WSB Horse Racing Betting: Full Guide with Tips & Bonuses in 2024

Horse racing has long been a source of thrills, bringing together people from around the globe. This article explores what makes WSB Horse Racing so special—a unique blend of tradition and innovation that offers an unmatched experience for fans and punters in South Africa.

As horse racing continues to thrill a significant number of people worldwide, WSB Horse Racing in South Africa stands out for its unique mix of tradition and modern excitement, in need of which is every player. What makes the bookmaker even more special is its welcoming approach. With easy-to-use platforms and exciting grand events to pick from, WSB opens the door for everyone to join in the fun. It’s not just a race to play with – it’s a community celebration that brings people together with choices to share in the excitement and joy of the sport and guide the process.

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How to Find Horse Racing on the WSB via Desktop?

How to Find Horse Racing on the WSB via Desktop?

Engaging in horse racing betting on World Sports Betting (WSB) via the desktop option is quite straightforward. However, we’ll walk you through the steps to locate and engage with racing on WSB via your desktop.

  1. Login to Your Account: Visit the World Sports Betting website ( and log in using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Sports Section: Once you sign in, Look for a Sports tab on the main navigation menu at the top of the website.
  3. Select Horse Racing: Within the sports section menu on the site’s left side, locate and click on the category Horse Racing.
  4. Browse Upcoming Races: Explore the upcoming racing events (usually for the quartet) on the homepage, organised by date, time, or location.
  5. Choose a Specific Race: Click on the national or international race that captures your sports interest to view detailed information, including participating horses, jockeys, odds, and available betting options (jackpot).
  6. Place Your Bets: Once you’ve chosen a race and reviewed the information, place your wagers accumulator. Choose the type of bet you wish to make (e.g., win, place, show) and specify the amount.
  7. Confirmation: Review your selections and confirm your wagers. The platform should provide confirmation details.

How to Find Horse Racing on the World Sports Betting on Mobile?

WSB offers the same minimum online steps to access the Horse Racing category and industry on mobile phones and to work in South Africa. The only difference is that navigating to the Sports section should be done through a post menu icon ( represented by three horizontal lines).

Furthermore, let’s go into more detail about this specific betting type and terms to capture the whole picture of the winning excitement at your disposal!

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Types of Bets on Horse Racing at WSB

The types of bets available on horse racing at World Sports Betting (WSB) may vary, and it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the specific streaming options offered by the platform in South Africa, which include:

  1. Win: Betting on an Irish horse to receive and win the race. If the chosen one finishes first, the bet is lucky, and so are the results.
  2. Place: Betting on a horse to finish in the top two positions. The bet is a winner if the selected horse finishes first or second.
  3. Show: Betting on a horse to finish in the top three hunt positions. The bet is lucky if the chosen horse finishes first, second, or third.
  4. Each-Way: This is a combination of a Win and a Place bet. The total wager is split into two handicap parts, with one part placed on the horse to win and the other on the horse to place. If the horse wins, both parts of the bet are successful. If the horse only places, the Place part of the bet is successful.
  5. Exacta (or Perfecta): Select two horses to complete the race first and second in the exact order. The bet is successful only if the chosen horses finish in the specified order.
  6. Quinella: Similar to an Exacta, but the selected horses can complete in either order. The bet is successful as long as the chosen ones occupy the top two positions.
  7. Trifecta: Picking three official horses to start and finish first, second, and third in the exact order. The bet is successful only if the selected horses finish in the specified order.
  8. First Four (or Superfecta): Select four participants to finish first, second, third, and fourth in the exact order. The bet is successful only if the chosen ones finish in the specified order.
  9. Double: Betting on the winners of two consecutive races. Both selections must be correct for the bet to be successful.
  10. Treble: Betting on the winners’ card of three consecutive races. All three jockey selections must be correct to stream and win the bet.

Let’s navigate to the exciting part of your betting journey and read it carefully, which oversees the process!

Horse Racing Betting Promo on the World Sports Betting

Horse Racing Betting Promo on the World Sports Betting

For avid horse racing enthusiasts seeking an extra layer of the excitement of predictions, World Sports Betting (WSB) has introduced a trio of thrilling promotions for the betslip – Free Fall, Donkey Luck, and Objection Refund, among other bookies.

Objection Refund

At WSB, they stand by you in the face of a million-line objections. If a horse you backed to win faces a challenge resulting in a team objection, rest easy – your stake is refunded in Free Bets up to R2000 to join by chance.

  • Free daily bets, games and service markets are not eligible for this offer to predict.
  • Valid for single alternative bets only, with refunds applicable for 48 hours only in the country.
  • Valid for South African racing centres and players.
  • Applicable to Fixed Odds only and Pre-Match bets and links.
  • Maximum refund of R2000 per customer per event in the running sportsbooks.
  • You are limited to 1 refund per customer per working event.
  • To claim your Cheltenham factor voucher, email [email protected] with the subject ‘Objection Refund.’ T&Cs Apply to carry and help with.

Free Fall

Picture, balance and compare this derby for runners: the thundering hooves, the leap over a jump, and your chosen horse taking an unexpected tumble. Enter the Free Fall Promo – a safety net for the unpredictable. Fear not if your selected horse falls at any fence during a jump race. WSB has you covered! Enjoy peace of mind as your stake gets refunded in Free Bets. Here’s a snapshot of the key details:

  • Maximum payout of R1000 per customer.
  • Applicable to Single Bets only.
  • Free bets are not eligible for this offer.
  • The promotion must be claimed within 30 days.
  • Valid for Fixed Odds only and applicable to Pre-Match bets. T&C’s Apply.

Keep in mind that the refund applies specifically to fallen participants (F), excluding those pulled up (PU) or experiencing an unseated rider (UR).

Donkey Luck

For those who revel in the unexpected, the Donkey Luck Promo adds an exciting twist to your betting strategy. Back any horse at under evens, and if your selection places 2nd to another horse with a Starting Price (SP) of 25/1 or greater, rejoice! Your stake is returned in Free Bets.

  • Maximum payout of R2000 per customer.
  • Free bets do not qualify for this offer.
  • Limited to 1 refund per customer per event, applicable to single wagers only.
  • You must be under 1/1 odds at the time of placing your bet.
  • The promotion must be claimed within 30 days.
  • To claim your voucher, email [email protected] with the subject ‘Donkey Luck.’ T&C’s Apply.

These exclusive promotions surely add an extra layer of excitement and security to your betting journey.

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How to Place a Bet on WSB Horse Racing?

How to Place a Bet on WSB Horse Racing?

As we have already mentioned earlier, betting on Horse Racing can be completed without any difficulties. Let’s have a quick look at the main steps involved in the process:

  1. Login
  2. Find “Horse Racing” in the menu.
  3. Select a race to bet on.
  4. Click on your chosen horse.
  5. Choose the bet type and enter the amount.
  6. Review and add to the bet slip.
  7. Confirm your wager.
  8. Check for the confirmation message.

In order to enhance your Horse Racing betting journey and make it more informed, successfully follow the next header!

World Sports Betting Horse Racing Tips

Applying strategic tips to horse racing on World Sports Betting (WSB) can enhance your betting journey. While there’s no guaranteed formula for success, here are some general tips.

Strategic Analysis

  1. Research and Form Analysis: Study the form of horses, jockeys, and trainers for insights into past performance.
  2. Track Conditions: Pay attention to track conditions, as different horses may perform better under specific surfaces or weather conditions.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep updated on the latest news, injuries, and any changes in racing conditions that could impact outcomes.

Betting Approach

  1. Understand Betting Types: Familiarize yourself with various betting types offered by WSB and choose wagers aligned with your risk tolerance and knowledge.
  2. Bankroll Management: Set a budget for betting activities, stick to it, and avoid chasing losses for responsible wagering.
  3. Follow Lucky Tipsters: Consider following reputable horse racing tipsters or analysts for additional insights, but use your judgment and don’t solely rely on tips.

Practical Strategies:

  1. Watch Races Live: Watch races live or access replays to observe how horses perform in real time.
  2. Take Advantage of Promotions: Utilize WSB promos and bonuses like the Free Fall Promo or Donkey Luck to enhance your betting experience.
  3. Diversify Bets: Spread the risk by diversifying wagers across multiple races instead of concentrating on a single race or horse.
  4. Know Your Limits: Recognize when to take a break, especially during losing streaks or overwhelming moments, for a more mindful and enjoyable experience.

Remember, racing is inherently unpredictable, and numerous factors can influence outcomes. Responsible and informed betting can create a more enjoyable and potentially rewarding experience.

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As we wrap up our journey through World Sports Betting Horse Racing, it’s not just about watching races—it’s about making practical moves that count. Exclusive promos like Free Fall and Donkey Luck aren’t just flashy offers; they’re practical gateways to enhance our betting experience through the vast array of bet types. In the arena of WSB Horse Racing, practicality meets thrill with the ease of betting and finding the bet that suits your preferences the most.


How can I deposit my account to bet on WSB horse racing?

To deposit funds for betting on WSB  racing, you can use the available deposit methods on the WSB platform, such as Visa/Mastercard, OTT Voucher, Skrill, Neteller, Ozow, 1Voucher, etc.

How long does it take for money to be transferred to a WSB account?

The transfer time for deposited money to reflect in your WSB account can vary based on the chosen payment method.

What other sports can I bet on on WSB besides Horse Racing?

In addition to horse racing, World Sports Betting (WSB) offers an extensive range of sports for betting enthusiasts, such as American Football, Basketball, Aussie Rules, Volleyball, E-Sports, Darts, Boxing, Rugby, etc.

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