Why Is My Bet365 Account Restricted?

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Account restrictions by bookmakers are not common, but it is an issue that you may run into, especially in India, where betting is not definitively regulated in some regions. In this article, we will introduce the Bet365 account restrictions policy, where we include the restriction types, the reasons to limit your account, and the solutions for various types of limitations. Also, we will guide you through setting up your account safely and how to use it in order to prevent future restrictions at Bet365 India.
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Why is the Bet365 Account Limited? Reasons and Steps to Solve It

Bet365 Account Limited

There are several reasons that Bet365 can restrict your account. Some of the reasons are global, while others are common for local users. We will focus on the restrictions in India specifically, so we will introduce the local and global limitations that you can face in India.

Here are the common limitation reasons included in the Bet365 restriction policy:

  • An incomplete KYC verification(specific for India),
  • Authority complaints(specific for India),
  • Responsible gaming limitations,
  • Consistent big wins by the user,
  • Dormant page,
  • Multiple accounts,
  • Suspected illegal activity,
  • Bonus abuse or misuse.

Further in this article, we will go through each of the reasons discussing the types of restrictions or limitations that can be imposed on your account by Bet365 and what users can do to take the limits off or reopen it, but first, we will explain how to set up your account to avoid future problems.

How Do You Set up a Bet365 Account in India?

In order to create a Bet365 account properly, you need to register first, but before registration, you need to make sure that betting is legal and regulated in the region you are playing from.

After ensuring that everything is ok, go ahead and create an account entering only the correct information.

Here is a detailed step-by-step registration guide for Bet365 India.

Step 1: Go to Bet365.com or proceed through our partner links.

Go to Bet365.com

Step 2: Click Join in the top right corner of the page.

Click Join in the top right corner of the page


Step 3: Choose India as the country of residence.

Choose India as the country of residence

Step 4: Enter correct personal details: title, first name, last name, date of birth, address, and contact details: phone number and email. Create a username and a password.

Enter correct personal details

Step 5: Tick the box to agree to the bookmaker terms and confirm your age legality.

Tick the box to agree to the bookmaker terms and confirm your age legality

Step 6: Click Join Bet365 to finish the registration.

Click Join Bet365


After your account is ready, it’s time for verification. This is the most important part, as you will attach your document to the account. Bet365 India supports KYC(Know Your Customer) verification system, which means that you can pass the verification with an ID, national passport, or a driving license. Here are the verification steps:

  • Please make sure that your document is valid.
  • Go to the verification page from the My account page.
  • Take a clear picture of your document, and make sure that details are seen clearly in the photo.
  • Upload the photo in the related field and submit it.

The verification will be complete within 48 hours, and you will be notified by the administration. After your account is verified, you can start betting. If the processes described above are done correctly, you will not have limitation issues such as incomplete verification and authority complaints.

Types of Restrictions That Bet365 May Impose on Your Account

Restrictions in Bet365

There are various restrictions and limitations that can be imposed by Bet365. Depending on the reason, your account can be restricted for deposits, betting stakes, and markets or closed temporarily or even permanently.

We will explain the common reasons to close or limit accounts further in this article, and we will draw parallels between the reasons and the tools for limitations.

Here are the most common types of account restrictions at Bet365.

Limited Bets – Prevent you from playing certain markets

The simplest and most common restriction of a betting account is limiting the bets. The limits can be set on the stake as well as on certain markets. These limitations are usually imposed on the accounts that consistently win big amounts of money, as well as on users that use market strategies to create safe bets that are practically guaranteed to lose.

The most common markets that can be used for safe bets are not available to combine in accumulators or other types of combined bets. However, experienced punters always find ways to make a consistent profit, and bookmakers can block them from placing bets on certain markets.

Bet365 actively monitors its customers, and if such activities are discovered, they will set a limit to your account immediately. You may not notice it at first because they don’t notify you about this action, but eventually, you will find out when you try to place a bet on the blocked markets.

Max Win – Set limits on the Maximum Win

Another very common limitation tool is the maximum winning limit. No matter how much your bet wins, if your maximum win is limited by the company, you can not get higher amounts to your account. However, unlike the previous restriction, you will be able to place bets on any market offered by the sportsbook.

This tool is also used by Bet365 when the customer wins consistently but uses different strategies to do so.

Self-Restriction Programs – Gamstop

This article is mainly about the restrictions that come from the bookmaker. However, users can ask the bookmaker to close, suspend or even delete their account. In some cases, the account can be reopened before the blocking time is over. In some others, it is not possible. There is also the Gamstop option which is a third-party organization that works in the UK and allows bettors to block themselves from all betting sites, including Bet365.

Closing an Account

Closing a customer’s account can happen in several more serious cases, such as an arbitrage suspect, having multiple accounts, verification expiry, an illegal activity suspect as well as ignoring or abusing bonus, leaving the account dormant for a long time, etc.

Accounts can be closed temporarily and permanently, depending on the case. If the bookmaker notices suspicious activities in your account, such as unusual deposit or bet amounts or bonus abuses, they will close your account temporarily to investigate the case. To reopen it, you need to reach out to the customer support team and cooperate by providing information or documents.

If everything is clean in your account, they will soon reopen it. There are some cases where your account will be closed forever. For example, if you have multiple accounts, you can only use one of them, and the others will be closed.

The most serious case that all betting organizations can face is money laundering, and if it is discovered, you will not be able to use your account again, and you may even face legal issues as well as lose the money in your account.

Why Did Bet365 Limit Your Account?

Why Did Bet365 Limit Your Account

We introduced the main reasons for account limitations above. Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand the most common cases and causes for Bet365 to restrict or close your account in detail.

You Have Won Too Much, or You Have Abused Bonuses and Promotions

Bookmakers will not tell customers about restricting their accounts for wins. However, we all know that betting organizations are established with the purpose of making money, so when a user shows consistency in winning, it is not very good from the business perspective, and the bookmaker takes action to control and balance the results of that user.

The big part of the users who win too much are either using safe bet strategies or abusing promotions, finding holes in the system. Punters will always find ways to make strategies that guarantee good income. In this case, bookmakers use soft methods to prevent users from winning too much, such as limiting the stake they can bet, setting a maximum limit for wins, or blocking the markets and combinations they use for safe bets.

For abusing or misusing promotions, your account can be closed until you contact the customer support team for clarification.

You Have Ignored Bonuses and Promotions

It may be surprising for some players, but not only can abusing bonuses lead your account to be blocked, but also if you ignore them. The bookmaker is interested in keeping their customers entertained, and when someone loses too much, they encourage them with bonuses. However, for most bonuses, you need to wager the cash to be able to withdraw it, and wagering means a high chance of losing the money to the bookmaker. When a customer doesn’t use hisher bonus, the cash remains unused, which is also not good for the business, and the bookmaker can close your account to get the bonus amount back into circulation.

This is a rare case, but completely ignoring the bonuses and promotions can lead your account to closure.

They Suspect Arbitrage

Arbitrage or arbing in betting is the term for implementing safe bet strategies that will bring small profit but are almost 100% guaranteed from losing. This is the most common headache for every bookmaker, as no matter how they regulate market combinations, hardcore bettors will always find options to create and exploit those strategies. If you are betting in such a way, please be extremely careful so your account is not blocked or deleted. If you are suspected of arbitrage, your winnings, withdrawals, and betting stakes can be limited as well.

You Are Suspected to Be a Professional Bettor

Professional bettors are the people who make their living on betting. These are usually people who understand one or several sports extremely well and use their knowledge and experience to make a real profit from it. Everything they do is legal and in terms of the bookmaker.

Bet365 is not interested in banning those people, but it will surely place limitations, such as maximum daily or weekly withdrawal limits, maximum winning limits, etc.

You Are Betting Unusual Amounts, and Your Bet365 Account is Limited

The most dangerous case in this topic is money laundry. Bookmakers face this issue very often, so being a legal bookmaker, Bet365 has account monitoring teams to keep track of your deposits, withdrawals, stakes, odds of your bets, etc. Indicators of money laundering are inconsistent deposits and withdrawals, safe odds, single bets with high stakes and low odds, etc.

If they notice unusual financial flows in and out of your account, they will start a detailed investigation, and in that period, your account will be closed. In this case, you need to contact the customer service team and clarify the issue. They may need you to provide information and your document picture.

If everything is good, your account will be opened after the checks.

Your Are Suspected to Have Multiple Accounts

The Bet365 policy allows only one account per customer, so if you have multiple accounts, one of them will be closed permanently. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the other one.

What Should You Do Now that Bet365 Has Placed Restrictions on Your Account?

After we discussed the account restrictions and the reasons for Bet365 to do so, now it is time to discuss the betting tips and habits that will prevent your account from being restricted, or if it already is, these actions can help you continue playing or taking away the restrictions.

Bet With Round Numbers

In order to avoid suspicions for depositing or betting with unusual amounts, please use round amounts as most of the bettors do. Using strange numbers will alert the monitoring team, as it is something that arbing users tend to do, calculating every penny to make safe bets.

Place Small Bets

Use small amounts to make your bets, as it is more likely for average bettors. Betting with big numbers will always draw attention, and if you win, you can easily be suspected of money laundering. Even if you are not involved in such activities, you will lose time, as Bet365 may close your account temporarily for investigation.

Strategically Use Bonuses and Promotions

Bet365 offers various promotions very frequently, so it is recommended to use some of them, as completely ignoring them can lead to several restrictions on your account. However, abusing them is also not good for your account reputation, so please use bonuses carefully to avoid any suspicions by the bookmaker.

Don’t Deposit or Cash Out Too Often

Making transactions too often will bring attention to your account even if there is no fraud or arbitrage involved. If financial transactions are too much too often, your account can be suspended for investigation. Also, transaction limits may be applied by Bet365.

Don’t Create More Than One Account

If you already have an account, making another one will lead to the immediate closure of one of them, so even if the original account has some wrong details in it, it is better to fix it by contacting the customer support team. They will surely help you to fix any issue on your account.
Play Responsibly at Bet365!


The Bet365 restriction policy is working very well in terms of finding fraud and other strategies to guarantee clean profit. However, customers can be suspected falsely, and in order to avoid such issues, please follow the guides and tips above. If you play according to our instructions, it is very unlikely that your account will be restricted or closed.


Is it legal to restrict your Bet365 account?

Bet365 has the legal authority to close your account permanently or temporarily, and it has a right not to open it via request.

Is it ethical for Bet365 to restrict access to your account?

The bookmaker can restrict your account if it notices any type of suspicious activity. In some cases, they will contact the user for cooperation. However, there can be cases where the account can’t be reopened.

If Bet365 closes your account, can you appeal their decision?

You can always get in touch with the Bet365 customer support team and ask for account reopening or solutions to other restrictions.

When will Bet365 remove the restrictions on your account?

If your account is blocked or restricted, you can reach the Bet365 customer support team and get details about the suspension reasons, availability to reopen it, and time periods.

If your Bet365 account is closed, what will happen to the money you have left in your account?

Depending on the closure reason, you can get your money back or not. For example, if your second account is blocked, you will get the money to your active account.

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