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Top 10 strongest national football teams in Asia today

Published on: 04 November 2020
Top 10 strongest national football teams in Asia today
Iran at the FIFA World Cup

Are you a big fan of football in general and Asian football in particular? Do you know which are the best national football teams in Asia today? Let’s follow the article to have the answer.

Football has long been considered the king sport. It attracts millions of fans around the world. Apart from Europe, football in Asian countries also develops strongly. Many Asian football teams have gained a lot of achievements in the international football arena.

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Now, follow this article to review the top 10 strongest national football teams in Asia today.


Iran is one of the strongest national football teams in Asia. Iran has participated in the World Cup five times and won the Asian Cup three times. Although Japan, Korea, or Australia can have better achievements; Iran is the only team in Asia to win the Asian Cup three times in a row.

Iran at the FIFA World Cup

The Iran National Football Team has strengthened a lot since 2018. Iran was eliminated from the Group Stage at the 2018 World Cup. But it is because the teams in Iran’s group were too strong (including Spain and Portugal). However, Iran made a surprise when defeating Morocco. This team was considered a surprise at the 2018 World Cup.


Japan National Football team has participated in the World Cup 6 times and won the Asian Cup 4 times. This team is holding the record for the number of times to win the Asian Cup. In recent years, Japanese players have trained through the J-League National Championships. Their football players were also sent to Europe to compete in top football teams such as Shinji Kagawa, Yoshida Maya, Sakai Hiroki, Haraguchi Genki, Osako Yuya.

With 6 consecutive times of participating in the World Cup, Japan and South Korea have always been rated as the two best representatives of East Asia in particular and Asia in general. Japan is currently the runner-up in Asia when ranked second in the Asian Cup 2019. It is expected that Japan will win first place and can be a strong candidate to participate in the World Cup final round of 2022.


In terms of World Cup performance, perhaps the Korean National Team has the best performance in the top 10 strongest national football teams in Asia today. Korea has attended the World Cup 10 times. The team has reached the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup, which is the best achievement that an Asian team has ever made. However, Korea has only won twice in the Asian Cup.

Korea is considered the top football team in Asia
Korea is considered the top football team in Asia
At the 2018 World Cup, South Korea had to finish the tournament soon, but they made a surprise when defeating the defending champion Germany. At the Asian Cup 2019, Korea entered the quarterfinals but could not win Qatar, the winner of the tournament that year.


Although Australia is not an Asian country, the Australian National team has officially changed from the Oceania Football Confederation to the Asian Football Confederation, a member of the Southeast Asian Football Federation. This makes the competition in the Asian region more fierce because Australia is a very strong team that participated in the World Cup 5 times.

Australia owns a lot of tall players with extensive experience in playing in Europe, such as Tim Cahill and Mark Schwarzer. Australia won the Asian Cup in 2015 and entered the quarterfinals in the Asian Cup 2019.


Qatar is the defending champion of the Asian Cup 2019. In the past, Qatar was not a team with many achievements. This team had never attended the World Cup, and the Asian Cup 2019 was also the first time this team won. However, Qatar has shown its strength in recent years when winning the Western Asia region in 2014 and achieving many achievements in the Asian Cup 2019. At the 2022 World Cup, Qatar will mark their first participation as the host country.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE is the host of the Asian Cup 2019. This is a new football team in recent years, the UAE’s achievements are not too many. However, at the Asian Cup 2019, UAE made an impression with good results when reaching the semi-finals after defeating Australia. This is considered a potential team in Asia.

UAE National Football Team
UAE National Football Team
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also a strong team in Asian football having participated in the World Cup 5 times and won the Asian Cup three times (1984, 1988, and 1996). In the past, Saudi Arabia was considered the top representative of West Asian football. However, in recent years, the Arab team has not been able to hold its position against neighboring teams such as the UAE, Qatar. In the 2019 Asian Cup, Saudi Arabia had to stop from the 16-team round when it was defeated by Japan with a final score of 1-0.


In sports, China is a “giant”, but in football, China only ranked 71st on the FIFA rankings. Currently, China is investing more and more in football when recruiting a lot of big football stars to the national championships. Moreover, China also attracts more good coaches to help develop their team. Guus Hiddink, the Dutch coach is the coach of the Chinese U21-U23 team while the national team is led by the more famous coach: Marcello Lippi. Marcello Lippi is known as the famous coach who helped the Italian team to win the World Cup.


The Iraq National Football Team is a team in West Asia, neighboring Iran. Although there are many similarities from culture to people, Iraq is not highly appreciated as Iran in football. However, Iraq also won the Asian Cup once and once participated in the World Cup. For the first time participating in the World Cup, Iraq passed the Group Stage. This is an achievement that many Asian teams would like to reach.

Iraq National Football Team
Iraq National Football Team

Like Iraq, Syria is a team in West Asia. Although the team has not had many outstanding achievements, Syria is the oldest football team in Asia, which has participated in international matches since 1949. At the 2019 Asian Cup, Syria had a pretty bad result when it did not pass the Group Stage. However, Syria is still ranked 87th by FIFA, which is higher than some teams like Congo or Estonia.

Football is always the greatest sport of mankind. Through a long process of formation and development, football gains the big concern of people all over the world. In Asia, football is developing day by day, bringing fans the top-notch matches with unforgettable emotions and experience. If you are interested in football betting, fun88 is the top Asian bookie, offering the best odds in the market. Refer to the odds of the hot match at Here, you can bet on regional soccer leagues and major tournaments around the world.

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