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Establishing direct communication channels becomes a key facet of the experience for those embarking on a journey with Vamos Bet Ethiopia. This article cuts through the hype and gets straight to the point. We’re here to explore the practicalities of Vamos Bet Ethiopia Contacts – the essential details you need for a smooth betting experience.

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Vamos Bet Customer Service Options in Ethiopia

Vamos Bet Customer Service Options in Ethiopia

Vamos Bet ensures and offers a range of customer service options for users in Ethiopia for its customers, making account assistance and help easily accessible. Here are the primary contact channels, along with relevant information.

Vamos Phone Number

For direct and immediate assistance, users can contact and call the bookmaker via phone at +251 966 046 666 or +251 937 757 575. Whether it’s a quick sports client inquiry or a more complex issue, the phone support option allows users to communicate directly with customer service representatives.

Live Chat

Initiating a live chat is the most efficient and rapid way to contact the local support team. To commence a live chat, users are presented with two distinct options based on the nature of their query. For those seeking information about cash-out, selecting the Withdrawal link is recommended. Alternatively, for general queries, users can click on General. A new pop-up window will emerge upon selecting either link, prompting users to input their preferred name. Note that the average response time remains consistently under 5 minutes. However, it can reach hours if there is a huge question list of inquiries from people.

Vamos Bet Email Address

Users can reach out to the bookmaker through email at [email protected]. This option is suitable for non-urgent matters or more detailed inquiries (issues regarding games, sites, financial problems), providing a written record of communication for reference. It should be mentioned that up to 5 days will be required to get a response from the customer support team.

Social Media Links

Vamos Bet is active on various social media platforms, offering additional channels for communication and updates. Users can connect through:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. TikTok
  4. Telegram

These diverse user service options, ranging from direct phone communication to online platforms, ensure that users can choose the most convenient channel based on their preferences and the nature of their inquiries or concerns.

While physical visits might not always be necessary, the location information is available for users who may need it.

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Vamos Bet Head Office in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the central hub for the dynamic operations of this leading online betting platform, Vamos Bet. You can find it with the following map address: 2QM6+G99. In addition, you can contact the headquarters representatives by dialling +251 91 636 2046.

Furthermore, let’s go into more physical locations to ensure you have all the necessary data.

All Vamos Bet Branches in Ethiopia

All Vamos Bet Branches in Ethiopia

Vamos Bet has strategically established several branches across Ethiopia, aiming to bring the excitement of online betting closer to its diverse user base near the most populated areas.

Location Mobile Contact
A1, Bishoftu, Ethiopia n/a
XQJ5+64R, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia +251 91 146 6986
XW5J+6RH, Ambo, Ethiopia n/a
Dukem, Ethiopia +251 98 840 3536
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Vamos Customer Support Summary

Vamos Bet prioritizes user satisfaction with a responsive user support system, offering multiple contact options. The customer support team at Vamos Bet is known for its professionalism and politeness. Users are encouraged to ask any questions they may have regarding their bets, and the team strives to address queries with efficiency.


Can I make a complaint to Vamos Bet customer service?

Yes, you can make a complaint to the bookmaker’s user assistance. Contact them through live chat, phone (+251 966 046 666 or +251 937 757 575), or email ([email protected]), providing clear details about the issue for resolution.

What is the official website and phone number of Vamos Bet available for bettors in Ethiopia?

The official website for Vamos Bet is Also, you can reach them through the provided contact numbers, such as +251 966 046 666 and +251 937 757 575.

What are the Vamos Branches in Addis Ababa?

The headquarters of the bookmaker is located at 2QM6+G99, Addis Ababa. You can get in touch with the headquarters representatives by dialing +251 91 636 2046. Moreover, there is a branch as well at the address of XQJ5+64R. For communication, +251 91 146 6986 can be used.

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