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Fortebet, a licensed and legal online sports betting operator in Uganda, offers its customers a whole section covering virtual football, a computer-simulated version of the game with a more dynamic betting experience. Clients can wager money on different leagues and matches and win almost immediately. How is V-football represented on the Fortebet platform? This article aims to give an overview of Fortebet Virtual Football Betting and discuss the reasons to choose this bookmaker and place bets on their site.

Bet on Virtual Soccer on Fortebet!

How Fortebet Virtual Soccer Betting Works?

How Fortebet Virtual Soccer Betting Works

Virtual Football is a betting product introduced to the gaming world quite recently. It essentially represents a computer-simulated football, where data from real life has zero impact, and the outcome is determined by a random number generator. This means that a top team like Barcelona is not necessarily a heavy favorite against Valencia.

What makes virtual betting different is the duration of a game. All V-football games last 5 minutes, and every next game begins in 5 minutes as well. These dynamics are attractive to both beginners and experienced punters and could, at times, be more engaging than real-life football betting.

While the players, clubs, and tournaments are simulated, they are under the names you will find quite familiar. You can bet on European competitions, such as the Spanish League or the Italian League. Each league includes their respective teams, such as Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, etc.

How Fair is Fortebet Virtual Football Betting?

V-football betting works like casino free spins. The program is designed in a way to decide winners randomly. As already mentioned, virtual football match outcomes are decided by the RNG (Random Number Generator). No external factors, such as injuries, impact V-football. On the other hand, there are virtual stats that can show the results between two virtual teams in their past meetings.

How to Bet on Fortebet Virtual Football in Uganda?

Virtual football betting on the Fortebet site has a straightforward procedure. If you don’t have an active sports betting account, you should go through the registration phase, deposit money, and then place your virtual bet.

Below, let’s break down the process of betting on the virtual football:

  1. Open the Fortebet official site (available on mobile devices as well).
  2. Click Register Now and fill out the form, or log in by inputting your username and password in the upper right corner.
  3. Once logged in, click on the Virtual Soccer button from the upper horizontal menu.
  4. Make sure to have a positive balance to be able to bet.
  5. You will be navigated to the upcoming fixtures, including its available markets.
  6. Browse markets and choose which ones you are going to put your stake in.
  7. Your selections will appear on the right side.
  8. Type the stake amount and click Place Bet.

Virtual football at Fortebet comes with various interesting markets and additional features to enhance customers’ overall betting experience. Let’s check out the market package the bookie is currently offering alongside the odds provided for the virtual fixtures.

Bet on Virtual Football on Fortebet!

Fortebet Virtual Betting Types in Uganda

Fortebet Virtual Betting Types in Uganda

As briefly explained and outlined in the previous section, virtual football betting comprises several interesting markets that provide more entertainment and alternatives. The lines are quite identical to those you will usually see in a traditional sportsbook, and no additional research will be required to understand them. Below, you can see some of the most common lines offered on the Fortebet platform.

Match Result

This market gives an option of betting on the winner. You can choose home and away win, draw, 1x or x2 markets. There are two different lines for half-time and full-time.

The Number of Goals in a Game

Unfortunately, Fortebet does not offer this line currently. Instead, let’s explore some alternative options punters could consider when staking in goals or a final score.

Correct Score

If you browse Correct score, you will see 7 options common for all fixtures: 1-0, 2-1, 0-1, 1-2, 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, and others. Virtual football matches have a limit in terms of goals and goal margins. The maximum margin one team can have is by four goals, while the highest possible score is 4-4. So, if you bet on Others, you would expect the teams to score a total of three or more. Hence, we recommend getting acquainted with the limits before making your decisions.

Over/Under Goals

Compared to correct scores, the Over/Under market provides a more flexible approach, as you can set a threshold to have a higher chance of winning. A typical virtual football game would include options from Under 1.5 to Over 4.5 goals.

Goal Difference

Unlike other bookmakers, Fortebet does not offer this type of market at the time of this publication. Alternatively, you could consider the Both Teams to Score market.

Events & Tournaments for Betting on Fortebet Virtual Soccer

Fortebet’s virtual football covers the top – 5 major European competitions. La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), and Premier League (England) are included in the catalog, allowing punters to enjoy their beloved teams in a simulated game.

As mentioned, the matches are played every 5 minutes. There are no classic matchdays and seasons, but you can picture an ongoing season during which virtual teams from a V-league face each other regularly, without pauses. And it does not last weeks or a whole year.

The live-action is provided with additional opportunities. For example, you can browse highlights of virtual matches on the right side of your screen during your betting activities. The graphics are quite similar to EA Sports games, and with the development of AI, the footage will become even more realistic in the future.

Besides the stream, Fortebet offers a tracker displaying statistics of the virtual matchup, previous results, and probabilities of the outcomes. This data can help punters predict future outcomes and make clever betting decisions.

Watch Virtual Soccer on Fortebet!

Tips for Betting on Fortebet Virtual Soccer

Tips for Betting on Fortebet Virtual Soccer

Virtual football might seem easier, but there are a couple of tips we would like to share so that you can increase your chances of success.

Check out statistics: Despite the fact that this is a virtual football, there are still good teams and better ones. It would be helpful to analyze the data you are offered on the Fortebet site.

Over 1.5 Goals has a high probability of winning: According to recent results, most V-football games finish with at least 2+ goals. While this is not a risk-free option, you should definitely consider it a safer choice compared to other markets. You can even submit a multibet by combining.

This is Virtual Football: No player is real, no team is real. You might favour a certain club in reality and fancy wagering on them, but it should not affect your betting choices in virtual football.

Bet small: Start betting with smaller stakes and explore the possibilities. Playing with a huge amount of money might promise an even higher payout, but the risks are even higher, and you could eventually lose and remain with nothing.


Fortebet is not staying behind other top sports betting platforms, offering access to virtual football betting. This computer-simulated version is in demand right now due to factors like short duration, simple markets, and the opportunity to win instantly. You won’t wait two hours in order to see how your betting selections are settled.

Playing and betting on V-football is fun, as you can play every day and every week. Virtuals at Fortebet come with multiple entertaining add-ons, such as streams plus trackers, making it more attractive and leading to a more dynamic experience.

Unfortunately, the bookmaker lacks betting lines such as Asian handicap or Goal Difference. Adding them would be considered an improvement to the overall package. Besides, Fortebet does not offer a bonus for virtuals, another area where the platform could improve.

Overall, the bookmaker deserves credit for providing a solid catalog of virtual football betting, and it is definitely an option for punters to consider.


Will betting strategies help me win in virtual football betting?

It would be best to check out stats and consider past performances before betting on virtual football.

Are there real teams and players represented in Fortebet virtual football?

No participants in virtual football are real.

Is Fortebet virtual soccer similar to slot machines?

V-football is close to slots, as the outcome is decided by random number generators. It is important to consider this factor when betting.

Are Fortebet virtual soccer match results as fair as in slot machines?

The level of fairness is identical, as in both cases, outcomes are determined by RNGs.

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