What Does ‘Win Draw Win’ Bet Mean?

With a plethora of betting options available in the modern era, where bookmakers offer their services on the internet, understanding the nuances of each type of bet is crucial for both novice and seasoned bettors. One of the popular types is the Win Draw Win bet, especially prominent in football matches. This article offers a detailed guide on the Betway Win Draw Win market and helps users through the process of placing such bets as well as other types on the Betway website and mobile app.

Understanding the “Win Draw Win” Bet

Understanding the Win Draw Win Bet

At its core, the Win Draw Win bet, often abbreviated as 1X2, is a straightforward wagering type that offers punters to predict one of the three possible outcomes of a game:

  • Home Win (1): This means you’re taking on the homeowners to win the match.
  • Draw (X): You predict that the game will end in a tie without either side winning.
  • Away Win (2): Stake on the victory of the guests.

The charm of this market lies in its simplicity. For 90-minute games, especially football, the 1X2 bet focuses solely on the result at the end of regular time, not including extra time or penalties. If you are looking to try this bet, almost all sportsbooks offer it.

Some factors to consider when putting money on such bets include current team form, head-to-head statistics, news(like injuries or suspensions), and playing strategy. Being armed with this information can significantly sway your decision and boost your chances of predicting correctly and winning money.

How to Place “Win or Draw” Bets on Betway?

For those looking to venture into Win or Draw bets on Betway, follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to find and place your bet:

  1. Sign In to your account: Navigate to the Betway website or app. If you have an account, log in. If you’re new, you’ll need to register. Registering new accounts is super easy. You can also check our guide on Betway registration.
  2. Navigate to Sports: On the Betway website, click on Sports. This will lead you to a page showcasing various sports events, bet types, and offers.
  3. Select Your Match: Browse through the Betway sportsbook and find the game you’re interested in putting money on. Clicking on it will present all available options.
  4. Locate the 1X2 Section: Here, you’ll see three options representing Home Win, Draw, and Away Win with their respective odds.
  5. Select Win or Draw: To stake on either a win (for the home team) or a stalemate, click on the odds next to the homeowner’s win (1X). If you want to wager on an away win or draw, select the odds for the away team to win (2X).
  6. Enter Stake: After selecting, your betslip will pop up, prompting you to enter the amount of money you want to wager.
  7. Place Bet: If your selection is looking good, click on Place Bet.
  8. Confirmation: Betway will confirm your bet, and you can then wait for the game to unfold.

It’s crucial to remember that betting should be approached responsibly. While the 1×2 market might sound enticing, always ensure you’re informed about the teams and matches before placing any bets.

With this, you’re now equipped with the knowledge of the 1X2 market and how to put money on one of the world’s leading platforms, Betway. Best of luck with your future wagers!

Different Bet Varieties on Betway

Betway, as one of the leading platforms, offers a plethora of betting types to cater to both novices and seasoned gamblers. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Single: The simplest form where you wager on one event or outcome. Winning in these markets is relatively easy, but the odds are not very big.
  • Accumulators or Multi Bets: Combining multiple outcomes into one. All selections must win for you to get a return.
  • System: These are composed of several accumulators of the same size. Winning all selections is not vital, as System bet types allow mistakes in some of the outcomes.
  • Handicap: Teams are handicapped, meaning they start the game with a fictitious lead. This wager aims to level the playing field in mismatched encounters.
  • Over/Under: Betting on whether the final number (e.g., total goals, total corners) will be over or under a set number. This market offers flexible selections and can be combined with other results successfully.
  • Correct Score: Predicting the exact score at the end of a game.
  • Both to Score (BTTS): A wager on whether both teams will score in a match or not.
  • In-Play or Live: Allows punters to play while the action is ongoing, with dynamic odds adjusting to the situation of the game.

These are just a few examples. Betway often introduces innovative options, especially around major events, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of its vast user base.

The Popularity of “Win Draw Win” Bets

Despite the plethora of betting options available, the Win Draw Win bet, commonly termed 1X2, has steadfastly remained a favorite among bettors. This enduring preference is attributed to its simplicity, eliminating the need for intricate calculations or in-depth analysis, offering a straightforward win, lose, or draw outcome. It has anchored its popularity in football, the globally beloved sport, making it the go-to market for numerous matches.

With clear outcomes determined within 90 minutes, it caters to both novices seeking comprehensibility and seasoned bettors who tactically adapt using strategies like hedging or statistical trends. The emotional quotient is also undeniable; fans ardently bet on their cherished clubs or athletes, intensifying the fervor of the game.

Consequently, while platforms like Betway present a gamut of betting avenues, the charm of the 1X2 bet is undeniably its unambiguous nature, resonating with many who seek not just monetary rewards but an enhanced, exhilarating sporting experience.

The outcome of a Drawn Bet

In the betting universe, draws, notably in the Win Draw Win context, emerge as one of three feasible event outcomes. For instance, if one places a stake on a draw in this category and the match ends evenly, like a 1-1 in football, they clinch a win. However, wagering on either team to triumph, only to end in a stalemate, means a lost stake. The world of handicap markets further complicates this; a draw might not always signify a neutral outcome, as team handicaps can tilt the scales.

Then there’s the Draw No Bet variety, which offers a safety net, refunding stakes if a game concludes in a stalemate, effectively making the bet void. But with markets such as Over/Under, Both to Score or Correct Score, a drawn match doesn’t inherently dictate the bet’s fate, which instead hinges on the bet’s specific criteria.

Interpreting “Score Draw” on Betway

Interpreting Score Draw on Betway

While a stalemate in betting generally denotes an even result, the term Score draw has a more specific implication. On the Betway platform, it is defined as follows:

  • Distinct from a 0-0: A score draw happens when a game concludes with both teams having scored an equal number of goals, excluding a 0-0 outcome. For example: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and so forth.
  • Betting on a Score Draw: If you wager on a match to result in a score draw, you are essentially betting on the game to end with both teams scoring the same number of goals, with neither of them being zero.
  • Payouts: Typically, the odds for this market are higher than just a general stalemate because predicting the exact nature of the outcome is trickier.

In summary, while betting’s language might seem convoluted, understanding these nuances can greatly enhance your experience. Whether you’re betting on a drawn outcome or navigating through other markets, knowledge is power, ensuring you make informed decisions on platforms like Betway.

Result of a Tied Match on Betway

Betway, as with many platforms, has its own specific rules when a game ends in a tie:

  • Win Draw Win bets: If a game ends in a draw and you’ve placed your bet on a draw, you will win the bet. If you had wagered on either team to win, your bet would be lost.
  • Handicap: In these bets, if the added or subtracted handicap results in a tie but the actual match doesn’t, it’s treated as a draw for betting purposes.
  • Draw No Bet: If the game concludes in a draw, bets are voided, and the stake is returned to the bettor.

In some tournaments where ties might lead to extra time or penalty shootouts unless specified, the result at the end of regular time (90 minutes) is considered for betting purposes.

Tips for Successful Betting

Tips for Successful Betting

Betting is as much an art as it is a science. While luck plays its part, there are strategies and tips that can enhance your betting experience:

  • Stay Informed: Knowledge is power. Always stay updated with team news, injuries, and other relevant information. On the other hand, not doing your research can have a negative effect on your betting results.
  • Manage Your Account Bankroll: Never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Set aside a specific amount for playing and stick to it.
  • Diversify Your Bets: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread out your bets to mitigate risks.
  • Avoid Emotional Betting: Being passionate about a team is great; letting that cloud your judgment in betting is not.
  • Start Small: Especially if you’re a beginner, start with smaller bets till you understand the nuances and gain confidence.
  • Use Betting Tools: Platforms like Betway offer tools and stats. Utilize them to make informed decisions.

Many websites, including ours, provide more professional tips and strategies, and we recommend looking into our betting tips before you create an account and play. In essence, while the allure of betting lies in its unpredictability, a disciplined approach, combined with informed decisions, can significantly tilt the odds in your favor. Happy betting!

Wrapping Up

The world of betting is vast, dynamic, and filled with both thrills and chills. Understanding the nuances, like what constitutes a tie on Betway, can make your betting journey smoother. Equally important is the strategic approach to betting, where knowledge, patience, and smart bankroll management can tilt the odds more favorably in your direction. As you place your wagers, remember to enjoy the process, celebrate the wins, and learn from the losses. Happy betting!


Here, we aim to address some common queries, especially concerning ties and stalemates in matches at Betway.

Do ties nullify bets?

In the betting world, ties don’t universally nullify bets. The aftermath hinges on your bet type: In Win Draw Win bets, a wager on a stalemate that ends tied means victory, but betting on a team win results in a loss if it’s a tie. Conversely, Draw No Bet scenarios refund your stake in the event of a tie, effectively neutralizing the bet. However, in some markets, a draw might not directly dictate the outcome, so it’s crucial to always check the specific rules of your chosen bet on Betway.

Is a stalemate seen as a victory?

In football and many other sports, a stalemate refers to a situation where neither side has managed to secure a win, typically resulting in a tie. In the context of sports results, it is not considered a victory for either side.

Does a stalemate cancel out a bet?

The impact of a stalemate on your bet varies based on the bet type. If you’ve predicted a draw, a stalemate means a win. In Draw No Bet markets, a stalemate returns your stake, nullifying the bet. However, other bet types might not be directly influenced by a stalemate. Hence, it’s imperative to understand both the platform’s terms and the specific bet type’s rules to make informed decisions and avoid potential ambiguities.

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