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2014 World Cup: Sports Ministry to sponsor Ghanaian journalists to Brazil

Published on: 06 June 2014
2014 World Cup: Sports Ministry to sponsor Ghanaian journalists to Brazil
Ghanaian journalists to be sponsored by Sports Ministry to Brazil

The Sports Ministry have decided to sponsor journalists from major media houses in Ghana to cover the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, can confirm.

The move forms part of the ministry’s plan to include personnel from various civil society groups in the supporters’ delegation to the World Cup.

Authorities are in the final phase of preparations towards airlifting fans to Brazil to support the Black Stars’ third successive campaign at the finals which is now just six days away.

Several Ghanaian media houses have decided against taking journalists to Brazil to cover the World Cup mainly due to the exorbitant cost associated with making a trip to the South American country.

The Ministry have decided to offer some level of reprieve by including journalists from ‘leading’ Ghanaian media houses in the various allocations being made for the trip to Brazil.

“We are including journalists in the delegation of supporters we intend to take to Brazil,” Ghana’s 2014 World Cup planning committee member Ben Nunoo Mensah told

“When we say we are taking supporters, we don’t solely mean supporters but then several groups are also included.

“People from the Peace Council, the Christiana and Islamic Council, journalists, civil servants and other groups are all involved because we want to make the delegation as representative as we can.

“We however have a limitation on the amount of people we can send and therefore we are unable to take all journalists in Ghana to Brazil thus the selection of personnel from leading media houses.

“Journalists from [Daily] Graphic, Times, Multimedia, the Despite Group, Global Media Alliance will definitely be included due to their wide reach.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry have dismissed reported claims that only 100 supporters are being taking to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

According to a reports fast circulating in the local media, the Ministry have estimated an amount of $1.145m as the total cost of sending a delegation of 100 supporter, five musical artistes plus a 7-member band and 14 ambassadors to Brazil for the World Cup.

“This reports are not true,” Nunoo Mensah continued.

“Even for the supporters alone, we have screened over 350 so how can some say we are taking just 100 supporters?

“We have targeted to take at least 500 people and we are working towards that target.”

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