Video: Ghanaian defender Isaac Donkor nearly died in Romania league match

Published on: 06 May 2019
Video: Ghanaian defender Isaac Donkor nearly died in Romania league match
Ghanaian defender Isaac Donkor being given first aid by his goalkeeper

Ghanaian defender Isaac Donkor cheated death in the Romanian top-flight on Sunday when he collapsed, lost consciousness and had to be revived by medics.

Chanting fans of the opposing sides went dead silent when the hardworking centre-back fell on the ground as team-mates, referees and medical personnel rushed to the field to help the Ghanaian.

The 23-year-old, who plays for Universitatea Craiova, insisted on playing after regaining consciousness to play till the end of the game despite concerns by dcotors.

Donkor sent the Ion Oblemenco stadium into a moment of panic during the match against FCSB after he was hit by a shot by Lucian Filip.

In the 52nd minute, the FCSB midfielder hit a powerful shot from more than 30 meters, and Donkor, who was on the penalty area headed the ball to prevent it from causing havoc.

The defender collapsed on the ground to the panic of those around him and as the Ghanaian collapsed on the ground he remained unconscious for 20 seconds.

The Italian goalkeeper Mirko Piglacelli came quickly to his colleague, who had lost consciousness and gave him first aid.

Fortunately, the doctors intervened promptly and managed to put the strong defender back of his feet and he insisted on continuing the match.

Donkor returned and was roundly applauded by all the fans in the stadium. His side lost the game 2-0.

Watch video of the incident below: