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Are you a Hollywoodbets account holder living in South Africa? If yes, you will need information about doing FICA for your Hollywoodbets account, as it is a mandatory part of your betting experience. As long as you will be required to pass ID verification at some point in your Hollywoodbets journey, we will provide you with the details related to that particular procedure. Continue reading our review to figure out how to pass it correctly.

Activate Your Hollywoodbets Account With FICA!

How to Easily Activate Your Hollywoodbets Account With FICA?

Activate Your Hollywoodbets Account With FICA

Hollywoodbets makes its punters’ experience as easy as possible, and FICA verification isn’t an exception. Specifically, the bookmaker offers three different ways to activate your account with FICA – Self-Service Website, Drop-Off, and Facebook Private Message. It allows the customers to choose the most convenient way to complete the procedure. We will talk about FICA and the required documents in the following headers.

What Is FICA?

Firstly, let’s try to figure out what FICA is to have a full notion of it. FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001) has been introduced to South African punters since 2003. Being an identity check itself, FICA aims to prevent any fraudulent activity, including money laundering, tax evasion, underage gambling, terrorist activities, etc. In a nutshell, it secures players’ financial resources creating a safe and trustworthy betting atmosphere. Basically, every customer must pass it to be able to take advantage of Hollywoodbets R25 Welcome Bonus and withdraw winnings.

Required Documents To FICA Your Hollywoodbets Account

Did you register on the platform? To verify your Hollywoodbets account after login, you should present two mandatory types of documents: a copy of your South African ID and proof of address. The list of the accepted documents will be shown below. Check them, upload, submit, and send them to the company.

Сорy оf South African ID

Even though we have already mentioned above, it’s worth stating once again that a copy of your South African ID is the first major component among the documents of Hollywoodbets FICA procedure.

Accepted Proof of ID

Here are the supporting documents, copies of which can be presented to the bookmaker in the form of a South African ID to have a verified personal room:

  • Passport,
  • Green bar-coded Identity Book,
  • Driver’s License,
  • Smart ID Card.

Рrооf оf Аddrеss

To continue with the proof of address, which is the second essential among the documents of the Hollywoodbets account verification, we would like to present the documents accepted by the bookmaker.

Accepted Proof of Address

You can prove your address and residence by uploading the following in the form of a photograph:

  • Utility Bill,
  • Life insurance policy
  • Letter from a Municipal authority confirming that an individual is permitted to reside on communal land,
  • Bank statement,
  • Motor vehicle license or documentation,
  • Lease or rental agreement,
  • Registered residential address confirmation,
  • Municipal rate and taxes invoice,
  • Television license documents,
  • Mortgage statement,
  • Correspondence from a share-block association,
  • Official tax return.

Note that the utility bill, letter from a municipal authority, bank statement, taxes invoice, and internet account should be no older than three months. As for the rest of the documents, the accepted time limit is one year.

Quick and Easy Process to FICA Your Hollywoodbets Account – Full Guide

Activate Your Hollywoodbets Account With FICA

Hollywoodbets presents easy and fast online FICA procedures to its customers, which can be done in several ways: Self-Service Website via your mobile phone or computer, WhatsApp, Facebook, email address, and Drop-Off Branches.

The first mentioned FICA verification is the simplest method to successfully pass the account document verification yourself. It can be done online within a few minutes. Would you like to take advantage of this option? If yes, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Hollywoodbets official website,
  2. Sign in and click on Upload FICA, and you will be immediately redirected to the portal of the site,
  3. Fill in the required fields, entering your ID and Hollywoodbets number, as well as your mobile number,
  4. Upload the necessary documents and files by yourself
  5. Tap on Submit.

Notably, the bookmaker’s account authentication process is also fast and can take up to 30 minutes. Also, remember that presented documents and pictures should be clear and visible to make the company accept them.

The second easiest online way to upload and submit your documents is to send them via email address ([email protected]). However, bear in mind that email check mostly requires a longer time for account authentication.

If WhatsApp authentication is more convenient for you, download the app and reach out to Hollywoodbets via +27660385017.

To continue, we would like to present you with another option of sending the documents to Hollywoodbets FICA, which can be done via Facebook. Simply visit their Facebook page via your mobile device, click Message, and Attach a valid Photo, Picture (pdf format), or Video. Select the documents and send them. We would recommend you check the page before submitting your personal details. Furthermore, your request will be processed, and you will receive the letter of approval throughout the next working days,

And finally, the last FICA option worth discussing is Drop-Off verification. In this case, it’s just required to go to the nearest Hollywoodbets branch and show them the documents.

Overall, the bookmaker offers quite a straightforward FICA procedure giving customers a chance to choose a preferred way to complete the procedure and, afterward, place a bet on a particular event.

Hollywoodbets FICA Checklist

Hollywoodbets presents some FICA rules which should be followed by the customers. Here they are:

  • Your name shown in the ID and Address documents must match each other;
  • Both the text, photos, and ticked boxes included in your documents must be clear (It’s recommended to take photos when it is light);
  • All the information written in the submitted documents must be the same as the ones provided during the registration;
  • The residential address should be mentioned in the documents proving the customer’s actual address;
  • All the documents must be up to date.

Take a look at this list before passing the Hollywoodbets FICA procedure.

FICA Contact Options

If you have any further questions regarding the ID authentication, you can directly reach out to Hollywoodbets via one of these two options:

Contact Hollywoodbets Customer Support!

To Sum Up

In conclusion, once again, you would like to state that Hollywoodbets FICA account authentication is a beneficial process ensuring a safe gambling environment for punters. It is easy to do via several options provided by the company. In addition, the range of provided documents is also wide, allowing punters to choose the preferable one for them. Furthermore, while the quickest way is Website authentication, the more time-consuming ones are Email address and Drop-Off options.


Which documents are needed by Hollywoodbets for FICA?

To verify your Hollywoodbets account, you should present two mandatory types of documents: A copy of your South African ID and Proof of address.

How quickly can I expect FICA verification to be completed when using Hollywoodbets?

The quickest way to pass Hollywoodbets FICA verification can be done via the website by yourself, which will take just a few minutes. However, the rest of the options, such as email checks, can take longer, mainly from one to three working days.

Is it possible to make a withdrawal from Hollywoodbets without FICA?

No, to withdraw your fund from your Hollywoodbets account, you should pass the bookmaker’s ID authentication.

What is Hollywoodbets FICA bonus?

The FICA bonus was a reward for doing FICA on your Hollywoodbets account. You could claim an R100 Bonus after you provide the necessary documents. However, the bonus has expired for now.

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