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27 feedbacks

Musonda Phiri Beginner

Look, even though ive lost alot with Betway, these guys are the only bookmaker that i bet with. They have never restricted my stakes when ive won alot, an only a few betting platforms do this. I highly recommend this bookmaker, theyre surely one of the best out there

10.12.2023 pm31 12:45
Mumba Chibuye Beginner

I love this bookmaker man, i have been betting here for 5 years and i havent wagered with another bookmaker. I think betway gives the opportunity for us to win big and they encourage winners, i love that

07.05.2024 pm31 16:33
Sakala Chansa Beginner

These guys provide VIP level services. Huge respect for taking good care of their customers and respecting them. The odds they provide is a sign that they respect their customers, and theyre not here to simply make us lose and get our money

08.03.2024 pm31 21:57
Zamb Malambo Beginner

Betway has never disappointed me before. Its a wonderful bookmaker, and the service they provide is top notch. their customer service team answers very fast and they always find a way to fix the tiny issues that i face

04.03.2024 am31 11:33
Chuma Kassim Beginner

I usually bet on tennis when im betting with Betway. Everything is really well done, and the odds are nice, and the withdrawals are very smooth, no problems at all. So all in all its a pretty good choice for most bettors

01.03.2024 pm31 14:23
Kabwe Simukonda Beginner

I have used this bookmaker for 3 years and this is one of the safest bookmakers to wager with. They’re legit, and let you withdraw your money whenever you want. The process is usually done within a day or two, and sometimes its almost instant. Keep it up!

09.01.2024 pm31 12:53
Sichone Mumba Beginner

I have never written a review before, but these guys deserve it, of course, they deserve a positive one! Betway is an awesome bookmaker cz everything they have either atleast competitive, or superior to other bookies. I also really like using their live streaming betting, its great! I highly recommend this bookmaker

03.12.2023 pm31 13:30
Siame Mwamba Beginner

For me, Betway is atleast in the top 5 best bookmakers. Their live betting feature work perfectly well and i really like it. Also their site is really well organized and i have no issues with it at all

11.03.2024 pm31 18:01
Kaluwe Sichone Beginner

What an excellent bookie. They have done everything perfecly well, be it the site or the app. The odds? How dare you question if they are good, they are excellent! You will bet here with ease and win as much as you want

12.02.2024 pm29 21:23
Chileshe Miti Beginner

Betway for me is an amazing bookmaker. I really like that they’ve got a perfectly well working live betting feature, i also really like their app cz its way faster and more reliable than other betting apps

11.02.2024 pm29 16:02
Kunda Sakala Beginner

There were some small problems at the beginning but now its all solved. I really love how organized their site is, its very well structured and i can easily find what im looking for. they also have a very reliable withdrawal system that always works well

15.01.2024 am31 11:12
Chanda Kabwe Beginner

Its been 3 years since i started betting here, and i have never though of changing my bookmaker. There were some issues here and there, but they werent frequent and werent major stuff. Rest assured, your money is safe and withdrawals are smooth. Also, the site is super awesome and easy to navgiate

25.12.2023 pm31 22:17
Ng'andu Sibanda Beginner

In general, Betway is pretty good and their UI is pretty amazing. Also, the for me, the odds are among the best! Been wagering here for years and have had no issues at all. Im a huge fan of premier league so i usually bet on sports and it is amazing, no other bookie does the job like Betway does

10.12.2023 pm31 12:45
Chibwe Bwalya Beginner

Some bookies simply never disappoint, they always provide us with the best offers and best odds in the industry. I really love this bookmaker, and as a loyal customer f 3 years, there is nothing to compplain about, they always have everything on point, no other bookie can come close

03.12.2023 pm31 13:36
Simba Mwale Beginner

This is an awesome bookmaker with amazing features. It works well even when ive opened other tabs. Also,, other than how amazing their site is, their withdrawals are super smooth and are processed really quickly. I hope you all have an amazing experience like me with this bookie!

05.11.2023 pm30 16:55
Chanda Ngoma Beginner

I really like Betway cz its not only a reliable bookie, but they also got live betting, which i always use. All their features work perfectly well, and i think this is the only bookie that has never crashes on my laptop. Hats off to the devs!

04.11.2023 pm30 15:08
Kasonde Mwape Beginner

I think Betway desreves around 4 stars of rating, the odds are solid, but they can still improve their customer care team, cz they’re sometimes unavaialble. But all in all its a pretty reliable bookie

07.05.2024 pm31 16:35
Kabwe Musonda Beginner

Betway is one of the best bookmakers that i have tried, and they are usually superior to most bookies in terms of odds. My winnings are huge here, and i have to thank Betway for that. Keep it up Betway, and keep bringing them juciy odds!

04.11.2023 pm30 15:15
Ridvan Kumaluu Beginner

That’s one of the biggest betting sites in Zambia as far as I know. Traditionally, Betway has everything for sports betting. I personally started to play with Betway and it was a great experience

20.04.2022 pm30 17:53
Arttu Susiluoto Punter

The website is easy to use, the customer service is helpful and the range of betting options is top-notch.

20.04.2022 pm30 17:47
Ngoma Musonda Beginner

I will never bet here again. I thought found a good bookmaker, the odds were okay, customer was responsive and i was happy, but when it came to the withdrawals, i was very disappointed. My money is still in my account, and im unable to access it, and customer support isnt doing anything about it. Betway is a scam and i will never bet here again, and i suggest you all to stay away from this bookie

11.02.2024 pm29 15:51
Mukuka Mwila Beginner

This bookmaker disappointed me. I still dont get the hype about this bookmaker, i think there are way better bookmakers out there. The odds here are very mid, the promos are garbagae, and i think anyone that bets here wants to lose their money. I wagered here for a month and i had a very bad exrperience, what a waste of time. No worth neither the time nor the money

07.05.2024 pm31 16:29
Miti Kafunta Beginner

I recently started betting here and ill be leaving this bookmaker pretty soon. The problem with this bookmaker is that when im selecting the odds the odds are okay. But after i select it them, they suddenly drop after i place the bet. Its like a trap, they want you to place your bet thinking you’ve got good odds, what a shame. Idk if the prolblem is from my internet, or its a glitch, but i hope they fix it

04.03.2024 am31 11:02
Mulenga Chanda Beginner

I have never commented a negative review on any bookmaker, but enough is enough. Betway needs a complete change for their site, cz its really slow and has many errors n stuff. Their app is garbage, its very slow and keeps crashing. I think they need to fix these bugs, cz their site feels like a demo version like it hasn’t been tested or something. Anyway, I wont bet here again unless i see an update that fixes these issues

04.11.2023 pm30 15:43
Sibeso Chulu Beginner

At first, i was when i checked out there bookie, the odds were pretty good, but idk what happened later on, i wagered here for a few months but its unbearable now. The odds suck, the promos are bad, and the site is pretty slow and glitchy. Theres no thing good about this bookie now, their is pretty bad too so i think if you’re looking for a reliable bookie this sint the one

07.05.2024 pm31 16:38
Mukuka Zulu Beginner

I really hate this bookie, theyre so overrated and their customer support does nothing, their job is to help but they literally do nothing. The worst part is that they answer your massages, but there is 0 effort in actually trying to fix the issues that you’re complaining about. They need a new customer support team, and a better list of promos cz ive seen better bonuses at some unknown bookmakers, wouldnt recommend

03.12.2023 pm31 13:51
Banda Ngoma Beginner

This betting app has been my worst nightmare. These past 2 weeks, my betting experience as been the worst ive ever had. They’re literaly the worst at everything, and maybe the best at stealing our money. Trash odds, dull bonuses, nothing interesting here and you wont win anything. Customer service is avaialble 50-50, depending on your luck, and withdrawals are slower than a turtle. Luckily i got my money, and i left

09.01.2024 am31 11:22
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