Why Soccer Is Popular in College

Published on: 19 March 2019
Why Soccer Is Popular in College
College soccer

The soccer world was taken by storm when last summer, the United States trumped Japan and won the Women’s World Cup. The match was televised, and about 25 million US viewers watched it. Advertisers were looking for this benchmark.

But why has soccer become popular, especially in colleges? Many factors go into the rising popularity of this game in colleges. With rare exception, this is a highly popular British college sport is played only once a week. Here are some reasons why soccer so popular in colleges.


When you watch this sport, you do not spend more than 2 hours. Students who are busy with their studies like soccer because they do not have to waste much time. It does not apply to other sports such as baseball, in which case you may have to spend 3-4 hours watching a match. Seriously students always spend time wisely.

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Professional writing services offer new essays UK college students find useful. Students do all these things because they do not have enough time to waste. They tired when a match is too long. This is a faster game, but it has more activity, which is another reason college students like this game.

Overall campus atmosphere

If there is a football stadium on the college campus, students feel proud of it. It is simply awesome to have an enormous stadium at your college. For example, Notre Dame has a stadium with beautiful foliage and gothic architecture. It is really cool.

The fan bases consist of college kids who make up an amazing atmosphere. Because of the fascination of magnificent stadiums, many students are getting interested in football scholarships in America.

Better rivalries

The rivalries in college soccer are based on players, not on historical hatred. When there are matches between Auburn-Alabama and Ohio State-Michigan, the significance of the events goes beyond the game itself.

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Easy to play

This is one of the easiest sports to play. Many people do not understand complicated games, and that is why they prefer it. When it comes to playing or watching sports, busy students always prefer simplicity.

A student who is under a lot of pressure watches no other games than this simple game and hires a professional custom essay writing service to reduce workload. Busy students do not have time or energy to watch or play complicated games and sports.

Focused on the player

When we compare it to other sports, we find that soccer is more player-focused. When you watch a match, you can focus on the performance of an individual player.

A coach guides the game, and the players have to follow his instructions. But a player is not bound to follow all the instructions; he or she can change the strategy.

In short, soccer has fewer restrictions, allowing players some liberty.

Relatively safe

Playing any sport involves some level of danger. You may have an accident at any time. If you compare it to other sports, you will find that soccer is a relatively safe sport. Safety is a top priority for a student, whether it is playing sports or hiring essay-writing services.

If a student gets injured, he or she may not be able to continue studies. This is another reason college students prefer soccer sports in other sports. Many good students play soccer for years without getting seriously injured.


Soccer is a very old sport. In the UK, “ball games” were played as early as 200 B.C. Since then, the game has changed a lot. The first soccer club appeared in England in 1857. In 1871, FA cup was held for the first time, and it is still played today. The first international match was held in 1872, and the first World Cup was played in 1930.

Soccer has been played for a very long time, and it has become a part of culture and tradition. When today’s young people play soccer, they feel connected to the past.

Even in this age of digital technology, soccer remains a highly popular game in colleges around the world. Whether you are a player or simply a fan of soccer, you know how soccer is different from other sports, and why students are passionate about this sport.