Petr Yan vs Merab Dvalishvili🥊(UFC Fight Night 221: Yan vs. Dvalishvili): Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 12/03/2023 | News & Preview

01:00, 12 mar 2023
01:00, 12 mar 2023
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UFC Fight Night 221: Yan vs. Dvalishvili is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on March 12 at The Theater at Virgin Hotels. The preliminary card of the event will host bantamweights, Russian Petr Yan and American Merab Dvalishvili. We’re in for a crazy fight between two of the toughest fighters in the division. The fight is planned for 01:00 UK time.
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Fight Result – Round 5 to Start YES

Judging by Petr Yan’s preparation, he is even better prepared than Sterling. Total dedication, no jokes anywhere anymore. A career coming to an end soon, and here is such a bad streak. The fight will be 5 rounds and we’re sure it will be a full one. Merab has all the fights full, and Petr also constantly beats like a lion all the rounds, so our bet will be a simple one.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Petr Yan vs Merab Dvalishvili

Petr Yan: 

Petr Yan faced Jose Aldo in the fight for the featherweight division vacant title and finishes with a victory over the Brazilian. That was the first step towards the championship.

The Russian held the advantage for almost the entire match and finished abruptly – after an easy strategy, he beat his opponent coolly at the start of the last round. Petr Yan becomes the next champion at that point. As it turned out after the fight, he managed to set the most powerful record in the world in this fight – 194 punches and that’s not a complete fight yet! Thus one of the best fighters in Russia is now the UFC light-middleweight champion

In March 2021 the Russian gave away the title to Aljamein Sterling and was disqualified (the same kick to the head, when they shouted from the corner that it was OK to kick).

Next up was a heavyweight fight in late October 2021 at UFC 267, Yan stepped into the cage with Sandhagen for the interim title at his weight. There was a great and rousing win after a chopping five rounds. And it seemed like things were going to get a lot easier from here on, but that wasn’t the case.

Merab Dvalishvili: 

As you have already realised, he is in the same category as his current opponent. He turned professional in 2014 and is known for his performances in the UFC fighting organization. He is ranked third in the official UFC flyweight rankings. Surprisingly, his first 2 fights in the UFC have been losses and then a steep winning streak of 3 years. 

The great thing here is that almost all meetings involving Merab end in a full fight. Only 1 early finish, just in 2021. Also note that Yan’s opponent has a big downtime in fights, with only 1 fight in August 2022, which is very bad for a fighter of this level.

Details and Statistics

Petr Yan: 

Age – 30;

Height – 1.70;

Weight – 61;

Reach – 1.70;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 16-4-0;

Wins – 6 Knockouts, 3 Submissions, 5 Decisions;

Losses – 4 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 4 Decisions.

Merab Dvalishvili:

Age – 32;

Height – 1.68;

Weight – 61;

Reach – 1.73;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 15-5-0;

Wins – 3 Knockouts, 1 Submission, 11 Decisions;

Losses – 0 Knockouts, 1 Submission, 3 Decisions.

Most popular FAQ for Petr Yan vs Merab Dvalishvili

Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at The Theater at Virgin Hotels, Paradise, Nevada, USA.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

We recommend checking out the odds for the UFC Fight Night 221: Yan vs. Dvalishvili: Petr Yan vs Merab Dvalishvili at 1xBet.

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UFC Fight Night 221
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Petr Yan vs Merab Dvalishvili
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