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If you have even a little imagination about embarking on the thrilling journey of online sports betting with Vamos Bet, you may be aware that to get started with them; one crucial aspect is ensuring your account is funded. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods for Ethiopian users to know how to deposit on Vamos Bet, enabling you to deposit seamlessly and dive into the world of Vamos Bet. From mobile payment options like Hellocash Lion and Chapa to USSD and the convenience of CBE Birr, we’ve got your depositing needs covered. Let’s navigate the exciting landscape of Vamos Bet together!

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How to Deposit to Vamos Bet in Ethiopia?

How to Deposit to Vamos Bet in Ethiopia

So, you’ve set your sights on Vamos Bet, ready to elevate your sports betting experience in Ethiopia. Let’s delve into the specifics of depositing funds into your Vamos Bet account.

How to Deposit Using Hellocash Lion in 2023?

Initiating a deposit through Hellocash Lion is a straightforward process that adds convenience to your Vamos Bet experience. Follow these steps for a seamless transaction:

  1. Dial *803# on your phone to access Hellocash Lion.
  2. Input “11” when prompted to enter the Hellocash menu.
  3. Select “1” to proceed with sending money.
  4. Input the Vamos Hellocash number: “0937757575”.
  5. Fill in the amount of money you wish to send to your Vamos Bet account.
  6. Finalize the transaction by entering your Hellocash PIN to authorize the payment.
  7. Access your Vamos Bet account at, and you’ll notice that your account balance has been successfully topped up.

Ensure that the phone number linked to your Hellocash Lion profile matches the one associated with your Vamos Bet account. Alternatively, you can visit any nearby Vamos Bet shops and instruct the operator to deposit money into your profile using your phone number. Complete the payment, and your Vamos Bet account will be promptly funded.

How to Deposit to Vamos Bet Using USSD?

As of the latest information available, Vamos Bet does not currently provide specific USSD codes for depositing funds into accounts. While Vamos Bet offers various other convenient deposit methods, such as Hellocash Lion, Chapa, and CBE Birr, it’s essential to stay updated on any changes or additions to their deposit options. In the future, the platform may introduce new features, including USSD options, so it’s advisable to stay tuned for any updates from Vamos Bet.

How to Deposit on Vamos using Chapa?

Depositing funds into your Vamos Bet account through Chapa is a seamless process. Follow these step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free transaction:

  1. Access your Vamos Bet account using your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Deposit button within your account interface.
  3. From the list of deposit options, choose Chapa as your preferred method.
  4. Select the specific payment method you prefer from the available options, such as Telebirr.
  5. Follow the prompts to initiate the payment as you would with any normal transaction.

By following these straightforward steps, your Chapa deposit will be processed, and your Vamos Bet account will be promptly credited, allowing you to enjoy a seamless betting experience.

How to Deposit on Vamos by CBE Birr?

There are two methods available for depositing funds into your Vamos Ethiopia account using CBE Birr:

CBE Birr USSD Shortcode

  1. Dial *847# from your mobile phone.
  2. Choose “5. Pay Bill” from the menu.
  3. Input the Vamos Ethiopia shortcode “935300”.
  4. Provide your CBE Birr account number.
  5. Specify the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  6. Enter your CBE Birr PIN code.
  7. Review the transaction details and confirm the deposit.

CBE Birr Mobile App

  1. Open the CBE Birr mobile app and log in.
  2. Select “Pay Bill” from the app’s menu.
  3. Enter the Vamos Ethiopia shortcode “935300”.
  4. Input your CBE Birr account number.
  5. Specify the desired deposit amount.
  6. Enter your CBE Birr PIN code.
  7. Confirm the deposit.

Following either of these methods, you can effortlessly deposit funds into your Vamos Ethiopia account, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

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Vamos Bet Registration Process

Vamos Bet Registration Process

To initiate your registration with Vamos Bet, begin by visiting the official VamosBets site. Next, locate and click on the prominently displayed blue Register button situated at the top of the website interface. This action will unveil the registration form, which necessitates the completion of the following details:

  1. Provide your active phone number in the designated field when you sign up.
  2. Input your date of birth, ensuring you are above 21 years old, as per the legal betting age in Ethiopia.
  3. If you possess a promotional code, enter it into the specified space.
  4. Create a secure password and confirm it by entering it again.
  5. Complete the process by clicking on the Confirm button.

Upon successfully filling out these details and confirming your registration, you are now officially registered with Vamos Bets.

Vamos Bet Welcome Bonus

Exciting news for account players at Vamos Bets! Now, even if your ticket is compromised by just one game, you can still benefit from cash back in the form of points. Here’s how it works:

  • Cash Back for 5 to 9 Games: If you bet on all games with odds over 1.4 on a 5 to 9-game ticket and lose only one game on your bets ticket, you’ll receive the amount you played and win (up to 1000 Birr) in points for free. For instance, a broken 6-game ticket for 100 Br will result in a deposit of 100 Br in points.
  • Cash Back for 10 or More Games: On a ticket with 10 or more games and odds, sports betting on all with odds over 1.4, losing just one game on your ticket will earn you 10% (up to 1000 Br) of the potential winnings for the remaining games in deposit points.

In addition to these game-saving features, Vamos Bet offers various bonuses and promotions:

  • 30% Deposit Bonus via M-Birr: Deposit through M-Birr, and Vamos Bets will reward you with a 30% deposit bonus offer.
  • Free 25 Br Bet for New Players: All new players registering with Vamos Bets receive a complimentary 25 Br result bets with no deposit required.
  • Multibet Bonus: Enjoy a multi-bet bonus – the more sports betting legs and odds you add to your multi-bet ticket, the higher the bonus amount.

Take advantage of these exciting promotions and enhance your sports betting experience with Vamos Bet!

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Vamos Bet Withdrawals

Vamos Bet Withdrawals

To initiate your Vamos Bet withdrawal after you succeed in the result of sports winnings:

  1. Start and navigate to the Vamos Bet Ethiopia website or app.
  2. Log in to your account, and access the Withdraw section.
  3. Choose your preferred withdrawal method and input the necessary details along with your desired winnings withdrawal amount.
  4. Complete the process by clicking the Confirm button.

Vamos Bet Ethiopia provides multiple convenient withdrawal options, including HelloCash, CBE Birr, and Telebirr. The winnings minimum withdrawal is set at 50 Br, with no maximum limit. Please note that a nominal processing fee may apply to withdrawals.

Vamos Bet Contacts

Vamos Bet provides various channels for customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for users:

  • Live Chat: Engage in real-time support through the live chat feature for each person on the Vamos Bet platform.
  • Telephone: Contact customer support via telephone at +251 996 046 666 or +251 937 757 575.
  • Email: Reach out to the support team by emailing [email protected] for assistance.
  • Social Media: Connect with the Vamos Bet team on Facebook (@vamosbetting), YouTube (Vamosbet Official), and Telegram team (Vamosbet Official) for updates and support.

These diverse communication platforms ensure that users have multiple avenues to seek assistance and information from Vamos Bet’s dedicated client support team.

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In summary, embarking on your Vamos Bet journey has never been more accessible with the diverse deposit options outlined in this guide. Whether utilizing mobile payment methods like Hellocash Lion, CBE Birr, or exploring alternative avenues such as Chapa, Vamos Bet strives to accommodate Ethiopian users with a range of seamless and secure transactions. As you explore the myriad of possibilities offered by Vamos Bet, may your deposits be swift, your bets be strategic, and your experiences be nothing short of thrilling. Good luck, and happy betting!


Сan I Withdraw Money from the Vamos Bet App?

Yes, customers and clients can withdraw money from the Vamos Bet betting app. The process is simple and straightforward, like a gambling website with limited terms and country security conditions.

Does Vamos Bet Allow Crypto Deposits?

No, Vamos Bet does not allow crypto deposits at this time. The only deposit methods and variety of types available are CBE Birr, HelloCash, and Telebirr wallets. However, Vamos Bet shop is constantly expanding its payment options, so it is possible that they will add crypto deposits part in the future.

What should I do if my card is not accepted at Vamos Bet?

If a customer’s Vamos Bet card payment is declined, check card info and internet stability, verify paid card limits, check payment options, include and try an alternative payment method, or contact customer support within a day.

Does Vamos Bet have a deposit bonus?

Yes, Vamos Bet company offers a betting deposit bonus for new customers as soon as they register; in general, you can expect to receive a bonus of 20% to 30% on your first deposit. You are able to place wagers and play sports like virtual football, tennis matches, volleyball, hockey and so on.

Does Vamos Bet have a cash out option?

Vamos Bet bookmaker offers a feature called Super Cash Out service as soon as you register, which is not the same as the conventional cash-out option. You can sell your placed and played bet ticket number on the official sites if you have no less than 4 games in the same played ticket number, and all your games shouldn’t be in progress. But wait and fix that; you shouldn’t have lost games and market on your ticket number.

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