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UGAG May Day Message

Published on: 01 May 2012

General News of Tuesday, 1 May 2012Source: --UGAG wishes all the workers of Ghana “Happy May Day”. This is a day when we would like to congratulate and acknowledge the efforts and contribution of the labour force to the nation’s wellbeing. Undoubtedly the labour force is the most important aspect that can boost the country’s economy, if utilized properly. However, this labour force is subject to exploitation, and to top it all poor standards of living. We trust that the minimum wage can be enhanced for the benefit of all workers.

Acquiring the needed education, skills and abilities and being able to use these appropriately for the progress of the nation is every graduate’s dream. Whiles we join our dauntless workers to celebrate; we also wish to put the plight of the thousands of unemployed graduates of this country before the powers that be. We as citizens of this country, fervently hope that the government will also look towards our direction and find a lasting and suitable solution to the growing number of unemployed graduates who roam the streets searching for unavailable jobs. We are tired of being constantly tagged as lazy, unproductive and having similar labels thrown on our faces on a daily basis.

Once again, we want to wish all Ghanaian workers Ayekoo and hope that very soon, we will also have the opportunity to join the working force to make our country a better place.

Adi Namaran Lamisi
General Secretary

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