Three easy ways for footballers to improve sleep quality

Published on: 22 January 2019

Some footballers like former Chelsea Ghana star Michael Essien have revealed that their good sleeping habit helped them to perform well on the pitch but for many players having a wonderful night of sleep can often be tricky.

If footballers are very sensitive to sound, their sleep can be frequently disturbed by outside noises, the snoring of your spouse, or even a garbage truck that breaks the sacred night silence.

Sleeping is one of our bodies’ most important functions, and can completely restore your energy.

The benefits of a good night can be felt in your day-to-day life. This article will help you take some steps to improve the quality of your rests, and consequently improve your life.

A good night sleep should be a high priority for you, especially if you often have busy days or travel a lot.

Always have in mind that a well-rested body and mind produces more energy and wellbeing. Here are three ways of improving your sleep quality:

1) Try High-Quality Custom Earplugs

The first step would be to block all the noises that interrupt your sleep. The best way is using high-quality earplugs, which prove very effective in helping you get that peaceful night sleep. Made to fit your ears, these custom sleep earplugs will block all the noises that disturb your sleep. Since they are custom made, they fit perfectly and leave no room for outside sounds so you can have a peaceful sleep, no matter what. Their shape allows maximum comfort when you rest your head on your pillow, so you will not even feel them, unlike other inferior quality earplugs! Your earplugs will be made to fit perfectly through deep-ear canal impressions, so they are uniquely shaped to block all the spaces around them. You can order yours in your favorite color. Say goodbye to unstable nights; you will feel brand new when you wake up!

2) Get Into a Relaxed Mood Before Going to Bed

What relaxes you? Is it a cup of tea or a good book? It would help if you did something you like so you can enjoy your night without having troubles hovering your mind. Try avoiding screens, including TVs, computers, or your mobile phone when you go to bed. Your eyes and mind will receive fewer stimulations, and your sleep will improve. Choose soft lighting for your room and put on some comfortable clothing. Take a relaxing bath and try to empty your mind of 'tomorrow’s problems.'

3) Practice Meditation or Yoga

These two methods are also very helpful. They teach your mind and body how to ease and relax. A good and solid meditation routine during a calm time of your day, especially before going to bed, teaches your mind how to slow down. That will have obvious reflections on your sleep quality. You will notice that your body will start feeling more relaxed and your mind will feel lighter. If you feel like it helps, you can also try doing it while you listen to some relaxing white noise like waves, rain, or fireplace sound effects. That will help to ease your mind for sure!