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The shocking elbow hit of Ben Thatcher against Pedro Mendes

Published on: 20 September 2022

Nobody doubts that the English Premier League is one of the most attractive football tournaments in the entire world. Currently 1xBet offers sports betting online, and the website can be used to wager on this incredible championship.

There are lots of great matches and fantastic players. However, from time to time, this competition also has its fair share of controversial and bizarre moments. One of them involved players Ben Thatcher and Pedro Mendes in a contest that was played on the 23rd of August 2006. The 1xBet website offers online sports betting on all kinds of matches that offer a wide variety of occurrences.

A seemingly irrelevant play

Ben Thatcher played for Manchester City at that time, while Pedro Mendes was part of Portsmouth. The play that involved both players took place after a completely irrelevant play. Whenever these two teams play against each other, you can vivst 1xBet for online betting football and wager on all matches they dispute.

Portsmouth had just defended a corner by kicking the ball away from the penalty box into the sideline. Mendes ran in order to prevent the ball from escaping the field. Thatcher also did the same. Yet, the latter also had other intentions. If you have intentions of wagering, you can visit 1xBet for online football betting on all teams of the English Premier League.

Mendes had successfully prevented the ball from escaping. However, immediately after that Thatcher appeared and hit the Portuguese player with his elbow directly into his face. To this day, many people consider this play to be the most violent foul in the history of the competition.

Serious consequences

It was easy to see that this play immediately had serious consequences. In fact, Mendes’ teammates immediately asked for medical attention. You can download 1xBet app for iPhone and wager on how many fouls will be made in a specific match.

There were many things that happened after this play, for example;

  • Mendes laid unconscious for a few seconds, in fact, he also suffered a seizure while the doctors were treating him;
  • Thatcher was only shown a yellow card;
  • Thatcher was also suspended for eight matches by the FA;
  • the Manchester City player was also fined for approximately 100,000 US dollars.

Thankfully, Pedro Mendes didn’t have any long-term consequences after this bizarre and shocking play. Punters can download the 1xBet app for iPhone and Android now, and use it to bet on all the chances offered by the English Premier League.

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