card statistics, both teams and referee and the history between both teams. With all this information, we are convinced that you will get a better return on your bet. Remember that despite having all the information, sport is not like mathematics and sometimes a game that seems like a lot of goals can end 0-0. In the end, after studying each game, your intuition must also come into play, the feeling you have about that match and there you should try to choose the best bet.


Choose team matches you really know

It is easier to get right knowing what each team plays and to be guided by what you have seen than simply by statistics. It is true that statistics play an important role, but it is also true that they do not always reflect reality 100%. For that, no one better than you to judge teams.


Understand the fees

Many times it will have happened to you that after studying a match you have come to the conclusion that a team is the favorite to win that match. But guess that? The bookmaker too. Therefore, it is likely that betting on the victory of that team is not worth it. For example, if Real Madrid visits the Rayo Vallecano field and the victory for the Whites pays 1.16, it is probably not worth it to risk that quota. It is not mandatory in every game that you study to bet on something. Sometimes not gambling is gambling. We recommend that before studying a game, you are the one who tries to set the fees. If your odds for a match are less than what the bookmaker offers you, it is likely that betting on that team has value since if for example Real Madrid playing away from PSG, you think that Real Madrid's victory should be paid at 2.80 per euro wagered and you open your account at legal online sports betting website and you see that it is paid at 3.00, then perhaps there it is worth betting in favor of the white team.


Advanced betting tips

After learning the basic tips for establishing your bets, we will go one step further in them, and we will teach you how to establish some advanced tips when establishing your bets and launching them in your account.

  1. The favorite does not always win: This seems obvious, but it is difficult for any player to see that any of the favorites will lose their meeting or event. Why bet against Rafa Nadal when he plays on clay? Well sometimes forecasts fail and even the best fall. Bookmakers many times fail in their previous predictions and results, so this is something to keep in mind.


  1. Less is more: This is something that, although it seems like common sense, players tend to forget all the time. The fewer selections you include in your bet; the more chances you have of winning. If you are betting to win money, think about small bets and not big. A bet of a selection is enough; it is where more possibilities you will have to win.


  1. Avoid the temptations: There will be quotas that really open your eyes and make you bet on it. However, these attractive odds could lessen your chances of making some extra money. This usually happens, especially in tennis, with fees that could surprise.


  1. Don't bet with your heart: Surely you want your team to win, you want it so much that you even begin to believe that it is possible. Before you know it, you will have put all your money into it. However, and especially in team matches in the same city, there are usually unpredictable elements that magnify the bet and all that this entails.


  1. Follow the less popular sports: You will find many markets and quotas, with sports that you hardly think would exist. Undoubtedly it is always worth taking a look at the most extravagant sports and events, such as the UFC or MMA, as mixed martial arts fights are booming, or eSports.


  1. Advanced Statistics: Without a doubt, one of the best kept secrets of good bettors is the search for data in what is known as Big Data or Advanced Statistics. These can give you many concepts that can help you when establishing and launching your bets safely. Of course, you will need extensive knowledge of the markets to be able to manage them correctly.



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