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We can't allow a lesbian or a gay to run the association- Olympics chief Oluboi Comodore

Published on: 20 September 2019

General Manager of Great Olympics, Oluboi Comodore insists the "moral characters" of persons who want to contest for the Ghana Football Association positions must be checked before they are allowed to run for office. 

According to the veteran football administrator gays, lesbians or promiscuous people can't be allowed to run the Football Association.

"The moral character of the aspirants needs to be looked into because we can't allow a lesbian or gay to lead the association or someone whose pants is always down or a person whose zip is always opened," he told New Mercury FM.

The Normalisation Committee has opened up eligibility criteria for persons who want to contest for positions in the Ghana Football Association, allowing any credible person to pick up forms.

The decision has not gone down well with "football people" who believe, anybody who wants a position should be a person actively involved in the administration of the game.

"Anyone can go and pick up forms to contest for the election. Asiedu Nketiah once said 'any idiot can go to court same as this but the ends will justify the means'. If you're an aspirant and can't get give people to endorse your forms for you then I advice such person to stop running for the election," Oluboi told New Mercury.

"If you're begging people to endorse your forms then there is no need to contest."

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