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Top essential tools for sports bettors

Published on: 29 April 2020

If you're a serial sports bettor, chances are you know a few betting strategies already. Like how and when to parlay your bets, whether or not to stake on high-risk bets, how to manage your bankroll, when to avoid public bets and lots more.

So, I take it you don’t need anyone lecturing you on these strategies anymore. If anything, you know them already, just like the back of your hand!

But what if I introduce you to some resources that can help improve the accuracy of any betting strategy you have? Would you find that appealing?

In light of this, allow me to introduce to you some of the best sports betting tools of 2020. But please bear in mind that for each tool you find on this list, there are various brand options available online, so you might need to check your mobile phone store to download anyone that best appeals to you.


Accumulator calculator

It’s just as simple as it sounds. This digital app helps you calculate your odds and gives you the final result in a matter of seconds. I know you probably already know how to calculate your odds and get the total odds.

But in a situation such as in a parlay bet where you're trying to see which picks improve your odds and which doesn't, it can be quite distracting for you to always have to pick a few games and then hold on to see how many odds you've accumulated before you continue with your selections. Not only is this time consuming, but it also holds the risk of distracting you from making important decisions.

The human mind, as we know, can be quite forgetful, especially when it’s tasked with a multiple set of tasks, it can easily forget some crucial little details in one task while focusing on another.

But when you have an odd accumulator calculator beside you while making your selection, you wouldn't have to worry about checking odds or totaling odds; your odds calculation will always happen on the go. Just make your picks, input your odds, and get the final result.



Arbitrage calculator

If you’re a sports bettor and you haven’t heard of or used the arbitrage calculator from Pinnacle before, then you seriously have no idea what you’re missing out on.

By now, as a sports bettor, you must have heard about arbitrage betting and how it helps improve your winning chances (if you haven’t, please kindly look that up here). But has it ever occurred to you why most bettors fail to adopt this strategy whenever they are betting? The reason isn't farfetched. It is just too stressful to have to scour the internet for an odds-difference you aren't even sure exists.

In comes arbitrage calculator.

With this tool, all you have to do is enter the odds and stake of your original bet and the odds for the alternative outcome. And boooom, an arbitrage calculator will tell you if there is an arbitrage opportunity. It can be used both in a 2-way and a 3-way market.


Odds converter

Do you need to find out what the odds on your bookmaker’s site represent in terms of winning percentages? Or perhaps you don’t really understand the format used by a certain bookie to display odds and would like to express the odds you find on their site in a format you’re familiar with? Look no further beyond an odd converter.

An odds converter allows you to input the odds you’re trying to learn more about, and then returns a result displaying the other forms of this odds to you. Usually, if you input a decimal odd into the converter, it returns other results in the American odds and fractional odds format.

For instance, if you find the odds on a betting site like taruhan bola displayed in decimals, but you’re used to a fractional odds format like, say 3/1, you can use an odds converter to convert the odds you find on this site.

So, depending on which odd type you know and which you’re trying to know, an odds converter works well with the various odds format.


Margin calculator

This tool works well for value bettors. With a margin calculator, you can calculate the bookmakers' margin and fair probability. For example, if you see 1.92 – a 1.92 2-way odds implies that the bookmaker's probability is 52.08%, but real probability without margin is 50%, and bookmakers margin 52.08 – 52 = 2.08%. So you need to have an advantage more than 2.08% to beat bookie on the distance. That is value betting.

Unlike the other tools mentioned above, oddsportal is more of a resource tool rather than a direct app. With oddsportal, you can find the best odds from all popular bookies in one page. If you’re a serial arbitrage bettor, then this is a must-have and a must-use resource for you.

Flashscore is another wonderful resource for all sports punters. Here, you will find all the results of the different matches happening in different sports. From tennis to basketball, football to hockey, baseball to rugby union, cricket to Golf, and everything else in between, Flashscore helps you track the results of the matches in these sports.

In addition, this resource also provides you with good Head-to-head statistics, standings, match updates, live translations, push notifications, and lots more.

And guess what? The Flashscore app runs well on both android and iOS devices.

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