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Are you a sports betting enthusiast in South Africa? If yes, you may agree that despite the massive publicity of Soccer, Horse Racing has been around for a long time, being one of the most cherished and adored sports types worldwide to place a bet at worldwide races. Paying special attention to this, Hollywoodbets offers its customers a comprehensive betting market with marvelous bonuses and promotions. So, would you like to know how to play Horse Racing on Hollywoodbets? Continue reading to be informed about every single detail about one of the most popular gambling markets.

Bet on Horse Racing At Hollywoodbets!

How To Bet on Horse Racing At Hollywoodbets In 2023?

Bet on Horse Racing At Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets’ Horse Racing gambling market is quite a comprehensive one, including races not only from South Africa (The Durban July Handicap) but also from the USA (The Kentucky Derby), the UK (the Grand National), Australia (Premier Horse Racing), Sweden, France, and Ireland to place a bet. A huge range of betting values is available: Fixed Winner, Fixed Price, Open Winner, Open Winner, Open Place, and SP Win. Based on this, have you decided to place a bet on Horse Racing? If yes, follow the simple guide presented below:

  1. Open a customer account on Hollywoodbets and log in to your account;
  2. Go to Sports and choose Horse Racing from the provided options;
  3. Tap on a particular country, and select the race;
  4. Choose the betting type from the drop-down menu;
  5. Select the horse you like the most;
  6. Add the stake to your bet slip;
  7. Double-check and confirm the procedure.

Hollywoodbets presents an easy process of Horse Racing betting, which can also be clear for new bettors. In addition, Hollywoodbets’ website’s simple layout and mobile apps add some value to punters’ experience of placing a bet with pleasure.

Horse Racing Odds Interpretation

To bet cleverly, it’s important to understand the Hollywoodbets’ odds clearly. We would like you to read the values and completely understand them. Therefore, let us present the values’ interpretation by Hollywoodbets. The bookmaker offers the following: Swinger, Win Bet, Exacta, Double, Place Bet, Permutation Jackpot, Pick 3, Pick 6, Trifecta, Straight Line Jackpot, Quartet, Bipot, and Place Accumulator.

Odds Interpretation
Swinger Two horses can take the top positions in any order.
Win Bet The horse takes first place.
Exacta Two horses take the first and second places in a particular order.
Double The winner of the two each other following races.
Place Bet The horse takes either first or second place.
Permutation Jackpot The winners of the four races follow each other.
Pick 3 The winning participants of three different races.
Pick 6 The winning horses of six different races.
Trifecta Three participants take the first, second, and third places in particular.
Straight Line Jackpot The winners of the four races that follow each other: you pick a horse each time separately.
Quartet The first four participants take the top places in exact order.
Bipot The horse takes either first or second place in six different races.
Place Accumulator Seven participants take the top three places in seven races that follow each other.

We find it interesting and important to compare the Horse Racing values provided by Hollywoodbets with the ones delivered by BetXchange and Betway to place a Horse Racing bet. Taking Newcastle Racecourse as an example, we have noticed that while Hollywoodbets offers 3.3 for Diligent Harry to win, Betway and BetXchange offer 3.25 and 3.17, respectively, for the same market to bet. Even though the values are quite close to each other, Hollywoodbets provides slightly higher ones.

To sum up, Hollywoodbets offers a massive range of bet types that can meet your expectations and lead you to further betting success.

Make a Bet on Horse Racing At Hollywoodbets!

Hollywoodbets – Fixed Odds vs Starting Price

Hollywoodbets - Fixed Odds vs Starting Price

To continue, the next topic we would like to cover relates to two values provided by Hollywoodbets to place a Horse Racing bet: Fixed Odds and Starting Price. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The former guarantees an exact winning, as the values don’t change throughout the process. It means that punters can calculate their winnings while placing the stake. However, the latter offers changeable values, meaning the odds can shorten or drift out compared to their starting prices. Note that the odds can change until the jump of the race.

Overall, while the Fixed Odds are convenient with their certainty, Starting Price is riskier and more profitable at the same time. It’s up to you to prioritize one option and choose one to place a Horse Racing bet.

What Is the Difference Between An Open Bet & Totalizator?

In this review header, we find it interesting to present two different bets and their differences offered by the Hollywoodbets Horse Racing section. The first of them is an Open Bet, which is also known as a Tote Bet. It is determined by the bookmaker and doesn’t include exact Horse Racing values for punters to bet on the winner. They get their payout at the end of the race as dividends. On the other hand, a totalizator is a different Horse Racing betting type from a cumulative pool. In short, your bet goes to the “pool” of money, and you get your winning at the jump of the race. Logically, the amount of money strongly depends on how many people participate in this kind of betting, how much they bet on, and the race chosen for gambling.

In this case, it would be hard to say which betting type is better as customers’ interests and wishes matter.

Types Of Horse Racing Bets In Hollywoodbets

Even though we have already discussed Horse Racing bets available in Hollywoodbets, we would prefer to discuss the general ones, such as Fixed Winner, Fixed Place, Open Winner, and Open Place. Let’s go deeper for each of them.

  • Fixed Winner bet targets the horse more likely to win the race. Note that these Horse Racing values are fixed to bet; hence, you know the exact amount of your winning if you correctly predicted the competition’s winner.
  • Fixed Place is related to the horse, which may take the top three places in Horse Racing. However, it can also include the fourth position in the case of long races.
  • Open Winner is about the winning horse again, but with the difference that it’s a Tote Bet; consequently, dividends are used in this type of Horse Racing Winner bet.
  • Open Place is similar to the previous one. However, the horse’s position should be predicted.

Furthermore, an exciting betting type will be presented, Jackpot Mixa, which is one of the major ones in Hollywoodbets’ Horse Racing markets.

Hollywoodbets Jackpot Mixa

Hollywoodbets Jackpot Mixa gets together four consecutive races from different countries. The Jackpot bet allows you to choose more than one horse for each race. However, remember that the races included in the Hollywoodbets Jackpot Mixa are pre-selected by the bookmaker, and no changes are eligible during Horse Racing. Moreover, the amount of Jackpot Mixas differs daily depending on the number of available races at Hollywoodbets.

Are you interested in Hollywoodbets Jackpot Mixa? If yes,

  1. Login to your personal room, visit Sports, and go to the Horse Racing section.
  2. Tap on South Africa and, soon after, select Jackpot Mixa.
  3. Choose the race, and change the Win/Place to Jackpot.
  4. Double-check and confirm your Jackpot bet.

Overall, Hollywoodbets Jackpot Mixa is suitable for you if you are interested in four different races simultaneously and would like to take advantage of them by placing just a single bet.

Hollywoodbets Promotions

Hollywoodbets always surprises its customers with magnificent and generous bonuses and promotions related to a particular Horse race. Therefore, it’s recommended to check the promotions page regularly to keep up-to-date. In the following headers, we will discuss some of them offered by Hollywoodbets.

Hollywoodbets & Irish Objection Promotion

Irish Objection of Hollywoodbets considers the possibility that the particular horse can win, but an objection will take it, and eventually, the victory will be given to a different horse. In this case, Hollywoodbets refunds you.

Hollywoodbets Players Challenge

Hollywoodbets allows the punters to earn points from every Horse Racing bet. Later, depending on the number of collected points, customers get prizes up to R10000.

Event-Related Promotions In Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets offers even-specific bonuses or promotions. They have their unique Horse Racing terms and conditions. We recommend you check the bookmaker’s offers before any prestigious race, as you will find something pleasurable and surprising for you. For instance, Hollywoodbets offers bonuses of up to R50 in the form of free bets with a wagering requirement of 2 times for one of the richest races of South African Horse Racing, Sun Met.

Hollywoodbets & Dead Heat

Even though horses run over long distances, it’s so possible that two participants in Horse Races will share the same position and have the same level of performance. The last similar incident happened during the 2008 Hollywoodbets Durban July. You may wonder what happens in this case. When a horse dead-heats another, the values divide. For instance, if the odds were 6/1 initially, they will be 3/1 after the particular situation.

Claim Your Horse Racing Bonuses With Hollywoodbets!

Live Horse Racing Betting

Despite the pre-match Horse Racing betting market, Hollywoodbets provides its customers with an in-play one as well. Almost all major events can be followed live via Gallop TV, available on the official website. Notably, the quality is quite good. Hollywoodbets offers exceptionally high values on Horse Race live events, which can be found at the bottom of the site.

Horse Racing Tips for Hollywoodbets

Horse Racing Tips for Hollywoodbets

Regarding Horse Racing betting and its tips, nothing can be for sure. However, it’s good to take into consideration some facts before placing a stake.

Firstly, we would recommend you check the weather. It’s essential because while some horses prefer dry weather, other runners perform well in heavier conditions.

Secondly, another tip that can be beneficial in making your betting experience better is to check the riders as well. Keep in mind the best riders because they usually win more races and always have bigger chances for victory.

And finally, pay close attention to the provided statistics as long as they can give precious information about the horses and their history and be beneficial to play and bet cleverly. Eventually, you will have a clear understanding of the bet you will place with the help of some tips at Hollywoodbets instead of putting a lot of effort into figuring out the best ways of gambling in Horse Racing.

Place a Bet With Hollywoodbets!


If you are a Horse Racing fan in South Africa, Hollywoodbets is a suitable option for you for one of the biggest comprehensive markets and a big array of the provided selection, a massive range of values, and breathtaking bonuses and promotions. Furthermore, worldwide events are covered with high odds, such as The Durban July Handicap, The Kentucky Derby, the Grand National, and Premier Horse Racing. In addition, different betting types are at your disposal, such as Win Bet, Swinga, Place Bet, Double, Pick 3, Quartet, etc. Moreover, the website’s layout is customer-optimized and easy to use without technical challenges. Furthermore, you can watch millions of live events and a witness who wins the competition.

You can trust your Horse Racing experience to Hollywoodbets and start playing as the bookmaker offers high-quality, safe, and marvelous betting services, features, and races.


Can I purchase an OTT voucher online in 2023?

OTT Vouchers are available for online purchase from the official OTT website to start betting at Hollywoodbets.

Which payment systems can I use to purchase an OTT voucher with Capitec?

To purchase an OTT voucher with Capitec, you should download the app and tap on Buy Vouchers.

What payment systems does Capitec accept?

Capitec accepts the following payment systems: Ozow, RealPay, UtilityPay, and Walletdoc.

How can I use the OTT voucher to fund my Hollywoodbets account?

You can surely purchase OTT Vouchers via Capitec and deposit your Hollywoodbets account.

How long does it take to fund my Hollywoodbets account?

The time limit for funding your Hollywoodbets balance strongly depends on the payment method you would like to use. However, deposits are done immediately and can take 10-15 minutes at Hollywoodbets.

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