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The top three vitamins for healing nerve damage in footballers

Published on: 10 December 2018
The top three vitamins for healing nerve damage in footballers
Heading in football damages nerve cells in the brain

Perhaps one of the most challenging kind of pain to deal with is nerve pain caused by nerve damage particularly in footballers. Usually, if left unmanaged or untreated the pain will completely take over your life and perhaps end the player's career.

Over time, the nerve damage leads to symptoms like tingling sensations, burning sensations, and numbness in the affected areas.

Your best bet is to manage and escape pain caused by nerve damage and to treat it as soon as you can. At the moment, there are numerous nerve damage and pain remedies, all of which work when taken appropriately.

This guide will specifically focus on the top three vitamins that footballers of individuals can use to treat your nerve damage condition.

Vitamin B

B vitamins have been found to have the capability of treating neuropathy due to their strong links with proper nervous system functioning. The deficiency in vitamin B sometimes causes peripheral Neuropathy otherwise known as Nerve damage.

Vitamin B is the complex form, but it comprises of other types of compounds. Essential of them all is the B1 found in almost all nerve damage supplements. Usually, B1 is in the form of Thiamine and Benfotiamine, but the latter is generally absorbed with ease as compared to the former. Besides, Benfotiamine is less toxic than Thiamine. Once absorbed by the body cells, it produces beneficial effects by inducing a reverse of inflammation and pain levels relating to nerve and cell damage.

Studies indicate that diabetic patients have a higher tendency of suffering nerve damage due to low levels of Thiamine compounds in their bodies.

B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) and B12 (Methylcobalamin) vitamin compounds are other essential forms of B vitamins that aid in reversing Peripheral Neuropathy effects.

Meat, fish, eggs, fresh green vegetables, fortified cereals, and low-fat dairy foods will supply you with enough B vitamins.

One nerve damage repair supplement rich in B Vitamins is the Nerve Renew from

Vitamin D

Diabetic patients will in some instances suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy, a complication associated with Neuropathy. Studies have shown that such patients will have considerably low levels of vitamin D which have been shown to play an integral part in preventing and reversing Peripheral Neuropathy. Also, anyone who is not suffering from diabetes can also experience nerve damage if the body lacks a proper supply of vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of the nerve receptors and proper blood circulation. Oral supplementation of vitamin D has been shown to correct vitamin D deficiency. Also, taking foods rich in Vitamin D will also help a great deal.  Fish and seafood, cod liver oil, cereals, fortified foods, milk, egg yolks, and orange juice supply reasonable quantities of vitamin D if consumed regularly.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an essential antioxidant that plays a significant role in treating neuropathy especially that which is caused by Cancer and Diabetes. For patients suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to lower blood sugar levels and improves efficient transportation of body glucose.

Moreover, it helps relieve nerve-related symptoms such as itching, tingling, numbness, and prickling. For a good supply of the Alpha Lipoic Acid consume spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, red meat, beets carrots, yeast, and liver regularly.

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