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If you’re an avid sports bettor or casino enthusiast in Nigeria, you’ve likely come across BetPawa. As with any service, customers may occasionally encounter queries or issues that require assistance. In this article, we’ll explore the various customer support contact options provided by this Nigerian bookmaker, including the Betpawa contact number, email support, live chat support, and more.

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BetPawa Nigeria Customer Service

BetPawa Nigeria Customer Service

At BetPawa, customer satisfaction is a top priority, and they offer various customer support contact options to assist users with their inquiries and concerns. Whether you have questions about account management, betting rules, promotions, or any other aspect of their services, BetPawa has dedicated customer service contact channels to ensure a seamless experience. From email support to live chat options, as well as phone number aid, they strive to provide efficient and reliable guidance to their valued users. So let’s explore them.

BetPawa Email Support

One of the convenient ways to get in touch with BetPawa’s customer service is through email support. Users can send their inquiries or issues to the provided [email protected] email address, and a support representative will respond as soon as possible. The email aid option is ideal for non-urgent matters or when users need to attach relevant documents or screenshots to explain their concerns.

BetPawa Live Chat Support

Unfortunately, BetPawa does not offer a live chat support feature directly on their website or mobile app. However, they do provide alternative messaging options for users to reach out for guidance. You can send messages to their official Telegram or communicate through Messenger. These messaging platforms serve as channels for users to connect with the customer service team and receive aid promptly.

Phone Support at BetPawa

For those who prefer direct human interaction, BetPawa provides phone number support to its customers. Users can reach out to the customer guidance team by dialing the designated contact number +234 700 238 7292. This number option is particularly beneficial when users require immediate attention or when they feel more comfortable explaining their concerns over the phone.

In conclusion, BetPawa offers various channels for users to seek support and guidance. With these methods, BetPawa strives to provide a responsive and helpful user-aid experience to address any concerns or inquiries punters may have.

BetPawa Nigeria Head Office Addresses

In addition to offering punters multiple guidance channel, BetPawa business also maintains physical headquarter addresses in different cities across Nigeria. These business addresses are important points of contact for customers who prefer in-person guidance or need to send documents or formal inquiries.

It’s worth noting that while BetPawa operates within Nigeria under a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), the head company, BetPawa, is located in Estonia Tallinn, Harjumaa. The bookmaker has subsidiaries in multiple countries, including Nigeria, where BetPawa operates. Therefore, Betpawa operates exclusively within Nigeria as authorized by its NLRC license.

Regarding the headquarter location, it is important to mention that the bookmaker is an online-only platform that operates exclusively through its website. Although they do have a physical office in Lagos, it is not accessible for public visits. For further details or specific inquiries regarding the headquarter, customers are advised to reach out to BetPawa directly through their punters’ guidance channel.

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BetPawa Customer Service Summary

BetPawa prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides a range of customer guidance methods to ensure that punters have a seamless and enjoyable experience on their platform. Whether it’s through email support, messaging platforms like Telegram and Messenger, or in-person guidance at their head office addresses, BetPawa is committed to addressing user inquiries, resolving issues, and providing the necessary guidance. With their dedicated punter assistance team and multiple communication channels, the bookmaker strives to offer prompt and efficient help, reaffirming their commitment to delivering exceptional user care.


Where is BetPawa located?

BetPawa’s main headquarters is situated in Ghana, emphasizing its commitment to serving customers in multiple countries, including Nigeria.

What is BetPawa’s official website?

The official website of the bookmaker can be accessed at It serves as the primary online platform where punters can engage in sports betting and explore a range of exciting casino games.

What is BetPawa’s income?

The bookmaker has achieved substantial revenue of approximately $6 million. This financial success highlights the significant growth and popularity of the platform within the industry.

What is BetPawa’s SIC code?

BetPawa can be identified by its SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, which is classified under 79,799.

How many employees work at BetPawa?

BetPawa has over 300 full-time employees as of July 2023. The majority of these employees are based in Africa, with offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. BetPawa is one of the licensed, fastest-growing gaming companies in the world, and it is constantly expanding its workforce.

What technology does BetPawa use?

BetPawa incorporates several popular technologies to enhance its platform and provide an exceptional user experience. These technologies include eSSential, PHP, Teamwork, and jQuery. By leveraging eSSential, PHP, and jQuery, betPawa can deliver robust functionality and dynamic features to its punters.

How do I contact BetPawa?

To reach out to BetPawa, you have multiple contacts at your disposal. You can access your account and get in touch with their punter support team by utilizing their provided call phone number, engaging in Telegram and Messenger chats, or communicating through email. Unfortunately, Whatsapp help contact is not supported yet.

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