45 minute workout routine for the gym

Published on: 11 December 2018
45 minute workout routine for the gym
Man City star Sergio Aguerro in training in the gym

It's almost the end of the year and it's time for another round of setting up new goals and resolutions for the new year that is coming.

Is one of your goals to live a healthier lifestyle? You may have already started this by changing your eating habits and opting for more healthy meals instead of fast food or processed food. One of the best things you can do is to work out regularly.

There are many workout videos that you can follow, even just on YouTube, there are thousands that you can choose from or you can enroll at a gym so that you can enjoy the many equipment and facilities there. Here is a sample 45-minute workout routine that you can do for your regular gym trips. 1. Warm up for the first 5 minutes - never skip this step. Many people have skipped this step and it resulted in getting an injury while working out. You only need five minutes in order to loosen the joints in your body and to prepare yourself for the more demanding physical activity of the exercises that you will be doing. When your joints are loosened, it greatly reduces any chance of acute injury and you are also able to perform the more intense workouts better.  In a warm-up, you are gradually increasing your heart rate by doing low-intensity exercises. Here are some exercises you can do: March on the spot, running, jogging and jump rope. Don't forget to do some hamstring stretches too. 2. Follow up with 10 minutes of high-intensity exercises - after you have done the warm up and your heart rate has started to elevate, you can now move on to the more intense workouts. You can do some power exercise where you do a very fast exercise that will really spike your heart rate, and then you rest for about 30 seconds in between. Some of the high-intensity exercises that you can do include plyo push-ups and kettlebell swings. These are exercise moves that would really bring your heart rate up. This is important because when you get your heart rate to that target zone, that is the time that you would be able to burn more calories. If your plan is to lose weight through exercise, then you need to take this part seriously. If it's your first time to do the moves, you can get a trainer to be with you to check that you are doing the moves perfectly so that you can prevent any injury from happening. 3. Next, do 15 minutes of strength training - most people think that they don't need to do strength training at the gym and that this kind of exercise is only for bodybuilders and those who want to build muscle mass. But you should not rule it out just yet. Did you know that when you build your muscle mass, you are also increasing your metabolic rate, which means that you actually burn more calories even while you are resting? But other than that, you want your body to be strong, and also with strength training, you will be able to prevent injury. A good strength training session would target not just your lower and upper body but your core as well. Doing deadlifts would target your lower body, while planks are perfect for your core. If it is your first time to lift weights, never attempt to do it on your own. Your gym will have trainers who will be ready to spot you and help you choose the right weight to use during the training. Make sure that the weights are heavy enough that it would feel challenging when doing the last reps, but not too heavy that you will not be able to have the proper form. 4. Follow it up with 10 minutes of cardio - you might be wondering why cardio exercises come after strength training? Because if you do the cardio exercises before the strength training, you might not have enough energy to lift the weights. That could be risky and could result in injuries if you are only starting. That being said, once you are done with the strength training, you can now do cardio exercises. For some, they alternate cardio time with high-intensity intervals like Tabata. But they can put a lot of strain on your body, so you can opt for a steady-state cardio instead. A good example of this is riding a stationary bike. Riding an exercise bike has any benefits. Not only is it a low-impact sport which means your joints will not be strained, but it is still a very effective cardio workout as it employs most of your body parts, from your calves to your hamstrings etc. These benefits are so great that you would find many gyms actually scheduling spinning classes to cater to the popularity of this sport. 5. Don't forget to spend the last five minutes stretching and cooling down - as much as warming up is important before you begin your exercise, it's also essential that you do a cool down when you are done with your workout routine. You can stretch your legs and arms and take deep breaths. Walk around the gym and of course, don't forget to hydrate and drink plenty of water. This will help so that you will not feel too sore the next day, especially if you've done some really intense workouts for the day. This kind of workout is great if you are looking to make yourself healthier in the next year. What is important is that you exercise regularly. Don't think that you can keep fit by doing intense workouts once a week then slacking off the rest of the week. For this 45 minute workout, try to make it a goal to do this at least three times a week. Also, couple your workout routine with discipline in your diet so that you can get the maximum health benefits of your lifestyle change. It may not be easy a the beginning, especially if you have never really regularly exercised, but once you feel yourself getting stronger and see the changes in your body, you'll find that the sacrifice is worth it.