Portugal vs USA – Preview, Prediction, and Betting Tips | 01.08.2023

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Portugal vs USA – Women’s World Cup | Date: Tuesday, 1st August 2023 | Kick-off: 07:00 GMT [08:00 WAT] | Venue: Eden Park
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Portugal vs USA – Prediction

Bookmaker Ratings prediction one: USA to Win – ‘xx’

USA to Win:

USA enters this match as the favorites with their strong squad and dominant performances in previous tournaments. They possess a highly talented team with experienced players and depth in all positions. Expect USA to control the game and secure a victory over Portugal.
Bookmaker Ratings prediction two: Total Goals Over 2.5 – ‘xx’

Total Goals Over 2.5:

This match could see multiple goals due to the attacking prowess of both teams. Portugal and USA possess quality offensive players who can create scoring opportunities. Expect an exciting and potentially high-scoring encounter.

Portugal vs USA – Preview:

Portugal has made significant progress in women’s football in recent years. They possess a well-organized team with technical ability and tactical discipline. Portugal will look to remain compact defensively and utilize quick counter-attacks to exploit the spaces left by the USA.
USA is one of the powerhouses in women’s football and known for their dominant performances. They possess a highly talented team with a strong defensive unit and creative attacking options. USA will look to control the game through possession and use their superior athleticism to create scoring opportunities.

Portugal vs USA – Predicted Lineups:

Portugal: Pereira, Rebelo, Costa, Borges, Pinto, Fidalgo, Mendes, Vanessa, Neto, Silva, Norton
USA: Naeher, O’Hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn, Lavelle, Horan, Ertz, Heath, Morgan, Press

FAQ for Portugal vs USA:

Where will this fixture be played?
Tuesday’s game will be played at Eden Park.
What time is the kick-off?
Kick-off: 07:00 GMT [08:00 WAT] | 01.08.2023
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