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Why Drinking Red Wine is Good for Athletes

Published on: 17 January 2020

How many of us have thought that red wine is just another ornamental liquor put above the table on special occasions? Of course, red wine is way better than its usual function to complement our craving for steak.

History tells us that drinking wine dates back a thousand years ago, and it is widely documented because of the miraculous health benefits it gives to our body. Red wine’s rich nutritional profile astounds many people from different walks of life. It includes athletes and sports enthusiasts who need red wine’s health benefits to improve competitive gain.

Many athletes considered drinking red wine to be supplemental to the healthy lifestyle they maintain. Hence, it helps boost their athletic performance.

Are you still wondering why it got its name in the menu of health-conscious folks? Here are some stunning wine benefits and why athletes must give drinking red wine a try.

Boosts Athletic Endurance

Red wine is known for its various nutritional benefits. In the new study conducted, the high doses of resveratrol compounds found in red grapes help improve muscle endurance. In fact, this compound is known to keep our body slim and fit.

Nutritional experts argue that resveratrol’s effect is true to the core as athletes may drink red wine to enhance their athletic endurance. Additionally, many researchers believed that resveratrol boosts muscle endurance by increasing mitochondria, which releases energy-producing compounds within the muscle cells. Mitochondria play a vital role in the process of burning fats to provide fuel for endurance.

Dr. Auwerx said in an interview that resveratrol could make you look like an athlete without training. He and his colleagues experimented on mice where they administered an amount of 0.4 grams (400 milligrams) of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight. Dr. Auwerx added that obtaining such similar doses of resveratrol, a person needs to consume 400 glasses of red wine in just one day. However, it is impossible to drink enough red wine to obtain such a dose.

Increases Testosterone Amount

The pressure of emerging victorious in the athletic arena is a prime driver why there is a dramatic increase of athletes around the globe who use performance-enhancing drugs.

The said drugs increase testosterone levels to step up in the game and earn a winning edge. It’s a winning by cheating to no surprise. So, many researchers conducted a study on natural alternatives that can increase testosterone levels, which is a breakthrough in helping eliminate cheating practices. Extensive research on red wine is one of which.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for regulating muscle mass, fertility, red blood cell production, among others. So, how is this relevant to drinking red wine? According to the study, red wine mainly has a quercetin compound that increases testosterone levels. The said compound blocks the enzymes that target the testosterone; then, it sends a message to the kidney to eliminate it.

Thus, drinking red wine offers athletes the natural way to boost their male hormones which may impact their performance.

Improves Stronger Bones

Milk helps improve our bones, but it’s the red wine that sustains it. It’s bizarre to think of how red wine contains an amount of silicon. As a matter of fact, other liquors such as root beer and white wine have silicon, too.

Silicon on a red wine may sound so unappealing; however, our body needs an amount of silicon to improve its density. Further, red wine contains phytochemicals that promote bone health.

A study concluded that drinking two small glasses of red wine per day improves the bone strength of athletes.


Helps Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular Condition

Red wine is known for its nutritional benefits for our cardiovascular organs. No wonder why a lot of people would love to drink red wine. Aside from resveratrol, which is the main compound that makes our heart healthy, red wine also contains antioxidants. The polyphenols, the antioxidants found in red wine, may help prevent coronary artery disease that triggers heart attacks.

Another interesting fact of red wine’s antioxidants is its ability to increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the good cholesterol, which helps lower the risk of forming cholesterol build-up and the formation of blood clots.

Drinking a couple of glasses of red wine may actually have promising benefits to cardiovascular organs. If the heart is healthy, it will allow the athletes to perform better in exercises and workouts; hence, it helps athletes for competitive gain.

Helps Relieve Pains

Engaging in competitive athletics and sports requires mobilizing your overall physique. As a result, athletes suffer from body pains, and if it accelerates, it may lead to body fatigue. Moreover, athletes are in the position of getting higher risks of bone fractures, joint pains and other possible injuries.

However, red wine contains pain-relieving properties that help reduce the aching of the muscles after a strenuous workout or exercise. The resveratrol in the red wine blocks the increase of cytokine that promotes inflammation.


Red wine has incredible nutritional benefits that improve our bodily organs and reduce the possibility of getting unwanted health risks. The resveratrol proves to be a significant compound of why red wine is must liquor for athletes.

However, red wine means nothing if you don’t engage in a workout. So keep your butt off from the couch and start working out. Of course, you deserve a reward! Nothing beats holding a glass of wine and drink it to your heart’s content, genuinely enjoying its nutritional profile.

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