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As a bettor, you may know that in the online entertainment world, access and convenience reign supreme. As enthusiasts of gaming and betting seek platforms that offer coherent transactions and user-friendly interfaces, 1xBet emerges as a frontrunner. With a various range of 1xBet deposit methods tailored to suit varying predilections and needs, the website provides a gateway to immersive gaming experiences. From several traditional payment avenues to cutting-edge cryptocurrency methods, users can go through the deposit procedure with ease, ensuring uninterrupted entrance to their favourite games and betting opportunities.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of 1xBet deposit methods, unlocking the door to unparalleled benefits and excitement in online entertainment.

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How to Deposit Money in 1xBet – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Deposit Money in 1xBet - Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s acquaint ourselves with the simplest and most comprehensive steps we have highlighted, which you can take to deposit cash on 1xBet and indulge in the thrill of betting.

Go to the 1xBet Site

Entrance to the 1xBet website or app effortlessly using your iOS or Android smartphone or computer device, which provides coherent registration and login access with ID and password for enhanced benefit.

Register or Login to Your Account

Begin your journey by either registering for a new profile or logging into your existing 1xBet profile, and sign up to ensure smooth access to all the platform’s features and services.

Choose your Deposit Method

Navigate to the designated “Deposit” section and click on the corresponding button, where you’ll be prompted to select your preferred deposit method from the available options, countries and currencies (dollars or cedis), ensuring a tailored and appropriate experience.

Type the Required Information

Input the necessary information, including your first name, last name, phone number, email address, country, city, region, postcode, bank details and address, securing all required details that are accurately provided for a seamless transaction process.

Enter your Deposit Amount

Specify the amount you wish to deposit into your profile, securing you input the desired cash for a seamless funding process.

Confirm Deposit Transfer from your Account to 1xBet

Once you’ve provided the required details, proceed to confirm the transfer of cash from your selected profile to your 1xBet profile, securing a smooth and secure transaction.

Following these straightforward steps, secure a hassle-free deposit process on 1xBet, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted entrance to the thrilling world of online betting and gambling.

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All 1xBet Deposit Methods for Ghana

All 1xBet Deposit Methods for Ghana

The diverse range of bank payment methods provided by 1xBet Ghana has significantly contributed to the bookmaker’s growing customer base in the region. With the surge in mobile technology driving the expansion of sports betting, customers seek convenient and swift payment methods that streamline their transfers.

The availability of numerous deposit methods enhances the appeal of 1xBet, as customers enjoy the freedom to select their preferred method without constraints. Let’s get acquainted with them.

Deposit with Mobile Money on 1xBet Ghana

For 1xBet Ghana patrons looking to fund their betting accounts, a variety of methods await, including bank cards, mobile money, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Among these choices, mobile money stands out as the preferred method among Ghanaian bettors. 1xBet ensures accessibility by incorporating all three major mobile money services into their array of deposit options, catering to the various preferences of their clientele. Here are mobile money methods.

MTN Mobile Money

Here’s a step-by-step guide we have prepared for you to deposit funds on 1xBet via MTN mobile money:

  1. Dial *170# from your MTN mobile number.
  2. Select the Paybills tab from the menu.
  3. Choose General Payments from the list of methods.
  4. Enter the payment code for 1xBet when prompted.
  5. Specify and enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Use and enter ‘1xBet‘ as the reference for the transaction.
  7. Confirm the payment by entering your PIN code when prompted.
  8. Upon successful confirmation, you will receive a message confirming the transaction.

With MTN Money, deposits are processed instantly, with a minimum top-up of GH₵1 and no maximum limit. Additionally, there are no fees associated with deposits made using MTN mobile money.

Deposit at 1xBet using MTN Money

Make a Deposit using Vodafone Cash

To top-up funds using Vodafone Cash on 1xBet Ghana, follow these easy steps:

  1. Dial *110# on your Vodafone mobile number.
  2. Choose option 4 from the menu for Make Payment.
  3. Select method 3 for Fun and Games.
  4. Opt for method 2 to select 1xBet as the recipient.
  5. Enter 1xBet as the payment reference.
  6. Enter the budget you wish to top-up.
  7. Confirm the transaction by entering your PIN.
  8. Upon completion, you will receive confirmation of the transaction.

Then, depositing via Vodafone Cash, you don’t have to pay fees; deposits are processed instantly, with a minimum top-up budget of GH₵1 you enter and no maximum limit.

Depositing with Airtel Money

Here are steps you can use to top-up funds using Airtel Money on 1xBet Ghana:

  1. Dial *500# on your Airtel Tigo mobile phone line.
  2. Select Buy goods from the menu options.
  3. Choose Others as the category.
  4. Enter the merchant nickname, which is 1xBet.
  5. Enter the budget you wish to top-up.
  6. Enter and set the reference as 1xBet.
  7. Confirm the payment by entering your Airtel Money PIN.
  8. The transaction will be processed instantly upon confirmation.

Similar to other mobile money options, Airtel Money top-ups do not incur any fees, and the minimum top-up budget is GH₵1, with no maximum limit.

1xBet Deposit via Debit/Credit Cards

When it comes to depositing funds on 1xBet, utilizing debit cards and credit cards is a straightforward and appropriate method. With both Visa and Mastercard cards, users can top-up amounts ranging from a minimum of GH₵ 9.64 to a non-specified maximum cash instantly and without incurring any fees. Whether you prefer the pliability of Visa cards or the widespread acceptance of Mastercard, both options offer seamless transactions, securing quick access to your desired betting or gaming activities on the website.

By providing users with the ability to top-up funds using debit and credit cards, 1xBet ensures accessibility and convenience, catering to the diverse preferences of its bettors. With instant processing and no associated fees, depositing funds via Visa card or Mastercard is a hassle-free experience, allowing users to focus on enjoying their favourite games and betting opportunities without any unnecessary hurdles.

E-Wallets Deposits

Another appropriate deposit option offered by the bookmaker to its customers is e-wallets. Let’s explore the e-wallets and their privileges recommended by 1xBet.


Electronic wallets provide a convenient payment method for depositing money cash into your 1xBet account, with Skrill being among the available payment options known for its swift transfers via USSD code. Additionally, you might need to utilize a USSD code during the process. The least deposit cash needed is $1 or GH₵ 12.69, and there are no associated fees when using an e-wallet to top up your 1xBet profile.


Neteller stands as another e-wallet payment option that is accessible for use at 1xBet Ghana by providing a code. With e-wallets, money transfers are nearly instantaneous, and Neteller holds a prominent global reputation. The least money deposit via Neteller is GH₵ 29.30, with no maximum limit, securing instant processing without incurring any fees.

EcoPayz Deposits

EcoPayz offers another avenue for depositing money or cash into your 1xBet account in Ghana using a specific code. With a least deposit of GH₵ 37.43 and no maximum money limit, EcoPayz provides instant processing without any fee charges. This e-wallet option secures benefits and flexibility for users, enhancing the overall deposit experience on the platform.


Cryptocurrency deposits provide a seamless option for funding your 1xBet account in Ghana within a few minutes. With options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash, players enjoy instant transfers with no fees involved. Each cryptocurrency comes with its own special least deposit limit, ensuring flexibility for players. Additionally, 1xBet Ghana offers a wide range of 37 crypto-currency options, including popular choices such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Shiba Inu.

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1xBet Deposit Times & Limits

1xBet Ghana sportsbook offers quick money deposits with the fastest financial payment methods, such as mobile money systems, vouchers, and e-wallets, to its players, making your cash available instantly for betting. Meanwhile, bank transfers might take a bit longer.

Note that there’s no specified maximum bank deposit cash, though your chosen and used payment provider might have its own limits. The lowest deposit starts at GH₵1, typically available through mobile money service options.

Minimum Deposit Amount at the 1xBet

At the time of publishing, the least deposit at 1xBet Ghana is GH₵1, typically achievable through mobile money options, like MTN.

First Deposit Bonus in 1xBet

First Deposit Bonus in 1xBet

Register with 1xBet to unlock an enticing 300% first welcome deposit bonus of up to GH₵2650. Simply fill in your personal information, top up your account, and watch as the bonus, automatically credited (up to a maximum of GH₵ 2650), enhances your gambling observation. The bonus amount varies based on the size of your deposit: 200% for top-ups up to GH₵ 380, 250% for top-ups from GH₵ 381 to GH₵ 760, and 300% for top-ups exceeding GH₵ 761. The promo is valid for 30 days from registration; the bonus must be wagered in accordance with the terms and conditions, with the least deposit of GH₵ 6 needed to activate it.

To redeem the bonus, specific wagering and odds requirements apply. For instance, for a 200% bonus, half of the bonus amount must be wagered 5 times in pre-match or live accumulator sports bets, while the second half requires 30 times wagering in 1xGames; similarly, for a bonus of 250% or higher, to place a bet different wagering requirements apply, ensuring an engaging and rewarding gaming observation tailored to each customer’s preferences.

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1xBet Deposit Problems

Users may encounter difficulties when attempting to deposit cash via suggested payment methods into their 1xBet account, with various reasons potentially causing such issues.

  • Delayed Deposits: At times, top-ups on 1xBet may observe delays due to factors like network congestion, technical glitches, or verification requirements. In such instances, players may need to wait for the deposit to proceed or seek assistance from customer support.
  • Rejected Transactions: Transactions may be rejected by the operator due to insufficient cash, incorrect card details, or bank-related issues. Players should verify their bank payment method for sufficient balance and accurate information input and ensure their bank has no restrictions. Alternatively, exploring alternative payment methods or contacting the bank for clarification may help you to know how to resolve the issue.
  • Blocked Accounts: 1xBet may block accounts if players violate terms and conditions, such as creating multiple accounts or engaging in fraudulent activity. To know how to resolve such blocks, players should contact customer support, provide necessary documents for verification, and explain any rule violations. Additionally, adhering to deposit-related terms and conditions, selecting reliable payment methods, and verifying identity can help avoid such problems.

So, while encountering deposit problems on 1xBet is possible, understanding the common issues and following recommended solutions can help players go through these challenges effectively and ensure a smooth deposit observation on the platform.


To sum up, 1xBet offers a wide range of deposit payment methods tailored to suit the diverse predilections and needs of its customers in Ghana and beyond. Whether it’s the convenience of mobile money services available in your country, like MTN, Vodafone Cash, and Airtel Money, the pliability of debit and credit cards, the efficiency of e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz, or the innovation of cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, 1xBet ensures accessibility and convenience for all players.

With enticing bonuses and promotions further enhancing the deposit experience, 1xBet continues to solidify its position as a leading online betting and gambling platform, committed to providing coherent and rewarding transactions for its valued customers.


What is the best deposit method for 1xBet in Ghana?

While all deposit payment options offered by the 1xBet site are convenient, Ghanaians tend to prefer mobile money payment options due to their speed and ease of use. Mobile money services like MTN, Vodafone Cash, and Airtel Money are particularly favoured for their fast and straightforward transactions, making them the favoured choice for depositing cash on 1xBet in Ghana.

What is the maximum deposit amount for 1xBet customers?

The maximum deposit payment amount for 1xBet site customers is not specified, providing flexibility for players to deposit cash according to their predilections and needs.

How can I withdraw my deposit on 1xBet?

If you wonder how to withdraw the deposit, upon achieving your initial victory in sports, navigate to the My Account section, opt for the Withdraw Funds page, and select one of your favoured withdrawal transfer payment methods available in your country, for example, popular MTN or any banking cards way, specify the desired withdrawal amount, and note that once the withdrawal request is submitted and processed, withdrawals cancellation is not possible.

Can I make deposits in one currency and then convert it to another on my 1xBet account?

Certainly! On the 1xBet popular website, players have the fund payments option to convert their deposited amount into their favoured currency. If you want to know how, after making a deposit with one of the suggested methods available in your country, like MTN, AstroPay, cards or Jeton, simply go to the My Accounts section, where you can convert the deposited fund amount into Ghanaian Cedis and bet on sports.

Can I make a deposit using the 1xBet mobile app?

Yes, African players can make top-up transfers and payments using the 1xBet mobile app, a popular method. If you are wondering how you can add the funds in one of these ways, note that the procedure is the same as with the website.

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