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What is the best watch for triathlon athletes?

Published on: 26 January 2019
What is the best watch for triathlon athletes?
This is one of the best watches for tri-athletes


Sports watches are essential for any serious sports person. That’s because, these watches have tools that can aid one in training. These include Heart rate monitors, stride measurement, and gps monitoring that can track your distance, among others.

With a good sports watch, it’s easy for a sportsperson to time themselves, and get better in their skill.

For instance, triathlon athletes need to cut down on their race completion time for them to compete effectively, and that’s where tri watches come into play.

So, what is the best watch for triathlon athletes? To help you make that decision, let’s review 3 of the best, then you can make a choice that best fits your needs.

  1.    Garmin Forerunner 35

This is one of the best watches for triathlon athletes, and for a good reason. First, it is affordable, which is a plus for amateur triathlon athletes who are just starting out. On top of that, it is practical and functional. For instance, it has features like stride length, ground contact time, and vertical ratio. These are features that every triathlon athlete needs in order for them to quantify the progress they are making in their training. However, it’s most important feature is the heart rate monitor. This is critical for the health of a triathlon athlete. The Garmin Forerunner 35 is also very appealing to the eye. This watch comes in multiple colors, and its large screen is eye-catching.

  1.   Timex Full-Size Inexpensive Classic 100

This is one of the best watches for pro athletes who travel all across the world for competitions. That’s because, it has 5 daily alarms, which are configured to different time zones.  This watch also has an automated interval repetition counter mechanism. This is perfect for triathlon athletes looking to schedule their training when swimming, running and cycling. However, this watch is a bit expensive, but for the value that it provides, it is worth every penny. That’s because, on top of being perfect for traveling athletes, it also has a nice sturdy look to it. It’s a watch that is designed to serve you for a reasonable timeframe.

  1.    Garmin Forerunner 910XT: GPS enabled

This is another watch that is perfect for triathlon athletes. One of the thing that makes this watch stand out is its practical heart rate monitor. This is important because, when using it, a triathlon athlete is sure that the heart rate numbers reading on it are correct. For such a physically intense sport, this is a very important feature. On top of that, this watch allows the athlete to keep track of the distance covered. This is important because, distance covered is key in determining progress in terms of speed, and endurance. It also has a very simple look to it. It’s perfect for an athlete who just wants to focus on training, and not floss their accessories. Simply put, it is a watch for professional athletes, looking for a watch that can help them get ahead in their careers. The best part is that, it is very affordable.  This means that for any serious athlete looking to make a career in triathlon, but is short on finances, they can get it and get started.

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