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A New Normal: The Impact of COVID 19 on the Online Casino World

Published on: 24 November 2020
A New Normal: The Impact of COVID 19 on the Online Casino World
Online gambling

COVID lockdowns resulted in people spending more and more time in front of their devices. So, naturally, everyone’s screen time has seen a considerable increase. One way to destress and have fun is online gambling, and since land casinos were closed – their online substitutes became extremely popular.

Who would have ever thought that sports events would be cancelled, and many other activities would come to a standstill. Plus, months would not be enough for things to get normal. Our everyday life has been digitalized – whether we like it or not, and online sites (including casinos) have had more traffic than ever.

Few of the Reasons Why Online Gambling is Rising

As mentioned above, this global pandemic has resulted in a lockdown – more time to spend at home, not allowed to travel, take a simple walk in the park, and not even shop. It was about time people started finding ways to unwind online.

All those hours spent at home, no coworkers or schoolmates to interact with. Boredom and, for many, anxiety started to appear – and one way to fight these negative feelings was to play casino games online. There you can have fun, win some money, and chat with people from all over the world too.

Another reason why online gambling is blossoming is the fact that live sports and land casinos are no longer an available option for fun and gambling. Sure, things will get back to normal, but this can take months, or maybe a whole year. That is a lot of time without this form of thrill and adrenaline.

Moreover, players are able to gamble from the comfort of their home by simply clicking a few buttons and entering the world of online casinos. You can play on your couch while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Online casinos like Leo Vegas, Boom, Winorama casino, Vulkan, and many more, are trying to make the whole journey easy to access, simple to operate, and fun to do. There are numerous bonuses, free spins, and an almost endless choice of games. Choose what you like and good luck!

Characteristics of Online Gamblers

Gender-wise, male players are more engaged in online gambling when compared to females. This doesn’t mean that women don’t spend more time online during the pandemic. They may have different interests, like shopping or watching movies, but their screen time is undoubtedly on the rise too. Men simply enjoy gambling more than shopping.

Next comes the age difference. Research shows that younger players are more engaged than those aged over 50. Players between the ages of 18 and 30 are most into online gambling, but older players are not that far behind. Online casinos take care of their players, regardless of their age. That is why you can find all sorts of games that are suitable for every age. Moreover, the login procedure is simple, the applications and websites are easily accessible, and all money transactions are safe and protected.

The third characteristic is the relationship status. There is not much of a difference when it comes to the relationship status of the players. Both singles and players who are in a relationship enjoy online gambling. There has been a slight decrease seen with players who are separated or divorced.

Next on the list is the employment status. This should not come as a surprise. People who have a full-time job are more likely to engage in online gambling. Today, more people work from home (if possible), so they have less quality time with other people, and they are basically stuck at home. With the money they earn, they can easily set up a reasonable gambling budget and enjoy a game or two after work. As for those who are unemployed – this thrill is often seen as an unnecessary cost.

And fifth and final – household income. This is also an expected result. Namely, people with more household income are more likely to play and for more significant deposits. As for families with smaller incomes – they still play, but there may be a slight difference in the amount of money they play with.

Final Thoughts

The COVID 19 pandemic is nowhere near finished, and while scientists struggle to find a vaccine,  a great number of businesses struggle to survive this rough period. Be that as it may, the fact is – there are business areas that thrive and have seen more customers since the pandemic hit.

One of these business areas is the online casino market. Staying at home has brought in more players than ever, and that number is continuously on the rise. Be mindful of landing on a trustworthy online casino. Do your research, take your time, and only then start playing. And most importantly – have fun!

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