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Here’s our Frequently Asked Questions section designed for you to ask any question regarding bookmaking that you want an answer to. Bookmakers, odds, laws, payment systems – that’s just a small part of hot topics that are discussed here. You want to know which credit card is better for withdrawals, if you’ll get your maximum stakes cut down because of your beloved Martingale strategy, or what documents will you need for an identity check? Well, we at Bookmaker Ratings are happy to provide you with the detailed answers to all of that.

So if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Registering with bookmakers
Is it allowed to register and play with more than one bookmaker?
Of course. You can play with all bookmakers in the world and there's no restrictions on that. But we still recommend you to choose only those bookmakers who are rated "5" or "4" in our Ratings: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/bookmakers-homepage/all-bookmakers/
Why don't the bookmakers allow punters from this or other countries?
It mostly depends on the laws of the country and on the bookmaker's interest to operate in this country. For instanse, online betting is prohibited in the USA, so European bookmakers don't deal with American clients. Former USSR countries' suspicious market is not what some bookmakers look for as well.
I forgot my password. Can I re-register and would that not cause my account suspension?
Bookmakers don't allow re-registering. So in most cases duplicate registration could cause your account either suspended or limited while your new account balance could be transferred into the initial one. In any case we don't recommend re-registering, it's better contacting the Support if you happen to forget your password.
Identity check
Do all bookmakers carry out identity checks before paying out winnings?
All bookmakers do that.
What documents do I have to provide for an identity check with bookmakers?
Scanned copy of your passport and either a scan of your driving license or birth certificate. Some bookmakers' rules state that you can also be asked to approve your home address.
The bookmaker asked me to send a scanned copy of my passport before paying out my winnings. Is it safe?
Yes, it's a normal practice. Any bookmaker among recommended by Bookmaker Ratings (rated 4 or 5) make the best effort to keep their clients' personal data safe. You can find a list of recommended bookmakers in our Ratings: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/bookmakers-homepage/all-bookmakers/.
Deposit / withdrawal
When can I get the money that I withdrew from my account?
If you use a payment system, you could get it within a day. If it's a bank transfer, it'll take 3-5 working days.
The money I withdrew from my account long time ago still haven't reached my credit card. What can I do?
Bookmakers are rarely guilty in this situation. Usually it's banks' fault. Ask your bookmaker's support for the transaction number to follow it in your your bank.
You can read more in the "Payment systems" section of this FAQ.
Bonuses and promotions
Which bookmakers offer bonuses?
To see which bookmakers and what kind of bonuses they offer, go to our Bookmaker Ratings and choose "Sort by bonuses". The detailed info on bonuses can also be found in the bookmaker's review.
I've fulfilled all conditions of the promotion, but still haven't received the promised bonus. What can I do?
If it's one of the recommended bookmakers by us, rated by "4" or "5" in our Bookmaker Ratings and you've contacted their support to no effect, then fill in the complaint form on our website and we'll try to help you: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/bookmakers-homepage/complaint-form/.
I've noticed this strange rule in the bookmaker's promotion terms and conditions: "We leave the right to cancel this offer or change any of its rules at any time without notice or explanation of reasons". They also reserve right to not allow certain players to take part in this. How fair is that?
Actually it's a pretty common rule which you can find in most bookmakers' promotions' terms and conditions. So when they use it and how, depends on each concrete case.
Account suspension
How can my account get suspended?
There are a few reasons for that and actually they only slightly differ at various bookmakers. So among most popular reasons of account suspension are registering more than one account for different names, credit card fraud, betting on a fixed match. Some bookmakers halt risk-free betting (arbitrage betting and other professional betting tactics) and can even suspend players' accounts for that. But most likely they'll just cut their maximum stakes down.
What if I constantly (every day) win? Can bookmakers suspend my account?
If you constantly win, not breaking bookmakers' rules, not placing bets on fixed matches, bookmakers rated at "5" or "4" won't suspend your account (some bookmakers may react to risk-free betting such as arbitrage betting and other professional betting tactics, but it happens rarely). To see the Bookmaker Ratings go to: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/bookmakers-homepage/all-bookmakers/.
The bookmaker suspended my account, having previously let me withdraw my winnings. Why?
You were probably put into "unwanted clients" category that made the bookmaker to suspend your account. All punters preferring risk-free betting are classified as unwanted. It could be arbitrage bettors, "corridor" hunters, "advancing bettors", match-fixers and so on.
Other questions
How do bookmakers react on Martingale betting strategy?
Bookmakers rated at "4" or "5" in our Ratings are fine with is, as this strategy is not risk-free.
What is bookmakers' view on arbitrage betting and other risk-free betting tactics?
Bookmakers could react on your arbitrage betting by cutting down your maximum stake or suspending your account. It shouldn't happen if you choose bookmakers who allow that. Here's a list of bookmakers for professional punters: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/bookmakers-homepage/bookmakers-for-professionals/.
Will I get my money back if the bookmaker had the wrong score in their live betting section and I lost my bet because of that?
Bookmakers, as stated in their rules, are not responsible for "Live" information, as this kind of data (scores, stats etc.) is provided by the third part. That's why they won't reconsider bets settlement due to any error of this kind.
What is the maximum stake I can make?
It depends as on the popularity of an event as on possible restrictions (maximum stakes cutting down), which bookmakers may put on your account.
Can I place similar single bets more than once?
Some bookmakers allow placing bets on the same event more than once (William Hill, for instanse), some don't. Therefore, we recommend to read each bookmaker's rules before starting betting with them.
Payment systems
Bank transfers (cards/bank accounts)
Which card would be appropriate to deposit and withdraw money from bookmakers' accounts?
Visa Classic debit or credit card can be used both for deposits and withdrawals. Mastercard is also suitable for deposits, but a number of bookmakers, William Hill for instanse, don't allow withdrawals to Mastercard issued by non-British banks. Note that Visa Classic is appropriate to deposit and withdraw at all bookmakers, in contrast with Visa Electron.
Can I use my Visa Electron card to deposit and withdrawal from bookmakers' accounts?
It depends on the bookmaker and the bank that issued your card. WE strongly recommend to use Visa Classic for this purpose, as Visa Electron is more suitable for using in ATMs and terminals.
Is a bank transfer instant?
No, it is not. You should get this kind of info at the bank or the payment system support service you were using for a transfer. Usuaully it takes 3-5 working days for a transfer to be completed.
Payment online services.
How can I deposit to Skrill?
You can deposit to Skrill using a bank transfer or via a credit card.
What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal limit in Skrill?
There are no minimum limits, but anyway Skrill is more suitable for professional punters as deposits and withdrawals using credit cards become commission free only after getting a Skrill VIP status.
Which documents do I need to verify my account at Skrill? Can I just send my photographed documents instead of scanned copies?
To start using Skrill you have to verify your account. To do that you'll have to scan and send documents that prove your identity and address. Your passport or driving license will be enough to prove your identity. As for proving the address, you could attach your bank account statement or payed bills with your address on them.
How can I become a Skrill VIP?
As long as you've provided all necessary documents to prove your identity and address, you have to deposit at least €2,500 a month to your bookmakers' accounts. That is how you become a Skrill VIP.
To verify my address registering with most bookmakers do I need to provide bills or anything with the same address on it?
Your address is where you live. Your statement account or your payed bills with the address written on it would be fine.
Do I need a statement of my account to verify my address registering in a payment system?
Your account statement would be OK, but it should have the same address you were using registering in the payment system.
Can I use more than one payment system at the same bookmaker?
Yes, you can use more than one payment system at the same bookie. But you should note that many bookmakers allow to withdraw using the same system you were using to deposit. And in case you did it using different ones, they leave the right to pick the one for a withdrawal.
How do I know which payment systems does a bookmaker accept?
We at the Bookmaker Ratings are trying our to update all the info including payment systems for deposit/withdrawals in our bookmakers' reviews. Still they keep on developing and add new payment methods or stop using some (without any note). Therefore we recommend to also contact bookmakers' support to ask for the latest updates.
Can I use my QIWI-wallet to withdraw money from British or European bookmakers?
Some bookmakers allow it only for deposits, so ask their support for help. In any case you could still withdraw to your credit card, bank account or other payment system if the deposit (at least the accepted minimum) was made via the same system.
How long does it take for a bookmaker to make a transfer to my Webmoney account?
The transfer is usually made the same or the next day. But the exact time also depends on the bookmaker.
Other questions
Which money transfer method is the fastest?
Transfers carried out via banks take more time than transfers via payment online systems like Skrill.
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