Bet365 vs Betfair – Which Betting Site is The Best

Being a new member of the online betting world, sometimes it’s hard to choose a bookmaker which fits our interests and requirements the best. In this article, we will present you with Bet365 vs Betfair, as from our perspective, these high-ranking, biggest and unique companies may raise a big dilemma for you when you decide to open a specific regular account in one of these sites. Therefore, we will compare these two huge bookmakers, considering the most important aspects, features, and services. We hope the updated information will guide you in making and finding the right gambling decisions for you.

Bet365 vs Betfair Comparison

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  • Free video live broadcasting feature
  • High odds
  • Wide variety of markets
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  • High maximums
  • Not the best signup offer
  • Low liquidity in Asian handicaps
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To start the comparison between Bet365 and Betfair, we would like to present the main information about each. Until then, it’s noteworthy that both bookmakers are gigantic leaders in the British betting market. While Betfair was established in 1999, Bet365 started operating only a year later. Furthermore, Bet365 is known for its massive betting and live-streaming coverage. As for Betfair, the company has a prominent reputation for its high odds. In order to go into details of the companies, we will compare them in the following directions: Welcome Offer, Odds, Betting Markets, Features, and Apps, Sportsbook Offers and Promotions, Payment Methods, Cash-Out, Live Betting and Streaming, and Customer Support Service.

Welcome Offer – Bet365 vs Betfair

Welcome Offer - Bet365 vs Betfair

The welcome bonus is the first aspect new customers encounter registering on the website. That’s why let’s discuss the opportunities provided by Bet365 and Betfair. Note that both bookmakers offer Free Bets for the minimum first deposit of £10. However, Bet365 rewards the customers with higher bonus value. Specifically, while the maximum amount of Free Bets is £30 for Betfair, it is £50 for Bet365. In this regard, as long as Bet365 offers a more generous offer, we prioritize this company.

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Odds – Bet365 vs Betfair

Odds - Bet365 vs Betfair

To continue the duel between companies, we would like to discuss the provided odds as they highly affect the profitability of the bets and play an important role in customers’ overall betting experience. In this aspect, the bookmakers are very closely-matched, providing almost identical odds values, especially for Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis matches. To continue, both of them are known for their excellent odds that are one of the best in the market.

Furthermore, they present special tools for increasing the odds. Specifically, while Betfair does so via Odds Boost, Bet365 offers Enhanced Prices, which services for the same purpose.

Markets Available – Bet365 vs Betfair

Markets Available - Bet365 vs Betfair

Now it’s time to discuss one of the vital aspects of the bookmakers- the available markets. It’s noteworthy that both companies present the most popular and widespread betting markets, such as Football, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, and Horse Racing. Furthermore, eSports are also at your disposal, provided by both companies. Regarding betting types, the companies are perfectly-matched, introducing outright markets and great pre-match betting.

Even though both Bet365 and Betfair offer outstanding markets with wide choices, Bet365 is slightly better in this regard. While Betfair gives special attention only to prominent sporting types and events and suggests superb selections and options only for them, Bet365 includes less popular sports in its portfolio as well, such as Handball, Table Tennis, Water Polo, etc. However, the Betfair exchange market is also huge and worth mentioning.

To continue, we would like to state that both bookmakers have designed user-friendly and convenient gambling platforms making the customers’ experience easier and more enjoyable.

Betting Features – Bet365 vs Betfair

Let’s continue the comparison of our heavyweights of the betting world, discussing their betting features. Note that both are feature-packed, and it will take a lot of work to choose the better one.

Both Bet365 and Betfair offer bet builders which are easy to use. However, Betfair has a special bet builder promotion, allowing you to earn £5 easily.

Talking about in-play betting markets, we would like to mention that both brands have live-streaming tools, including live streaming as well about which we will talk later.

Furthermore, separate sections for casino games and table games are provided by Betfair and Bet365.

In addition, the companies offer Virtual Sports. In this regard, Betfair is slightly better for the same reason: it provides a special offer for this particular section.

It’s also worth mentioning the Betting Exchange provided by Betfair. Due to its flexibility and convenience, it’s a beneficial tool giving punters freedom in their gambling choices. If it appeals to you, there is another reason for choosing Betfair as your entertainment provider.

With all said, we would give an edge to Betfair as long as it provides more opportunities to the punters.

Betting Apps – Bet365 vs Betfair

Betting Apps - Bet365 vs Betfair

Another betting feature of huge importance is the betting app which adds value to customers’ gambling experience. Let’s see which brand will win the trophy in this regard.

It’s noteworthy that Betfair and Bet365 offer betting apps for both IOS and Android users. In addition, almost all desktop features and services are presented in them, such as bet builders, cash-outs, live streams, etc.

From our perspective, Bet365 is advantageous in presenting more enjoyable visual design. Furthermore, it is faster to use as long as betting tools have a higher speed in responsiveness. In addition, Bet365 is a better choice, as Betfair presents two different apps for betting exchange and the sportsbook, which definitely makes the gambling process harder.

Sportsbook Offers and Promotions – Bet365 vs Betfair

Sportsbook Offers and Promotions - Bet365 vs Betfair

Let’s continue our comparison with plenty of sportsbook offers and promotions. Starting with welcome bonuses, note that both companies have them available and paid on time. Betfair presents two separate offers for the sportsbook and the exchange sections. While the first one is pretty generous and attractive, the second one is quite standard: £100 and £20 Free Bet deals are provided in particular. However, the wagering requirements are pretty high. In order to get £100, 5 x £10 bets should be replaced and repeated five times. To continue other noteworthy promotions Betfair offers to its customers are the Free Bet Club-Style promotion and the Refer a Friend deal. For each successful referral, the former gives you £10 (a total of £50). The latter provides a chance to place a £20 accumulator bet and get £5 Free Bet in return.

Even though the welcome bonus offered by Bet365 is little in value, it is more convenient and accessible to use. What you need to do is to place a qualifying bet of £10 with minimum odds of 1.20 and get £50 in return. Bet365’s ongoing promotions are for Football, Tennis, and Horse Racing, such as 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout, Substitute Guarantee, and ITV Racing 4/1.

Overall, considering the variety of promotions and their requirements for both new and existing customers, our absolute winner is Bet365.

Payment Methods – Bet365 vs Betfair

Payment Methods - Bet365 vs Betfair

It’s time to compare our bookmakers from a financial point of view considering both deposits and withdrawals. The payment methods provided by Betfair and Bet365 are the same. Specifically, eight simple ways are accessible to the customers:

  • Cash
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Debit Card
  • Cheque
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard

While the minimum deposit limit doesn’t differ between the companies (£5), there is a slight difference in the minimum withdrawal amount. It is only £1 for Betfair and £5 for Bet365. For this reason, Bet365 beats this competition.

Live Betting – Bet365 vs Betfair

Live Betting - Bet365 vs Betfair

Being two leading bookmakers, Bet365 and Betfair present a magnificent in-play betting market with beneficial tools, high odds, and an amazing range of betting types. Taking into consideration the fact of how fast the odds can change, it’s so important to have a clear procedure and convenient site interfaces for that. In this aspect, Bet365 triumphs as it offers quite an easy-to-navigate live betting process. With Betfair, distinguishing the live events provided odds for a particular time is complicated.

Live Stream – Bet365 vs Betfair

The major component of the live betting section is live streaming which is available in each company. As Betfair is more specialized in Horse Racing, more live streams are provided in this field, which include races from all over the world, such as Europe, the UK, and Ireland. A large market is covered for Football, Tennis, Snooker, and Basketball as well.

Bet365 is as impressive as Betfair and has a comprehensive live streaming area, covering almost all the sports types as its rival. However, Bet365 slightly excels in providing premium competitions as well, such as International Test Cricket and MLB Basketball.

Overall, the live streaming feature is high-quality in both Bet365 and Betfair and is also available for mobile apps.

Cash Out – Bet365 vs Betfair

Cash-Out is one of the most important betting features provided by both Bet365 and Betfair. In this regard, Betfair excels as it offers a wider range of sporting events available for that particular feature. Furthermore, while Bet365 presents only Full Cash-Out, with Betfair, you can take advantage of the Partial one as well. For those reasons, Betfair is a better choice.

Help Desk – Bet365 vs Betfair

Help Desk - Bet365 vs Betfair

Let’s continue our Bet365 vs. Betfair slugfest, reviewing the customer support service of the entertainment providers. We have a big difference here in terms of provided contact options. While Bet365 offers several options, such as live chat, email, and web messages, Betfair has only one method in its portfolio – live chat. To be fair, it’s so easy to use the live chat function in both of the companies. They operate 24/7 and have a fast speed of giving answers. However, getting support and help is much easier with Bet365 as customers have more ways of contacting them at their disposal. In this way we hand the round to Bet365 for its willingness to provide high-quality customer support service.

Final Verdict

It has been quite difficult to compare these two amazing bookmakers, Bet365 and Betfair, as both of them are the true leaders and worthy options of the betting markets. Surely, there are some aspects in which the companies are superior. For Bet365, they are the customer support service, live streaming,  welcome offer, available markers, betting apps, and sportsbook offers and promotions. In other gambling areas, such as odds, betting features, live betting features, payment methods, and cash-out, Betfair excels and presents more benefits to the customers.

Overall, you will have a wonderful experience with both of the companies having access to the latest top-notch services provided on the betting platform of each of them.


Betfair vs Bet365 – which is better?

Even though both of them are fantastic bookmakers with closed-match services, based on our eleven-category research, the winner is Bet365.

Which brand has the longest track record?

Both bookmakers have almost the same age, as while Betfair was established in 1999, Bet365 started operating only a year later.

Are mobile apps available?

Yes, iOS and Android apps are provided by both bookmakers.

Which betting site offers the best specials?

Taking into consideration the variety of promotions and the requirements for them, our absolute winner is Bet365.

How different are Bet365 and Betfair payment methods?

Even though Bet365 and Betfair offer the same quantity of payment methods, there is a slight difference in the withdrawal limits. It is only £1 for Betfair and £5 for Bet365. For this reason, Bet365 beats this competition.

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