How To Cancel A Bet On Hollywoodbets – Full Guide For Players 2023

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Throughout the past years, Hollywoodbets has got and retained a reputation as a safe and trustworthy bookmaker in South Africa. Licensed by the local regulatory bodies, this operator delivers responsible online gaming and high-quality customer service. Unlike other platforms, Hollywood Bets takes care of players’ activities and can help them with different situations, including deposit problems, log-in errors, bonus issues, or bet cancellations, which, particularly, will be discussed in this article. Our main purpose is to answer the following question: How to Cancel a Bet on Hollywoodbets?

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How To Cancel A Bet On Hollywoodbets Online in 2023?

Cancel A Bet On Hollywoodbets

It’s essential to understand under which circumstances players would prefer cancelling their wager. Usually, you may accidentally type the wrong stake or submit your ticket in a hurry, or there could be a software error. Anyone can experience such cases and find themselves in situations where they lack enough information to act accordingly. What should you do?

Hollywoodbets has introduced multiple regulations for withdrawn bets, which is good news for punters. There is a designed protocol you can follow to avoid losing money by accident. Usually, cancellation is possible online, through a telephone call, and offline, by visiting the nearest outlet. Punters can log in and make a request by selecting one of the methods to approach the specialists. Those options will be discussed in this review.

Nevertheless, the bookmaker does not guarantee they will cancel your betslip, resulting in an immediate stake return. Now, let’s proceed to the steps necessary for this action.

💬SMS Bets Cancellation

Unfortunately, SMS is not a practical and accepted approach to cancel a bet. As stated in the website T&Cs, clients should call or email to receive assistance.

📞Telephone Bets Cancellation

Imagine unintentionally placing a wager. How can you cancel your betslip? Hollywoodbets specialists are ready to examine your case and provide a solution. You should dial +27 87 353 7633 and contact the support team.

Any user facing this problem must verify their identity, provide account details and detail the case. Besides, you should mention the sport/sportsbook event you placed the wager. The Hollywoodbet’s agent will ask you questions to clarify the case. Canceling will happen once the bookmaker ensures you made a betting mistake. An alternative to phone calls is to send a mail to [email protected]. Note that Hollywoodbets reserves the right to cancel any wagers at their sole discretion, and their judgment shall be considered final.

Hollywoodbets Bet Cancellation Terms & Conditions

Hollywoodbets Bet Cancellation Terms & Conditions

One important rule applies to canceled bet slips; Hollywoodbets will not complete such transactions unless you place a pre-game wager. Any ongoing sports event comprises live results and changing odds, making it impossible to cancel. The only exception refers to games where a technical fault has emerged.

For offline tickets, you can request offline cancellations by revisiting outlets. Check nearby stores in Johannesburg, Durban, and other South African cities where the company operates and offers canceling bets.

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In conclusion, there are a few options (online and offline) that you, as a client, can choose for voiding your bets, including phone and emails. Hollywoodbets does not guarantee a cancellation but gives a chance to get a return for mistakenly submitted tickets. Bookmakers do not like those situations, as one example could lead to a precedent. However, you have a chance for a return as soon as you provide valid proof to cancel your bet.


Can I cancel a bet after it has been placed on Hollywoodbets?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a bet as soon as the bet is pre-match and applies to any sports league/competition or Lucky games.

Is it possible to cancel a sports bet before it starts on Hollywoodbets?

Mainly, a bet cancellation can be approved if it is requested before the kick-off.

How much will I get if I cancel my Hollywoodbets ticket?

You will be paid the same amount you staked for your bet initially. This transaction applies to all slips that meet the cancellation criteria.

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