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What Makes A Great Football Player?

Published on: 12 November 2019

We, as the viewers and the fans are always there to support our favorite footballers. It is as we are the cheerleaders, ever cheering our best players on. When they win, we win and when they lose, we lose. However, have you ever wondered what it is that really makes up the best football player?


How to be Great Football Player

We are always quick to judge whom the best football player is, not knowing what they have to go through behind the scenes. Being a great football player is a lot harder than most people think it is. we can liken it to finding the best real money Sites de jeu en ligne. There are certain things that make up that Jeux casino argent reel casino. In the same manner, there are certain skills that make up a great football player.


  1. Ball Control:

    A good footballer needs to be able to collect the ball and gain control of it. That way, they are able to receive passes as well as pass the ball. This means that a player needs to be able to control the ball with their feet, legs, chest and head.

  1. Dribbling Skills:

    Secondly, a good footballer needs to have great dribbling skills. This means that they have to move up and down the pitch, at the same time controlling the ball.

  2. Passing Accuracy:

    Thirdly, a great footballer also possesses the skill of passing accuracy. This the footballer achieves by using both feet to send the ball to the player’s desired destination.

  3. Body Control:

    Great footballers are also those who have body control. That way they are able to move their body as well as balance it.

  4. Game Intelligence:

    This is also a key skill for a footballer. They need to be able to make smart decisions during the pressure of the gameplay.

  5. Spatial Awareness:

    This means that a player also needs to see clearly through the pitch. That way, they are able to see passes as well as see the gaps in the pitch and use them to the team’s advantage just like casinos in usa



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