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Having special powers nobody has is what makes heroes super but what makes them stand out from the rest is the qualities (or virtues if you choose to tag them so) they possess; an unshakeable belief in the good deeds of man, hope and doing right no matter the challenges.

In summary, substance is the difference maker and Linda Ansong has substance and more as a Woman of Steel.

The Man of Steel is the title of Zack Snyder’s big screen adaptation of the comic book hero Super Man; an alien from Krypton who ends up becoming the world’s ultimate protector. While there is Super Girl, there isn’t Super Woman in the comic books reels; Super Girl is often depicted as that.

Perhaps comic book writers had heard of Linda Ansong and knew of her outstanding abilities thus decided to leave the special moniker to be picked up by the Liberty Professionals Football Club General Manager.

As the only female Chief Executive Officer of a club in the Ghana Premier League, Linda Ansong stands at the precipice of achieving another milestone in the realms of Ghana’s most popular sport.

Running for the position of Treasurer in the upcoming Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) elections slated for Thursday, January 21, Ansong could become the first ever female Treasurer in the Association’s history.

Achieving this feat would be a wondrous feat but Ansong is every bit of a Wonder Woman and though she doesn’t have a lasso of truth, honesty in all her dealings makes her stand out. Commitment to produce decisive results makes her soar high with each and every test she aces.

After centuries being in the shadows, women have broken out to dominate landscapes which hitherto were unheard of and have been great at it. For a planet enveloped in the stitches of the COVID 19 pandemic, nothing is said or written or built up exclusive of the virus.

The finances of sports franchises are in dire conditions and Ghana is no exception but looking at various leaders deal with the situation over the past months, it is overtly clear, female leaders have done way better than their male counterparts. With an experienced steady hand and forward thinking initiatives to boot, Linda Ansong is in line to diligently administer the GHALCA Treasurer position.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern are among global leaders who have presided over nations with some of the lowest number of COVID infections and deaths. It is testament to the level of brilliance in execution of well laid out plans to save lives and put the economies in good stead to recover as soon as possible from the downturn in world finances. Ghana football and all its stakeholders should expect this line of output and even more from Linda Ansong as GHALCA Treasurer.

Linda Ansong has the right training for the position as a Bachelor of Science Degree holder in Actuarial Science from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) plus a University of London Law background and Software Entrepreneurship training from Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

As a steadfast practitioner in proper bookkeeping and accounting practices throughout her four year run as Financial Officer and Administrator of Liberty Professionals, Ansong has established the club as one of the few with a stable financial outlay that keeps the Dansoman based club out of the news over salary rifts and unpaid player bonuses.

As a lead producer and exporter of talented footballers, the highly-respected young female administrator is adept at negotiating complex financial deals with individuals of varied backgrounds and such experience will come in handy in the Association’s maneuvers for financial support to its members.

 In Ghana’s football history, financial misappropriation issues have dogged various associations over the year’s signaling red flags on the trustworthiness of various direct stakeholders.

However, with a resume’ littered with trust building and trust enhancement schemes like introducing online invoicing and accounting system at Reeds Industries Limited and Co Founding a startup venture (Siladium Limited/Vestracker AB) worth $500,000, there should be no doubt about Linda Ansong’s integrity.

Ansong’s heavy involvement in making Liberty Professionals an endearing source of stability and success in an industry synonymous with upheavals backs why she has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Imagine Ghana Change Leader and Social Innovator Award in 2015 and the MTN Mobile App Challenge Award also in 2015.

So for a transformed, transparent and trustworthy treasury department at GHALCA, Linda Ansong is the best pick.

By Patrick Akoto

Managing Editor, 

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