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Thinking Beyond Flesh and Bones with AI

Published on: 17 February 2020
Thinking Beyond Flesh and Bones with AI
Artificial Intelligence

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” goes the quote. If you are someone who is interested in discovering and inventing things, then "Artificial Intelligence" is the right domain for you. It will not only make your life interesting, but you would be able to make other lives simple and easy!

What does “thinking beyond bones and flesh” mean? Artificial intelligence is not just about inventing robots and replacing humans, but also about every hard activity of replacing the ‘slog.’ For example, AI can be used in different areas – in the medical field, civil engineering, military services, machine learning, and other fields. To simply portray, artificial intelligence enables computers or software to think wisely about how a person behaves. As a result, the field is vast and you can have your hands on whichever lane seems alluring to you.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of AI is to achieve human goals through computer programming! AI is about mimicking human intelligence, but with a computer program and with a little help from data. The way they think, act and respond to problems just like a human mind.

The activities of AI is designed mainly for:

  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Speech
  • Face recognition, etc.

One of the most significant features of AI is the new invention of Israeli military soldier robots, which are used as soldiers to replace men and women. This, in turn, is not only effective, but it also reduces the loss of life caused by each war. Its design also minimizes the damage to the robot. How sensitive, but a knowledgeable and useful invention! Therefore, the future of the world depends on how easy it is to obtain any work, and our future is nothing more than Artificial Intelligence!

Now, let us see how many types of AI are there!

  • Artificial narrow intelligence(ANI)
  • Artificial superintelligence (ASI)
  • Artificial general intelligence(AGI)

 Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

The concept of ANI generally means the flow of designing a computer or machine to perform a single task with high intelligence. It understands the individual tasks that must be performed efficiently. It is considered the most rudimentary concept of AI.


  • Speech recognition.
  • Voice assistants i.e. Alexa, Cortana. (Intelligence that works upon voice commands to perform certain actions.)
  • This AI is achieved by humanity.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial superintelligence is an aspect where intelligence is more powerful and sophisticated than human intelligence.  While human intelligence is considered to be the most capable and developmental, superintelligence can suppress human intelligence.

It will be able to perform abstractions that are impossible for human minds to even think. The human brain is constrained to some billion neurons.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to mimic human thought. The ASI goes a step beyond and acquires a cognitive ability that is superior to humans.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

As the name suggests, it is designed for general purpose. Its smartness could be applied to a variety of tasks as well as to learn and improve itself. It is as intelligent as a human brain. Unlike ANI it can improve the performance of itself.

E.g.: “AlphaGo,” it is currently used only to play the game Go, but its intelligence can be used in various levels and fields.

 Scope of AI

The global demand for experts with relevant AI knowledge has doubled in the past three years and will continue to increase in the future. There are many more options for voice recognition, expert system, AI-enabled equipment, and more.

Artificial intelligence is the end of the future. So, why is no one willing to contribute to the future of the planet? Actually, in recent years, AI jobs have increased by almost 129%. In the United States alone, the demand for AI-related job is as high as 4,000!

How do you seize the opportunity in Artificial Intelligence?

Well, to catch the lightning opportunity present in AI, you need a bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, information science, math, etc. Now, if you are an undergraduate, then you can easily get a job in the AI domain with a reputed online certification course on AI. Doing this, you can earn anywhere between ₹600,000 and ₹1,000,000 in India! In the United States, you can get US$50,000 - US$100,000.

How do you find online certification courses for AI?

In this smart world, it's easy to find any online certification courses. Some online courses may only focus on the simple foundations of AI, while others offer professional courses, etc. All you have to do is choose the lane you want to follow and start your route.

You would be glad to know that Intellipaat offers an industry-wide best AI course program that has been meticulously designed as per the industry standard and conducted by SMEs. This will not only enhance your knowledge but also help you bring a share of the knowledge gained in the field.

A few AI skills to master

You need to master certain necessary skills to shine in this field such as Programming, Robotics, autonomous cars, space research, etc., You will also be required to gain special skills in Mathematics, statistics, analytics, and engineering skills. A good communication skill is always appreciated if you are aspiring to be in the business field in order to explain and get the right thing to the people out there.

Technical skills

  • Coding languages like C++, Java, etc.
  • Statistics, linear algebra, calculus
  • Neural network architecture
  • Natural language processing


Non-technical skills

  • Industrial knowledge with some understanding of business jargons
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Business acumen
  • Critical thinking approach to solve problems


A career in Artificial Intelligence

Learners fascinated in the profession of artificial intelligence should discover numerous options in the field. Up-and-coming careers in AI can be accomplished in a variety of environments, such as finance, government, private agencies, healthcare, arts, research, agriculture, and more. The range of jobs and opportunities in AI is very high.

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