Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco🥊: Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 31/12/22 | News & Preview

10:00, 31 dec 2022
10:00, 31 dec 2022
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On December 31 in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve will take place boxing event by Shisei Promotions a bantamweight unification bout between Japanese Kazuto Ioka and American Joshua Franco. The WBA Super and WBO belts are on the line. The winner of this match-up is very likely to fight Juan Francisco Estrada in 2023, the Mexican leader in this weight class.
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Fight Result – Kazuto Ioka to win

The Japanese boxer has been proving his highest level for years. He is always perfectly prepared to fight, never underestimates his opponent and uses his entire arsenal to the max. Franco is quite capable of giving local difficulties to his opponent and taking 3-4 rounds. But I don’t see Joshua dominating and winning in his opponent’s territory. The promoters have big plans for Kazuto. That includes a mega-fight with Estrada, a big home bout with Junto Nakatani, and a possible trip to his fifth weight class for the Naoya Inoue belt.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco

Kazuto Ioka:

The 33-year-old boxer has already made history for sure. He is the first Japanese to win titles in four weight classes. Ioka is doing very well in the flyweight division. He’s not inferior in size, speed or power. In his last fight, Kazuto crushed Donnie Nietes, who he lost by a decision. Before that, he knocked out Kosei Tanaka and was pretty convincing on points against Francisco Rodriguez Jr. Now the Japanese talent owns the WBO title, which he has successfully defended 5 times already. The last time Ioka lost 4 years ago (to Nietes).

Ioka is indeed very technical, cautious and crafty. He knows how to disassemble at the range, hit hard, pick up the pace, and set traps. Since 2009 the Japanese have had only two close losses on points. And in both cases, he lost to really top opposition. Nobody of Joshua’s level has ever lost to Kazuto. 

Joshua Franco

Franco has an opportunity to beat the world champion in four weight classes and take two full titles at once. Right now, the 27-year-old boxer only has the WBA Regular. Joshua is approaching his upcoming bout with a record of 18-1-2. I would highlight Oscar Negrete and Andrew Moloney of Franco’s defeated opposition. He’s only won one of his three fights against Negrete, and he’s beaten the Aussie by pretty controversial decisions. So Joshua remains an untested boxer, whose fundamental level may be far from the top level.

Nevertheless, the American has good pressing, fast hands, uncomfortable style, gas tank for all 12 rounds. Boxers of this type often steal rounds from more skilled opponents. The only problem is that the bout is made under Ioka, in his native Japan. And I doubt even close won rounds will go to Franco. Joshua just needs to crush the Japanese in all sections of the fight, which looks implausible at this point. 

Details and Statistics

Kazuto Ioka:

Age – 33

Height – 1.65;

Reach – 1.66;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 29-2 (15 KO)

Joshua Franco:

Age – 27;

Height – 1.65;

Reach – 1.70;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 18-1-2 (8 KO)

Most popular FAQ for Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco

Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at Ota City General Gymnasium, Ota, Tokyo, Japan.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

We recommend checking out the odds for the professional bantamweight boxing tournament: Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco at 1xBet.

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Kazuto Ioka vs Joshua Franco
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