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Top football journalist blasts new Wafu structure

Published on: 13 August 2011

By Ameenu Shardow

Mamadou Gaye insists Wafu's decision to split into two is a plot by Caf to weaken the sub-regional football body.

An extra-ordinary congress held in Ghana on Saturday resolved in compliance of Article 13 of the Caf statues to split the regional block into to zones; A and B.

This decision however according to the Ivorian, is the death warrant of Wafu as a result of intense pressure from the top echelons of Caf.

"My reservation is simple, I came here to witness the general assembly of Wafu but I am now leaving this congress of a weakened body after this division," Gaye exclusively told

"Issa Hayatou sent a high-powered delegation led by Mohammed Raouraoua of Algeria not only to kill Wafu but to bury it as well.

"Why do you think Caf would for the first time give a regional body $38,000 to organize its activity? It was a sponsorship to contribute to the funeral of Wafu.

"It is simply to divide the strong front of Wafu to enhance his chance of retaining the Caf Presidency knowing very well that Wafu as a body is the largest constituency with 16 votes when it comes to elections.

"They came to Accra, the land of Kwame Nkrumah to destroy what was built for the benefit of the youth of 16 countries forgetting that Wafu was designed as a replica of ECOWAS where we taught it was important to unite for a common interest."

The Supersport African Football analyst is however calling on the head of states of the various countries of Wafu to intervene to save the situation.

"The Caf statues can never stop any two or three football federations from going into partnership therefore it can never be in fulfillment of a Caf regulation.

"Caf however sees this partnership as a threat because they fear someone from this region might pop-out to challenge for the Caf Presidency.

"For once, our politicians have done well to bring out such a body like Wafu in the mould of Ecowas and therefore must ensure that such an institution is never destroyed.

"All the Sports ministers of Wafu and even head of states must intervene because this will never happen in Europe or any part of the world except in Africa."

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