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iLOT Nigeria – Overview & Rating

Bookmakers rated 3 offer mid-level services and are currently in trial period.
BR rating: 3/5
Pre-match: 4/5
In-game: 3/5
Odds: 4/5
Convenience of payments: 3/5
Support: 3/5
Bonuses & Promotions: 1/5
Workability: 4/5
Feedbacks: 1 Free Bets: Deposit/Withdraw: 999999 / 0
More 1
Mobile versions: Questions: 0 Complaints: 0 Support


Expert evaluation

Paruyr Shahbazyan
The founder of the website

The best lottery and sportsbook in Nigeria is iLot NG. It is the best firm to go with if you want to enjoy various alternatives in the lottery and sports betting industries. The unique aspect of iLot is that it provides lottery and sports betting, with the best odds in the market. On Saturdays, up to 10,000 unique wagers are offered.

Pros and cons

Good client service
App for Android customers
Welcome bonus
Regular bonus events
No app for IOS customers
No live streaming
No cash-out available

Characteristics of the Bookmaker – short

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions

Quick Facts iLot – Nigeria

iLot – Official Company Info

The Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission has granted iLot a license and authority. They offer thrilling gambling and lottery experiences and expert bookmaking services.  The bookmaker provides the best betting odds, free coupons, bonus bets, and prompt payouts.

Who cannot play at iLot?

If you’re under 18 at the time, you cannot place bets; furthermore, if you don’t agree with the bookmaker’s betting policies.

Business Transparency

As it works with the most reputable operators to offer the best betting options, iLot is safe. Everyone wants to feel secure about their personal information and financial transactions. They promise to be more open about handling and safeguarding client data.

iLot Contact details

Customers have several ways to get in touch with this bookmaker, including

  • Contact number – +234 8139842929, +234 018885889
  • Email[email protected], [email protected]
  • Social media – WhatsApp (+234 8060037161), Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
iLOT Nigeria
+234 8139842929

Major events that iLot covers?

They are offering major events: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice hockey, Virtual sports, and Rugby.

Website languages

iLOT Nigeria operates in English.

English (Nigeria)English (Nigeria)

Expert iLot Review 2023


What do we like on iLot?

To give you the advantage of how to win big, iLot has the best odds, a free forecast, and free vouchers. Additionally, they provide consumers with welcome bonuses. They become more likeable due to their daily bonuses. There is also the availability of promo code options.

What could iLot improve, and what do we dislike?

iLOT Nigeria Homepage

They don’t have a live streaming option or an app for IOS users. This website has no serious flaws, but they need to strengthen its loyalty program and compensate for its shortcomings by providing bet builder and cash-out options.

Do we recommend iLot?

Yes, you have to go to the iLot official website. They provide the best pricing for the most prestigious or well-known sporting events or provide you with various domain possibilities, including bitcoins. The high odds are available, including specialised, modern virtual games like the iLot CUP, which offers hefty prizes. Choose the domain you wish to wager on.

iLot Features

iLot Promotional Features

The main element that draws many people to betting is the entertainment value that iLot NG offers. Watching a live game is fun, and playing gets even more interesting when money is involved. This site also offers to place wagers on bitcoins.

iLot Top Features

Live score

This feature lets you view the live scores of all the games in a live session. You can check the live score of all the sports and esports the platform offers. This feature can be accessed from the top of the home page under the link of LIVE SCORE.

{partner-link button} #View all iLot Features#

iLot score Overall Ranking: 9/10

Registration Process 5/5

  • Simple
  • Quick and easy

Anyone at least 18 years old can create an account on iLot. As you may expect, registering is an easy and quick process. Go to the homepage and join up using your phone number or email address.

Security and Regulation 5/5

  • Secure and safe
  • Legal

Every piece of personal data a customer enters on the website is safe. Dell servers and Fortinet Firewall are used to safeguard the data. They want to feel satisfied with customers’ personal data and financial activities.

Design & Usability 5/5

  • Eye-catching designs
  • Efficient symbol placement

iLot’s visuals are appealing and excellent at grabbing users’ attention. Every element is clear-cut so that customers can recognise what they are looking for. Finding any buttons won’t take more than a second due to the website’s symbol placement.

Mobile 4/5

  • App for android users
  • More useful and efficient

The iLot mobile app is simple to download and use. It provides all the same choices that players can access online. Because it is for mobile users, the app is quick and efficient. It enables users to enjoy live betting and odds.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 5/5

  • Alternative techniques
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits

The user can add money to their betting wallets using several different methods. To gamble on iLot NG, users must first deposit into their account. Payment alternatives include Opay, Flutterwave, and Paystack.

Welcome Offer 5/5

  • Welcome offer available
  • Catchy bonuses or offers

New customers might receive a welcome bonus when they open an account at this betting site. Once they make their initial deposit, the bookmaker gives gamblers a bonus amount through the offer to use on games.

Pre-Match Offer 4/5

  • Wide line
  • Positive Qualities

Pre-match and in-play betting is available on this site to satisfy the customers. The pre-match offer has helped them gain a wide range of customers on the website.

Service & Customer Support 4.5/5

  • Efficient services
  • Live chat

Several options to contact customer support are Email, Mobile number, social media accounts like WhatsApp, etc., and Live chat. All these contact services are available 24 hours a day.

Live Offer 3/5

  • Live betting available
  • No live streaming

In-play games offer a range of odds in reputable live games. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no streaming offer available. They are focusing on this offer, but it is inactive.

Sportsbook Promotions 5/5

  • Minor promotions
  • Loyalty program available

Right now, there isn’t a particular fixed frequency. Every day’s fees could be different. iLot assigns brief tasks for completion each day in exchange for bonuses or promotions.

Betting on Sports with iLot

iLOT Nigeria Sportsbook

iLOT Nigeria Sportsbook

Sports Markets and Betting Types

This betting service’s platform currently offers nine sports, including rugby, ice hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and tennis.

The service offers a wide range of football market prospects. The odds for events include the Champions League, World Cup, and Premier League. With basketball leagues like the NBA and Euroleague. Players may obtain odds for tennis competitions like the ATP and WTA.


They provide different leagues like the UEFA champion’s league, UEFA Europa conference league, and other events like summer SRL friendlies. These tournaments are in countries like Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and many others.


In Volleyball, there are Pro leagues, and Nations leagues for women are available with the total overs and Innings mentioned.


There are many leagues of basketball available, like games and SuperLiga. These tournaments are in many countries like Germany, Brazil, and Argentina.

iLot Live Betting & Streaming

iLOT Nigeria Live Betting

iLOT Nigeria Live Betting

There is only a live betting facility available till now. Unfortunately, at the moment, this gambling website does not now offer live streaming.

In-Play Betting Review at iLot

Over the past few years, live betting has been a requirement for all gambling websites in Nigeria. iLot provides a reliable live betting platform with reasonable odds and a selection of betting markets.

iLot Live Betting Features

Live streaming

Unfortunately, this platform does not provide live streaming at the time of writing.

Sports odds assessment

You may rest assured that iLot offers the greatest odds in Nigeria thanks to their knowledgeable staff; the opportunities are unlimited, and the pleasure never ends. Some odds are very competitive and extremely accurate bet forecasts and focused betting recommendations.

iLot offers a variety of odds to bet while charging a minimal margin on prominent athletic activities. If a bettor arranges their bets accurately, all wagering odds are beneficial.

Online Casino

An online casino offer is available at this point.

Casino Games

iLOT Nigeria Casino

iLOT Nigeria Casino

There are multiple casino games, but the most ranking games are Best shooter and European roulette.

All Licensed Slots

Unfortunately, this platform does not offer licensed slots when writing.

Instant Games

Unfortunately, at the moment, Instant games are not offered on this platform.

Video Poker

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the website does not offer any video poker games

iLot Esports

Unfortunately, at the moment, this website does not feature any eSports.

What Esports Do iLot Have?

Unfortunately, they are not offering such sports at the time of writing.

Virtual Sports

iLOT Nigeria Virtual Sports

iLOT Nigeria Virtual Sports

iLot provided them since virtual sports are becoming more and more well-liked. The opportunity exists for you to take part in virtual sports and make a big profit. You have the chance to participate in virtual sports and earn a sizable profit.

You might be playing one of the amazing Virtual games on the platform and drowning in millions of money. Placing bets on your favourite teams and leagues has become even more straightforward, thanks to a superb betting platform.

You won’t regret betting on this great platform because many options are available, such as:

Virtual Cup, Virtual League, and Best Shooter.

Bet Games

The bet games offered are:

  • Best shooter
  • European relloute

Data Free

Unfortunately, at the moment, they are not giving any data-free service, but to cover this flaw, they offer their customer app download bonus or registration bonus so that they will attract the majority of people to buy their multiple incentives.

iLot Mobile Sports Betting

Due to Android software called iLot Bet Apk, customers get access to some of the best and most cutting-edge revenue chances. It provides players with the optimal setting for discovering various wagering opportunities and generating quick cash.

Users can also access many features that are located within the application. Download iLot Bet on your Android device and become familiar with its capabilities if you want to use all of its features.

Does iLot have an app? Yes, the iLot app is available but for android users. There is a special bonus for the customers who download this app.


Unfortunately, currently, there is no app for IOS users.

Android App

The app is available and usable for Android users.

Desktop Review of the iLot website

The iLot website has a dark background with various colours and places a lot of emphasis on betting highlights. The business highlights the greatest prices in addition to time-based searches. The purpose of the left-hand menu is to make it easy for the player to find what he needs.

Placing bets is simple because of the site’s easy design; even unskilled new customers won’t encounter any problems using this service. The desktop’s right corner displays the daily lottery and grand prize winners.

Sport products
Match Center
Skill games
Live chat
- Mobile version

Product review

iLOT Nigeria Apps Review

App rating


iLot Bonus Codes – Check out the Offers

Top Bonuses

There are no major top bonuses they are providing. Still, to cover these flaws, they satisfy their customers by giving them welcome or registration bonuses, prediction bonuses, deposit bonus iLot ACCA Boost, and the availability to use promo code options.

iLot Welcome Bonuses

New users will receive welcome gifts after registering within the offer period. Coupons can only be used once per request and cannot be mashed or shuffled.

iLot Casino Bonus: Check Out the Offer

Unfortunately, they are not offering any casino bonuses when writing. This offer has currently been deactivated.

Deposit Bonus

Players are limited to one use of the first deposit bonus. Once you make your first deposit through the promotion portal, the bonus amount will immediately apply to your bonus wallet.

iLot Sign Up Offer, Free Bet & All Other Bonuses

They give registration bonuses to their customers and other bonuses like predictions and iLot ACCA Boost. But unfortunately, no free bet offers are available at the moment.

iLot Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, there is no loyalty program available at the time of writing.

iLot Rewards and Promotion Program

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no specific campaign; they do offer the jackpot as a bonus or incentive.

iLot Promotions Qualified for Existing Customers

Yes, they offer a variety of promotions to existing users, including Invite Friends and Get Free Money for Existing Customers. For existing customers, place several bets to receive up to 80% and deposit bonuses of up to ₦17,000.

iLot’s Sportsbook Promotions

Yes, multiple sportsbook promotions are available.

  • Freely predict scores to win ₦10,000,000
  • Get ₦1,000 For Free

Are there any other sports betting promos?

Unfortunately, this website offers no other promotions at the time of writing. If a promotional offer has a predetermined eligibility period, iLot has the right to withdraw it whenever it chooses.

Casino Promotions

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no casino promotions are given.

Do they offer any additional promotions or deals?

Yes, they are providing prediction bonuses to their customers.

Where Can I Find an iLot Promo Code?

You will usually find a wide range of exciting promos on iLot. On their homepage, these promotions are made clear.

Deposits & Withdrawals at iLot

Users must first fund their account to wager on iLot NG. The user has a variety of ways to add money to their betting wallets. The approved payment options are Opay, Flutter wave, and Paystack. Only a ₦100 deposit is required; all other fees are cancelled.


This betting site offers a variety of deposit options. By linking their bank cards, bettors can first fund their accounts. Currently, a few of the accepted payment options include Visa and Mastercard. However, customers aren’t obligated to pay fees or charges when making deposits. The range of deposits is low to greatest. Deposits can be made in increments of ₦100.00 or ₦9,999,999.00.

  • Decide how much money you have to deposit.
  • Upon selection, a web payment page will be displayed.
  • Next, locate your card information
  • The registered contact will receive the OTP.
  • Your account will be immediately credited after the procedure is finished.


By selecting the “Withdraw” button on the website, you can withdraw if there are sufficient funds in your betting account. iLot has the authority to impose a maximum daily withdrawal amount for various users to protect client funds and reduce operating risk for the platform.

The payment processing costs money for iLot. Bettors may withdraw their winnings using the same credit card they used to deposit. They can also withdraw funds to another card or bank account, which can be altered in the account area.

  • Go to the iLot section.
  • There, choose to withdraw.
  • Select your preferred mode of payment
  • Give an amount.
  • Allow the withdrawal

How Long Does It Take? The deposit and withdrawals will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Will I get paid? You will get immediately paid.

Bet & Win Limits

There is no bet and win limits on the iLot platform.

Top sportsbooks by iLot Payment Options

Does iLot accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the website doesn’t accept PayPal due to some policy restrictions.

Does iLot accept Bitcoin?

Yes, they accept bitcoin. Also, they offer the customer to bet on bitcoins.

Deposit Withdrawal
Sum Time Commission Sum Time Commission
from 100 NGN to unlimited instant 0% from 1,000 NGN to unlimited within 24 h. 0%
from 100 NGN to unlimited instant 0% from 1,000 NGN to unlimited within 24 h. 0%
from 100 NGN to unlimited instant 0% from 1,000 NGN to unlimited within 24 h. 0%
Expand all (4)

Accepted currencies

iLOT Nigeria accepts Nigerian naira.

Nigerian naira

Is iLot Sportsbook Legal & Safe?


Doesn't accept Bookmaker Ratings
as an arbitrator
There is no company representative on Bookmaker Ratings website
Attitude to speculators:
Lower the maximums


iLOT Nigeria offers phone call, email, and live chat options for contacting the support service team.

Response time
Response time
~1-5 min.
Response time
~ 2 h.
Response time
Live chat
~1-5 min.

Assessment history

iLOT Nigeria has been added to the Rating

Reviews (1)


You can learn about the feedback and opinion on sum withdrawals and betting in iLOT Nigeria in the “Feedback” and in the comment to the review. Learn here about the experience of iLOT Nigeria users. Share your experience with everyone.

Convenience of payments
Bonuses & Promotions
Sam Saryan Beginner

iLot Review – FAQs

Does iLot accept Nigerian players?

This website is only accessible to those at least 18 years old or above.

Do iLot accept Nigeria Rands?

The only Nigerian naira is accepted at iLot.

Is the iLot Bonus for New Customers Only?

No, there are welcome bonuses for new clients. However, they offer various bonuses for existing customers.

iLot bonuses – what’s on offer?

There are multiple bonuses like prediction, registration, and many more. Not only are they focusing on welcome bonuses, but also, for existing clients, they offer different bonuses.

What is the iLot New Customer Offer?

Welcome or registration bonuses are available, and a special app will be given to them when they download the mobile app.

What software companies does iLot work with?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the platform doesn’t provide any information about the software vendors it partners with.

What software do they use?

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the website doesn’t offer any details that could give us hints about the software they employ.

What methods are there to confirm my iLot account?

Send an email to the customer care representative to verify that your iLot profile has been verified.

How do I fund my account? Cash out my winnings? Are there any limits or fees?

You can easily finance your account using one of the previously stated payment methods. Deposits made using iLot are free, and bank transfers used for withdrawals are also cost-free.

After winning, the cash is immediately or automatically credited into your account. The range of deposits is low to greatest. Deposits can be made in increments of ₦100.00 or ₦9,999,999.00. The range of deposits is low to greatest.

How to claim the iLot Welcome Offer?

They are automatically credited to your account when you sign in.

How to bet on iLot in Nigeria?

First, access your account. Then, from the menu, choose your favourite sport and pick a team or game you enjoy. Then, pick the market you wish to bet on and select the odds. Immediately, your betting slip will show up on the website. Select the best size and then press the BET NOW button.

You will receive a message with the betting code and a confirmation that your wager has been placed.

How do I Claim the iLot Free Bet?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the platform does not offer any free betting options.

How to join iLot?

The customer must click the “register” button. Enter all the necessary information, and log in to iLot. You can deposit your account once it has been activated.

How to Use the iLot Bonus?

You can use the bonus at once only. No single bonus will be used multiple times. You must achieve the minimum betting criteria to be eligible for a withdrawal of your earnings.

How To Close Your iLot Account?

To delete or close your account, email iLot customer care. As required, give details or information. Your account will be regarded as “inactive” or “dormant” if you haven’t logged into it for 12 months.

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