How To Delete Account Hollywoodbets 2023 – Step-by-Steps Instruction

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As with every responsible gambling company, Hollywoodbets has a closing account option for the bookies’ customers who have personal problems relating to gambling, such as bankruptcy or addiction, or for all those who want to stop gambling. So in this article, we describe how you can delete your Hollywoodbets account.

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What Are the Available Options of How to Delete Your Hollywoodbets Account?

What Are the Available Options of How to Delete Your Hollywoodbets Account?

Suppose you wish to complete the bookies’ delete account process; note that you are given only one available delete option, which is connecting to Hollywoodbets client support via email or live chat. The Hollywoodbets punter assistance team will help you with all your delete problems and questions and complete Hollywoodbets account closure as soon as you provide all the necessary documents and details.

How to Delete Hollywoodbets Account – Step-by-Step Guide

Here we have created a quick and comprehensive guide with instructions to delete your Hollywoodbets online account.

  1. First of all, you need to head to your email and tap on the Create or Compose button.
  2. In the Subject field, type Request to delete my Hollywoodbets account.
  3. In the To field, enter Hollywoodbets email address.
  4. Start composing your delete request by providing your betting account and personal details.

Here is an example of how you should compose the right request via email for your Hollywoodbets account deletion.

To: [email protected].

Topic/Subject: Request to delete my account. 

Dear Hollywoodbets team

I am Name Surname, and I have been using your account for more than a year(my account ID is *******).

I am asking you to delete my account because ___ (give a reason you want to delete your account). 

Username: ___

Email: ___

Kind regards, __ (full name, username, or email)

If everything is correct Hollywoodbets team will close, delete or deactivate your account within 24 hours. Note that you may never be able to retrieve your Hollywoodbets account, so before completing the delete procedure, make a firm decision.

How to Self-Exclude or Close Your Hollywoodbets Account?

If you are not sure about permanently deleting your Hollywoodbets account, Hollywoodbets allows you to close, deactivate, or complete self-exclusion. You can put self-exclusion on your account for up to six months. In South Africa National Responsible Gambling Programme suggests its help to all punters who need support in order to get rid of gambling addiction. It is a legislated voluntary program and activity which lasts six months and helps bettors who are irremediably addicted to gambling.

Punters should follow all terms and conditions of the program, and their families are also included in this activity to help their relatives.

Responsible Gambling & National Helpline

NRGP suggests supporting addicted gamblers, their families, and friends on their hard way to getting rid of gambling addiction. It also takes control of the whole process, and after the program terminates, they keep in touch with customers.

To contact and gain help, you can use their phone line (+27 0800 006 008) and write a email ([email protected]). You can pass a fast quiz with them to find out whether you are at risk or not.

How To Reset Hollywoodbets Account?

How To Reset Hollywoodbets Account?

To reset your password on the app or desktop, you need to navigate to the bookmakers website page and click on Lost Password. Determine whether you prefer to reset your lost detail via SMS or mail. Provide your phone number or mail you have used while registering and tap on Submit. Your account’s new details with instructions will be sent to you by SMS or mail; check it. Follow the steps of instruction and use that details to log in to your account.

Hollywoodbets Customer Assistance

With any problem relating to the Hollywoodbets, you are open to contact their support for assistance and an answer to your question. They work 24/7 and respond to your questions very fast.

Phone line +27 087 353 7634.
FAX +27 086 673 2627
Email [email protected]

You can choose any of these contact details which is more convenient for you for good support assistance.

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In conclusion, deleting a Hollywoodbets account is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by contacting customer support and providing the necessary verification details. It is important to consider all the consequences of closing your account, including the loss of access to your information from the database, and other details that may be associated with it. Before requesting to delete an account, be sure to withdraw any funds and save any information that you would like to keep. Once your account is closed, it cannot be recovered, so ensure you truly want to delete it before proceeding.


How to get money from Hollywoodbets?

It is one of the most profitable betting companies, so you can place funds and make reasonable bets on your favorite sports to have big profits and withdraw big money in time. Note that you can’t cancel them further.

How to delete betting history?

Once a bet has been placed and the results have been recorded, the details cannot be altered or closed. This is a standard practice in the betting industry to maintain the integrity of the betting records and prevent any potential fraudulent activities.

Why is my account blocked?

The bookmaker reserves the right to block, deactivate or suspend the account of customers who have banned their rules or made irregular actions. So to know more about the reasons, we recommend you contact the support team and provide your account details for further information.

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