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4 Things you should know about liability when you get injured playing sports

Published on: 03 January 2019
4 Things you should know about liability when you get injured playing sports
Daniel Amartey of Ghana suffered injury while playing for Leicester City

In sports, there is liability which comes about because injury in sport is very common. Many people do not know that they can get compensated if injured while playing the sport.

As a contract sports player understanding liability should be a personal responsibility. This is because it’s the duty of the coach to make sure that the player and the playing environment is safe.

Sports are recreational activities but they carry a degree of risk to the body and this depends on the kind of sport which one is engaging in.

Here are some of the things which you need to know about sports liability.

  1. Assumption of risk

One thing that you need to understand in contract sport is that when you sign a contract you assume a certain level of risk. This is because most sport involves physical contact and injuries are common. This means that you cannot go suing for every scrape or bruise that you get. The important thing that you will need to understand is the level of risk which lies on you. The only time you can use is when you can be able to prove that the injury was intentionally caused.

  1. Liability Waiver

In most contact sport, many organization will require the participant to sign a document where they waiver their liability. This must show willing participation and any injury which is caused by normal sports interaction is thus the participant responsibility. This means that they have to cater for their medical bills. However, in liability waiver, it does not cover issues like injuries caused by poor playing condition or an intentional injury caused by an opponent in sport. It’s important for one to carefully read the waiver to make sure they understand everything. In case one does not understand all that is stipulated seeking legal interpretation is highly advised.

  1. Determining Liability

In sport, liability can fall in many areas. For instance, a coach can be held accountable if a player is injured using an improper sports technique taught. A coach can also be held accountable of they fail to address a dangerous situation which leads to injury. There is also product liability where the manufacturer of the sports product may be held accountable if the gear which they provide leads to injury. Defective products lead to product liability and a good case where legal proceedings is taken.

  1. Suing for Injuries

When injured in sport and you believe that the injury was not covered in the contract then you will need an experienced Attorney Michael Maggiano to handle your case. This is because an experienced attorney knows how best to win your case.  This is because sports liability can be quite tricky especially if one has signed some form of liability waiver. The sports organization tends to look for loopholes which they exploit to make sure you are not compensated. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the murky legal waters and get you what you deserve for the injury incurred.


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